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Remember High School? Sometimes… Guidance was better heard from anyone besides a parent or teacher

A fresh notebook or a functioning calculator made all the difference

Provide mini-conferences on report card day so that students to guide students to take ownership of their grades and make concrete plans for improvement.

Provide mock-interview sessions, dress for success workshops, and business etiquette training for students to prepare for and focus on the career world.

Provide college application assistance for first-generation applicants navigating the process.

Big accomplishments required a huge audience Celebrate our student successes by attending an upcoming Communities In Schools event or join the CIS cheering section at our local high schools on graduation day!

Inspire our students to succeed by inviting them to join you at the office for a job shadow day.

School work seemed pointless Gather your colleagues and run an office school supply drive to benefit low income middle and high school students, often overlooked in the back-to-school product push, but whose supplies are just as crucial to school success.

The little things mattered a lot Never doubt the impact a few hours, a few weeks, or a few years can have on the life of our students. Students succeed when the community comes together to support their education. We invite you to meet the amazing young people working hard to overcome barriers, graduate high school and achieve in life.

With Your Help: Across the nation, 70,000 volunteers make it possible for Communities In Schools to serve more than 1.25 million young people each year.

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Communities In Schools—Boston’s mission is to surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Strong Foundation We are part of a national network of nearly 200 affiliates in 27 States and the District of Columbia. After piloting our proven model of Integrated Student Services in Boston, the results are clear: we must continue to grow to serve more students and help turn around more schools.

Local Success CIS-Boston began work in the Jeremiah E. Burke High School in January 2012. Since that time, the Burke showed some of the most impressive gains in graduation rates in Boston. As a Level 4 Turnaround School, the Dorchester school’s dropout rate decreased from 13% in 2011-12 to 5.5% last year. The four-year graduation rate at the Burke also increased 10 points over the same period.

Proven Model CIS positions a dedicated Master’s level school-based site coordinator inside a partner school full time. CIS uses research-based dropout indicators to identify at-risk students, sets attendance, behavior and course performance goals, links students to high quality community services and tracks their progress rigorously. An independent, 5-year evaluation has proven that CIS’s unique approach increases graduation rates and decreases dropout rates.

Cost Effective CIS achieves tremendous results at a cost of less than $200 per student per year. The average Massachusetts high school dropout will impose a fiscal burden of nearly $118,124 on state and federal taxpayers. The average high school graduate will contribute $319,043 over the course of their lifetime. The benefit for tax payers is clear—a gap of $437,167. The benefit for local businesses seeking qualified workers and for communities seeking decreased crime and increased services is also significant. The benefit for each student touched by CIS who stays in school and goes forward to achieve in life is immeasurable.

To learn more, contact: Emily York McConarty Ÿ Tel: 571-388-8836 Ÿ Email:


Communities In Schools - Boston’s mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.



Powerful Predictors: The ABC’s Research tells us the indicators of attendance, behavior, and course performance can alert us to students at-risk of dropping out.1 CIS worked to identify these students for targeted supports. Prevention Services: CIS School Wide Supports In response to identified school-wide needs CIS provided 99 events and initiatives.


Intensive Services: CIS Case Management CIS provided 968 hours of targeted, sustained case management services to 100 students.

Accountability and Results: Student-Centered Data Working hand in hand with students and

rigorously tracks individual progress towards

Promoted to Next Grade

Stayed in School

Improved Attendance, Behavior, and/or Course Performance


On Track for Success (November 2011), The Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University and Civic Enterprises.

Meet Tiffany Attendance

Tiffany walked into the Jeremiah E. Burke High School to start her junior year not knowing a soul and on a path to dropout. Tiffany moved to Boston to live with her father. When that did not work out, she moved in with her grandmother but money was tight and she missed the family support of her mother and siblings. Changing schools in the middle of her high school career left Tiffany with an intimidating schedule of unfamiliar classes. According to Tiffany, the stars aligned when she ran into Ms. Butler, Communities In Schools site coordinator in the hallway one day. Ms. Butler recognized that this new student was already off track for graduation and in need of support. Ms. Butler worked with Tiffany to focus on the ABC’s

Tiffany was disengaged from her new school. She was not involved in school activities and had not found a strong group of friends. Ms. Butler saw this as a recipe for attendance problems and quickly intervened with targeted encouragement.

“Ms. Butler was a very motivating person, [she] encouraged me to join a sports team to make some friends. I joined the track team, basketball team and I was a cheerleader for the Burke!”

Behavior Just like so many CIS students, Tiffany was well liked by her teachers and never feared a suspension. However, conflicts inside and outside of school were affecting Tiffany’s ability to focus on learning. As she tried to fit in, Tiffany shared her concerns with Ms. Butler and talked about strategies to avoid negative peer pressure. The pair worked together on developing coping skills and forming healthy relationships so she was more equipped to handle the daily pressures of teenage life.

Course Performance Tiffany knew that she needed to bring up her grade in her worst subject, science, but had given up hope. She always considered herself a smart student but she did not understand environmental science. With an F looming on the next report card, Tiffany felt helpless.

“Ms. Butler helped me through everything during the school year from friendships to household problems.”

“I always came to Ms. Butler with an ‘I can’t do it’ mindset about that class. But of course Ms. Butler came up with a plan. The steps we planned out were to talk to my teacher first, complete all my assignments and to study for my tests. After we took these steps I went from an F to an A!”

To learn more, contact: Emily York McConarty Ÿ Tel: 571-388-8836 Ÿ Email:

Research consistently identifies the most highly predictive factors of dropout as the


Attendance - Missing 20 days or being absent 10% of school days

Behavior - Two or more mild or more serious behavior infractions

Course Performance - Not reading at grade level by the end of the 3rd grade; failing English or Math in 6th-9th grade; getting held back in 9th grade

2012-2013 CIS-Boston Students:

85% Improved their ABC’s 95% Were promoted to the next grade 99% Stayed in School

What’s next for Tiffany? Tiffany feels inspired to become a social worker so that she can help students just like her CIS site coordinator. She is proud to report receiving two college acceptance letters and a few offers of scholarship money! She credits Communities In Schools and especially her site coordinator, Ms. Butler with her success. But we credit Tiffany with her diligence in overcoming barriers and her willingness to make difficult changes to succeed. Tiffany, we can’t wait to see what’s next!

To learn more, contact: Emily York McConarty Ÿ Tel: 571-388-8836 Ÿ Email:

Helping Students Stay in School and Achieve in Life

With Your Help Corporate Volunteer Opportunities A donation to Communities In Schools is a smart investment in the future of Boston. For less than $200 per child per year, we are able to keep 99% of the young people we serve in school and on track to graduation. A tax deductible gift, large or small, is the most efficient way to support CIS-Boston in removing non-academic barriers to student success so that kids can focus on schools. CIS-Boston takes pride in our strict fidelity to the evidence-based CIS model which requires highly trained staff to find the right interventions for the right students at the right time. Your donation allows us to ensure top service delivery to the students who need us most.

In-Kind Donations The needs of our students range from groceries, bus passes, and winter coats to interview clothes and technology. In-kind donations of office supplies, meeting/event space, refreshments, computer equipment, and printing also keep our costs low so that funding can be used for direct service to students.

Convening Power Principals are requesting CIS services around the district. More students need our help to graduate. We cannot expand without gaining more supporters from local businesses, churches, civic groups and community advocates. Does your business have a large audience of customers who value quality education for Boston’s children? Would your parish like to learn more about partnering with local schools to help students succeed? Invite CIS to speak at your next group meeting or work with us to convene a group of local stakeholders.

Corporate Cause Marketing Campaigns and Employee Engagement Demonstrate your commitment to the students of Boston by partnering with CIS to develop campaigns that engage consumers in your business as well as our work in the community. Host special promotions with CISBoston branded marketing materials and share profits. Boost employee satisfaction by offering matching gifts and volunteerism opportunities.

Technical Expertise We know how to help kids graduate! What do you know? Marketing, graphic design, public relations, web design? Every dollar saved on internal costs, is a dollar spent on students in need.

Student Engagement Students succeed when the community comes together to support their education. Meet the amazing young people working hard to graduate high school despite the barriers. Inspire our students to succeed by inviting them to join you at the office for a job shadow day. Commit to guiding a student to graduation as a trusted adult mentor. Celebrate our student successes by attending an upcoming CIS event.

Let us know how you would like to support CIS-Boston: Emily York McConarty, LCSW 571-388-8836 77B Warren Street, Building 2 Brighton, MA 02135

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