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Asiabizservices Provides Affordable Singapore Company Setup In Singapore, there are two ways of doing business under a subsidiary company setup. One is with relocation of a foreign national who shall be appointed as the resident director of the subsidiary. Two, is the non-relocation of an investor. A subsidiary is just among the three options of foreign companies in establishing a business presence in Singapore. The other two are a branch office and representative office. “A subsidiary office is a local corporation in which, majority or the entire shares of stocks are owned by a foreign parent company,” says Asiabiz, “it is also an independent company that embraces a private limited company structure.” Thus, it requires a resident director, shareholder, and company secretary to constitute. In Singapore, only those who are in possession of a Singapore Personal Access or NRIC can spearhead the company incorporation process. Asiabiz Services is a business solutions creator and business process provider. It catalogues business registration as among its specializations. “In a relocation subsidiary setup, the subsidiary is first registered before the work visas such as an Employment pass is applied,” reveals Asiabiz. Based on the Companies Act, a resident director is of ordinary residence, which means that the individual is a citizen and or a permanent resident or a foreign national by virtue of a labor pass. “As only registered companies can apply for work visas, we offer our nominee director service to allow investors to complete the requirements and proceed with the incorporation,” Asiabiz chimes. After the registration is completed, Asiabiz shall process the applications for work visas and transfer the directorship from the nominee to the labor pass holder. Besides the nominee director, Asiabiz also offers a nominee shareholder service and company secretaryship. “In a non-relocation subsidiary, the investor stays offshore and appoints a trusted individual to become the resident director. This individual can either be a foreign national or a local resident,” Asiabiz elucidates, “They could also engage the nominee director service for a long term.” Meanwhile, a branch office is an extension of a parent company overseas. It does not have a legal personality just like the subsidiary office does. “The foreign parent company is liable for the losses and debts of its branch office in Singapore. However, the office is effective in boosting the revenues of the parent company,” remarks Asiabiz. The parent company offshore shall include in its Memorandum and Articles of Association the local directors and activities allowed to the branch. “It is required to have two local agents who shall support the administration of the branch,” says Asiabiz, “it can also hire our nominee agent service.” On the other hand, the representative office can be a launching pad for investors whose goals are to ensure that Singapore has a lucrative market for their products or services. “A representative office is used to conduct market research and feasibility studies, among others,” the firm continues to elaborate, “It has three years of existence to penetrate the local market and engage in non-commercial activities.

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Asiabizservices offers one-stop business solutions to companies, particularly, those that are managed and owned by foreign investors. Since its inception, Asiabizservices has successfully helped foreign entrepreneurs form a Singapore company. Among its specializations are Singapore company setup, corporate services, accounting services, nominee services, company registration, whether as a sole proprietorship, private limited, limited liability partnership; offshore company formation, incorporation of foreign companies either as a branch or subsidiary office, accounting services including payroll preparation and more. Asiabizservices is the leading provider of Singapore Company Incorporation services and has successfully helped thousands of both local and foreign entrepreneurs Incorporate a Singapore Company. It also provides chartered secretarial services. For more information visit: AsiaBizServices PTE LTD address: 120 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068589 phone: +6563034614 email: website:

Asiabizservices Provides Affordable Singapore Company Setup  

Asiabiz Services is a business solutions and processes provider based in Singapore. It reaches out to companies, employees, and individuals...