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New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) ​we're taking a long to catch a predator Eska look with your host muta heart on us here ladies and gentlemen I made videos months months ago where I was playing the kids games on youtubes the Spider Man else's shit and I mentioned briefly that there were videos of this crap on the Internet and you could check them out for yourself I've checked him out on streams countless times now what we have unfortunately ladies and gentlemen I shit you not this situation has gotten slightly more worse it's created a conspiracy arc so to speak right now I have a reddit posting the reddit page of Elsa gate if you want to really follow this go to this page and check it out today we're doing some investigative journalism on this kind of shit ladies and gentlemen this is Elsa gate now before we begin I'll actually mention to you what it is Elsa gate refers to a wave of videos being produced by different channels containing pop culture characters typically Western that are shown doing bizarre and unusually violent sexual acts the reasoning for the existence of these varies for example some believe controversially that it is a form of communication used by child pornographers other bully others believe that it is to appeal to children for maximum ad revenue other believe that it is started as a project for maximum revenue and is now derailed into bizarre competition the majority of the live-action videos are made in Russia and the animations in India - God fuck God why don't why you gotta make me look bad what the fuck Elsa gave Elsa gates a phenomenon right of so basically what they've got going on over here is this shit they should is this shit is a little more complicated than it seems initially now over here they have some channels they really brought about like beep beep TV big cartoon zinzin cartoon simple funds Junior Heroes trolls cartoons tunes TV 6 kids superhero freak family toy babies webson tiara superhero fun fun and a kids TV superhero fun life ladies and gentlemen it just doesn't get any fucking better these names are just a testament to how shitty the content really is now I'll tell you what's really all about this if you go to any of these videos for example I'll pull up one of their channels this is webs and Tiaras toy monster compilations they've got about 7.1 million subscribers ladies and gentlemen but let me tell you something interesting about this okay let me let me bring you up to speed this is a channel that is well past its day of popularity and I'll show you why now in comparison I'll show you guys the number number one hot hot kid on the market these days a Jake Jake Paul over here now this is social blade it's not the most accurate size but it'll give you an accurate representation of how a channel is or things like that this is Jake Paul Jake Paul pulls in about 250 million views a month which is a lot of views that's very good Jake you know I'm really proud of you but holy fuck he's getting he's getting unsubscribe like a motherfuck the fuck happened geez it's probably some cringy drama shit but you look at this channel webs and Tiaras 230 million just 20 million shy of one of the most popular hot subjects on the Internet right now ladies and gentlemen this isn't even at a day at one point this is pulling him half of a billion views now these channels were kind of outed by you know youtubers like h3h3 is being related to the prank channels which is investigative shit entirely but looking at their metrics right now you might be thinking where what money is in these kids videos you'd be fucking wrong these people are pulling in tons of foot these people are pulling in multi-millions a year making this shit so if you think if you want to get on the bandwagon by all means go ahead be it be a part of it ladies and gentlemen clearly it's working with 6.6 billion views just on this one channel god bless dude condone the web's and Tiaras that you might be wondering what kind of content are they making well if you look at it they've got soda lip balm slushie challenge magic dress learnt coloreds with giant crayons bad kids and coca-cola toothpaste accident all right you got fruit competition giant ice cream popsicle competition what the fuck is up with God what what is this coca-cola sell it broke that's what happened to phone fucking broke it is is frozen Elsa okay spider-man on a joker and Hulk so yeah essentially they make absolute fucking crap it seems toy baby is another big channel it's got 2.2 million treiber's bad baby are you sleeping bad baby with tantrum bad baby learns colors bad baby learns colors for children body paint finger if you go to beep-beep TV and I believe this is the Indian based animation studio they've got about the most fucked up side of things I mean I think I've frozen Elsa learns color you've got frozen also learns colors with soccer balls play-doh you can see the titles for these videos are absolutely amazing because they're just designed to really get past the metric of you to really survive really just put it's like clickbait for fucking five-year-olds if you thought clickbait was bad for you

it's pretty bad it's bad for everyone Moana has a new baby misunderstood if you look deep close into it it's actually gonna show you the miracle of child no that actually happened in the next video congratu-fucking-lations god damn i missed the fucking two videos in between that one what the fuck but looking into one of the videos you could see spider-man just actually in the process of beating the shit out of his baby sister Elsa even more almost forgot the name that's that's how much I watch frozen by the way for context now these videos are about ten minutes long or if you thought the GTA prank channels were bad enough these guys are like fucking Navy SEALs when it comes to like making their videos 10 minutes 50 seconds it's like a TV network at this point going and further into it they've also had three other channels investigate and they've been taken down we'll get to that now an appropriate topics that this subreddit has found out is that they promote shock value such as spiders scorpions and other bugs alright some more of a trigger I think injections you ever seen those baby videos like the one where the guy has like the baby doll and a diaper he's injecting its ass with like an actual engine it the fucked up shit that's that occurs gore camerawork disorienting angles shaking I think that's just shitty video design body dysmorphia belly in foot oh that's too soon for me sexual kissing partial nudity simulated pornographic act for kids fetish scandal oh if you don't know that is that's fucking poop porn urination which is pee porn bondage which is shut up you fucking know what it is belly and vulva thing okay Jesus Christ violet nasty criminal behavior is encouraged which is accompanied with laughter and happiness which is literally what fucking beep beep TV is about I shit you not theft assault sexual assault murder cannibalism and dismemberment children icons spider-man Elsa Joker Hulk Maleficent these are true these are the only characters and fucking show up now the people investigating the issue there's four channels three of which are down it says dead over here but none of them died there actually stole I've got other channels up there channels just got taken down because I think they were on some really alternative right or alternative left media type bullshit which I don't agree with but yeah I know I don't agree with you tube taking down anybody regardless of their political beliefs but I think it had more to do with other things rather than just Elsa Gate article hey I might be fucking killed by the Elsa gay people maybe you don't know articles BBC the Vigilant children outline these are just articles that happened now the people at Elsa gate assume that this is happening to groom children develop learned helplessness normalize an appropriate behavior colour programming and children can imitate inappropriate behavior from videos with severe consequences yeah yeah yeah I'm pretty sure kids are gonna learn I mean there are points if you go to like BP TV I'm sure there's like one area where as you can see the the officer is about to shoot the fucking baby Elsa with a with a Glock God god bless today's fucking world ladies and gentlemen holy shit baby gets sick daddy crying for his I don't think daddy's gonna cry I think daddy's about to beat the shit out of these two for breaking the iPad or at least that's the vibe I'm getting from the studio as you can see it just it just depraved even fucking worse ladies and gentlemen it's like entering a whole new world where this kind of stuff is a ladder and if you think it's allowed it's allowed and we'll get to it now I'm gonna give you some context over here - is the biggest channels that we just looked at like beep beep TV the reason why these channels get so many views in this car in this case is because YouTube has actually designed an entire application for the side of YouTube this new craze if you ever heard of the application YouTube kids or YT kids whatever it's an application available for the iOS and Android devices basically nowadays what a lot of parents will do got a fucking iPad will load YouTube kids onto it and bam you got yourself an Internet babysitter basically YouTube kids as soon as you create the app is this colorful application you can look up these same videos at least from the big channels themselves on this application and YouTube kids is where YouTube changes there's no like dislikes anything of the sort if you look at this video in particular back again you'll notice that it has a hundred and eighty-one thousand views it has no like dislike or at least you can't see them actively the comments are full of fucking aids you know you've got I meet Kumar Sharma writing tea which is obviously very important you got do huh do I writing something in Arabic you got bow baby is mean to Spider Man spa / spa spa burn motherfucker thanks I love it so much Wow very cool video like it heart Olema kits games TV something something in Arabic just please kill me just please as you can see for a video that has 180 1000 views to only have 14 comments is suspect as fuck but because of the YouTube kids app you're able to download the application you were able to actually watch these videos without ever interacting with the comment section the likes dislikes it's literally just autoplay for kids you put on a video kids watch and it goes to the next video the next video the next video the next video in the next video until the brain is completely fucking rotted that's how a lot of these channels get the crazy views that to do because they're in this exclusive system that parents download give it to their kids and kids are the biggest market for YouTube ladies and gentlemen believe it or not okay as popular as we might be you know as popular is like our demographic might be when it comes to watching YouTube or so younger and younger people watch YouTube more often they just have more time kids especially fucking five-year-olds which is was this you what this shit is targeted to watch YouTube the most and they watch YouTube using that YT kids app now of course you can avoid this by putting on a restricted

mode I believe on the regular YouTube app think about it like that the regular YouTube app is more geared towards kids now in one respect I'll say one thing these videos the reason why I speak to this personally is because in my family one of my family friends actually happens to have children who do watch this shit he has little young children and the last time I ever saw them they all have tablets fitbit's and Apple phones or whatever you want to call it I may not agree with it but hey I'm not the goddamn parent but they're watching these same videos using the same kids TV app there are tons of these channels and they do this fucking depraved shit slowly and slowly and slowly you might as a parent look at these videos for two three minutes but you're not gonna want your not even to watch 30 seconds of this garbage kids they eat this shit up and halfway into it is when things start to really get to pray you have to really skim through the video and find it now these videos up front may not be the worst I I will say myself after watching some of them they did their shit but at the end of the day they're not the worst offenders compared to what I actually found this is when Elsa gate gets really fucking dark and this is what YouTube needs to look at before we continue now ladies and gentlemen I'm not gonna play these videos in particular because frankly I'm not gonna take the risk of getting a false DMCA claim by these considering the fucking thing considering what we're looking at over here these people are gonna be crazy to try to take on any form of criticism now this I believe is a reupload but it's very close to the baby whatever it's called beep beep TV this is one shit gets real as you can see best Elsa and Peter misunderstanding each shit in the toilet finger family song nursery rhymes in Riau they actually eat shit from a fucking toilet a thumbnail doesn't even try to conceal this shit if you thought that was bad let me show you this Elsa forced slavery hit enter on that what else is forced slavery this is by an official Channel super kids TV they made Elsa's forced slavery in club stripper with Sophia saved by Jack and police finger family song nurse and if I hold on to this ladies and gentlemen they have been sold into fucking slavery these women are crying they are forced to strip and this is targeted towards your kids and may I tell you it's available in 4k equalities if you got that 4k TV or that xbox 1x hit that shit up boy now if you thought that shit was also bad ladies and gentlemen they have cartoons son images by Beeks TV another verified kids fucking channel uploading this shit in 4k I gotta say they really push the best quality of the stuff out if that's one redeeming factor that's what it is cartoon suns and moons babies drink urine is angry with funny story learn color finger family if you can see closely it's Mickey Mouse pissing she is taking Mickey Mouse is peed somehow siphoning it upwards and poor that's fucking nasty dude that is fucking nasty little kids TV Mickey Mouse flirted with other girls and Minnie Mouse angry yeah fuck you Mickey for cheating on that lovely beautiful Minnie oh my god they just have more and more these are actual babies animated to piss into each other's fucking mouth oh my Jesus Christ it just doesn't end well he really got fidget spinners that's at least normal to pretend to die so Oh even I'm fucking surprised he say these things just got fucking showcased in the search bleeding eyes paw Patrol angry jealous by the betrayal of love Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse sexy girls pole dancing if you look if you look at this pixel in particular you can see that is where God has left so while the surface videos aren't the worst scenario out of the Elsa gate conspiracy I will say one thing the actual depraved side exists for sure and your kids are getting accent if you have kids and use the YouTube kids app don't do it now who's really to blame here I think everyone is alright these fucking channels themselves are aids II entirely they need they need to check themselves as well also the biggest problem are the fucking parents themselves look if you have kids don't give them a fucking tablet don't get them YouTube kids when I was young my dad used to take me out and play catch with me if you have kids go play catch with them bake muffins or something okay spend some time with your kids don't fucking use the Internet as a goddamn babysit or else you get shit like this teaching your kids and YouTube if you got to make a fucking app called YouTube kids you might need to check in to what your kids channels are actually promoting I get that you want to you have a hate boner for trying to monitor trying to control the market for adults but you really need to focus on the children because look at the kind of shit that they're getting peddled this stuff is totally monetized this is family friendly entertainment currently on YouTube 2017 I wanted to make this video as a sort of investigative series on this let me know if you want me to do more of this I really do enjoy doing videos like this it's like doing fucking creepypastas again man except unlike a goddamn creepypasta this shit's a goddamn reality and I'm scared there's me mood har if you liked what you saw please like comment and subscribe just like if you dislike it let me know what you think I am out [Music] [Music] [Music] New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR).