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February 1, 2012


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Happy Birthday Mr Mascarenhas! Paris turns out for legendary chef By Patrick Dewhurst


SCORES of well-wishers today gathered to pay tribute, in person and through social networks, to one of the world’s foremost pastry chefs after successfully rounding off another year in the game of life. Darren Mascarenhas, also an eminent nuclear technician in sector 7G of EDF’s Parisian facility, was reportedly celebrating the big day after returning from the glow of Iceland’s Northern Lights. Asked about the lights, Mascarenhas said: “It was an amazing trip and technically I saw the lights, but there was room for improvement.” The celebrated Valencian said he plans to return to the pole to get a better look soon. “Already thinking about another northern lights trip somewhere” he told one fan. Sources close to Mascar-

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enhas said yesterday that he planned to mark the big day with a large chocolate cake, despite his well noted fondness for cheesecake. In the meantime, French culture minister Frederic Mitterand said: “We would like to pay tribute to the culinary pioneer and masterful nuclear technician. Few can match is technical wizardry, either in the power plant or the kitchen: without him Paris would surely be a darker place.” ANTICIPATION Despite the anticipation within the expat community over the announcement of Darren’s birthday cake ingredients, the event has managed to pass some locals by. One Procope regular, Jean-Paul LeBoeuf, said simply “Bof!” while Le Chat Noir proprietor Madame Grand-Rouge said it would be business as usual for the


working girls of MontMartre – despite the influx of well wishers. Prior to his arrival in Paris, Mascarenhas earned his culinary stripes while studying pastry engineering at Cambridge University where, in 2007, he reportedly broke the mould with an entirely new category of food: part quiche, part cheesecake but wholly delicious. “The Steak and Cheesecake was the icing on the cake (of Mascarenhas’ baking career)” said one observer. “The pepper really brings out the beefiness.” However, the dish received some mixed reviews among traditionalists, such as medieval Welsh rugby expert Dr Kelly Randall: “The pineapple Pasoa cheesecake was better.” For more information about the day’s celebrations, visit: darren.mascarenhas



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Mascarenhas honed his culinary skills at Cambrige University, making a name for himself with the legendary “Steak and bake” cheesecake and Pasoa pinapple cake

Muse arrive at Charles de Gaulle for big day WORLD famous rock stars Muse have arrived in Paris ahead of tonight’s Mascarenas birthday celebrations. The British trio, widely known to be the acclaimed chef’s favourite band, are set to perform in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, where technicians were yesterday erecting a giant stage,

complete with diving board and confetti cannon. “This is going to be a great gig - and a great opportunity to celebrate one our greatest fans” said Muse front man Matthew Bellamy. “I know Dominic is really keen to try out his new synth” he added. Besides the gig, French

Culture ministry will put on a large firework and laser display. Meanwhile, MTV France will be showing round the clock tracks from MUSE’s Origin of Symmetry, in a move widely expected to restore the channel’s reputation after the disastrous “Gainsbourg” season ended in riots.


Happy birthday darren  

Darren Mascarenhas gets older.