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patrick cordelle


Animate Digital Studios - San Diego, CA (June 2010 - Sept 2010) 3D modeling

Intern at Rob Wellington Quigley, FAIA - San Diego, CA (June 2012 - Sept 2012)

3D modeling, technical drawings for custom appliances, materials board design and production

Intern at Carrier Johnson - San Diego, CA (June 2013 - Sept 2013) Competitions, 2D graphics, book layout


California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo, CA (June 2015) Saint Augustine High School - San Diego, CA (June 2007) Danish Institute for Study Abroad - Copenhagen, Denmark (Aug 2013 - May 2014)


Physical Modeling 3D Modeling - Sketchup 3D Rendering - Kerkythea, Photoshop 2D Design/ Layout - Indesign, Illustrator


My name is Patrick Cordelle. I am from San Diego, California. I will graduate in Spring of 2015 with a Bachelors in Architecture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Architecture is the bridge between the sciences and the arts and this inspires me. Developing design concepts, working with my hands and producing a portfolio are rewarding experiences. My studies at Cal Poly and abroad have given me a deep appreciation for thoughtful design. I am excited about a career in architecture.



1 Folkeparken 2 Photomuseum 3 Tall House 4 Old Mission Entry Sequence 5 White Chair 6 Beautiful Architecture 7 Studio 351

Modeling Studio / San Luis Obispo, Ca / 2012 - 2013 Kunsthaus / Copenhagen, Denmark / 2013 Copenhagen, Denmark / 2014

Rowhouse Development / Copenhagen, Denmark / 2013 Sketch Assignmnet / San Luis Obispo, Ca / 2011 Furniture Studio / San Luis Obispo, Ca / 2013 Writing Sample / San Luis Obispo, Ca / 2013

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Los Angeles Gateway This project is located over the 101 freeway in downtown Los Angeles. The concept for this building is structural organism. This project focused on space, light and structure. The land taken by the freeway is given back to the people. The space on the North end is a restaurant. A walking promenade connects this restaurant to an outdoor sculpture garden.









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Avila Research Institute This project is a research facility located in Avila bay. The design concept is orbital rotation, a pattern of movement that is found in all scales of the universe.


The project is located in the waters of the bay, and the structure is similar to that of an off-shore oil rig. Within the dome, the main form is a Mรถbius strip, a two-dimensional sheet comprised of a single surface.



Floor 1. Entry Lobby

Floor 2. Cafeteria

Floor 3. Offices

Floor 4. Laboratories

Floor 5. Laboratories

Floor 6. Offices




Shell Beach Residential This project is located in Shell Beach, California. The building features modular apartments in the form of a water bottle. The tower also features retail spaces.



Shell Beach Residential Another iteration of the Shell Beach residential project. This project contains a shopping center and a theatre.





Copenhagen, DK

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Roof Plan

First Floor


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1”, 3” Teak Sleeper Water Proof Membrane Flashing Concrete Slab Fritted Glass Perforated Metal





Row House Development Ă˜sterport, DK

This project is located in Ă˜sterport, a district of Copenhagen, Denmark. The area lacks life and a sense of community. The development, consisting of 28 row homes, will serve a unifying entity in the community.


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The development features retail space and a cafe at the southern and northern ends. In the center there is a plaza with a circular void where people can sit and enjoy the water. The northern end of the development features a space where people swim.



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Old Mission Entry Sequence

Objective: Sketch the entry sequence to the Mission San Luis Obispo




White Chair This chair was designed during a furniture workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark. The form of the chair is simple and meant to sit quietly in a space. The form is also stripped of unnecessary wood, creating a light, stackable design.



Beautiful Architecture Objective: Write a 900 word essay critiquing a beautiful piece of architecture in San Luis Obispo. When I began my search for good architecture in San Luis Obispo, I decided to look for examples on the Cal Poly Campus, a university widely known for its architecture and engineering programs. One building that makes a thoughtful, contemporary statement is the award winning Engineering IV building designed by A.C. Martin Partners. Recently opened in 2007, the $28 million, 104,000 square-foot facility includes contemporary classroom space for the aerospace, mechanical, civil, environmental, industrial and manufacturing engineering programs. The additive plan creates an efficient building for students and conveys a strong sense of engineering character. This sense of character is woven throughout the interior and exterior by the use of industrial materials and the methods of construction. When approaching the building, the contrast of color created between the two main exterior materials, golden rod trespa and matte grey corrugated metal panels creates a warm, contemporary color palette. A kit of parts was used to design the building, mainly consisting of rectangular boxes. The result is a modern building with a strong and bold theme, but still remains humble.The building elevations are composed of a pattern of vertical and horizontal lines created by the structure and finish. This characteristic adds a visually balanced and tranquil aesthetic. This pattern is interrupted by the stairwells, which have articulated diagonal lines that add an element of visual interest. Further study of the elevations reveals large windows on all sides of the building, oriented in groups of local symmetry and thoughtfully proportioned. The majority of these windows use clear glass, but there are areas where colored glass has been substituted. The subtle change in materials adds further interest to facade and creates a unique lighting ambiance in the corresponding interior spaces. In context, this design creates a unified space for the schools of engineering. First, the buildings that surround the Engineering IV building were designed and constructed at the same time. As a result, the buildings share the same general scale and character. This design concept provides the engineering students with a sense of place, where each building is visually well integrated with its surrounding.


In plan, the engineering plaza in front of the Engineering IV building reveals an interesting detail that was designed by the award-winning landscape architect, Jeffery Gordon Smith. The lines created by the landscape and hardscape were inspired from the Fibonacci series and a chambered nautilus, which graphically represents a point of beginning that spirals out into infinity. This is a detail that compliments the character of the building and adds a spirit of wonder and exploration. It is an example of how a building can go beyond a utilitarian purpose and visually communicate a message, an ideal, or a goal of the intended users of that building. The entry space is lit with bounced, natural light from a large curtain wall. The variation and installation of materials used in the buildings is well crafted, all having a range of colors and textures that compliment and contrast well with each other. The architects chose to leave much of the “guts� of the building exposed, including heating and air conditioning ducts, plumbing, and electrical systems. This is not an original concept, but the way in which the architects achieved this was particularly clean and refined. It was the intent of the architects to present and highlight these systems instead of merely leaving them exposed. The foot traffic of the building generally follows a path through the middle of the plan, with wide corridors and stairwells making it comfortable for students. All of the classrooms have an exterior wall, allowing natural light to provide even, ambient lighting. The majority of classrooms have high ceilings, a detail that promotes aspiration. In order to bring natural light into corridors and walkways, skylights were integrated with the floor plan. The light from these skylights filters and reflects all the way to the bottom floor through voids and recesses in the walkways of the floor above. Overall, the Engineering IV building is an excellent example of modern architecture. It goes beyond the three elements of the Vitruvian triangle. This building not only provides a high level of function, structure, and beauty, but it also shows how these ideas are interconnected and related. The architects created a design that reveals the beauty that can be found in the integration of structure and function.

patrick cordelle portfolio  
patrick cordelle portfolio