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2013 Cliburn GOLD MEDALIST

Vadym Kholodenko Tuesday, September 10 Bass performance Hall For continuing updates on Vadym’s concert tours, visit

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2525 Ridgmar Boulevard, Suite 307 Fort Worth, TX 76116

Permit No.13 Fort Worth, Texas

Fourteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition VADYM KHOLODENKO Appearing Gold Medalist in recital

at bass performance Hall

Tuesday, September 10

“The Fort Worth crowd cheered him like a rock star.” – Cincinnati Enquirer

Beatrice Rana

Sean Chen


crystal award winner

(l to r) seated: Nikita Abrosimov, Beatrice Rana, Alex McDonald. second row: Sean Chen, Yekwon Sunwoo, Lindsay Garritson, Sara Daneshpour, Jayson Gillham, Jie Yuan, Oleksandr Poliykov, Ruoyu Huang, Eric Zuber, Fei-Fei Dong, Claire Huangci, Kuan-Ting Lin, Alessandro Taverna. third row: Vadym Kholodenko, Alexey Chernov, Yury Favorin, Gustavo Miranda-Bernales, Marcin Koziak, Luca Buratto, Nikita Mndoyants, Steven Lin. top row: Alessandro Deljavan, Giuseppe Greco, François Dumont, Scipione Sangiovanni, Nikolay Khozyainov, and Tomoki Sakata. Group Photo: Rob McAvoy/The Cliburn; Winner Portraits: Ellen Appel-Mike Moreland/The Cliburn

Fei-Fei Dong

Nikita Mndoyants

Tomoki Sakata




Fourteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition May 24 – June 9, 2013 • Bass Performance Hall • Fort Worth, Texas USA

Photo of Vadym Kholodenko with Leonard Slatkin and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra: Ralph Lauer/The Cliburn

For 17 days, the eyes of the world focused intently on Fort Worth, Texas. The 30 competitors, selected through live Screening Auditions in six cities across the globe, represent the best of the best—the upper echelon of both technical prowess and artistic inspiration. They came from 13 countries— the United States, Italy, Russia, China, Ukraine, Australia, Chile, France, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom—for one of the most demanding experience of their careers, and also to be enveloped in Fort Worth’s signature warmth. The result was nothing short of magic—extraordinary musicmaking now to be spread worldwide by the careers of the six winners, who receive 3 years of career management by the Cliburn, including a shared 300 concert engagements, as part of their prize packages.


John Giordano Jury Chairman Discretionary Award ($4,000) Steven Lin, 24 (United States) Photo: Carolyn Cruz/The Cliburn

Nancy Lee and Perry R. Bass Gold Medal Vadym Kholodenko, 26 (Ukraine) Cash award of $50,000; career management and international and U.S. concert tours for the three concert seasons following the Competition; studio and live recordings produced by harmonia mundi usa; and performance attire provided by Neiman Marcus in partnership with Hugo Boss.

Finalists Fei-Fei Dong, 22 (China) Nikita Mndoyants, 24 (Russia) Tomoki Sakata, 19 (Japan)

Silver Medal Beatrice Rana, 20 (Italy) Cash award of $20,000; career management and U.S. concert tours for the three concert seasons following the Competition; and a live recording produced by harmonia mundi usa of Competition performances.

Cash award of $10,000 each, and concert tours and management for three concert seasons.

Crystal Award Sean Chen, 24 (United States)

Steven de Groote Memorial Award for the Best Performance of Chamber Music ($6,000)

Cash award of $20,000; career management and U.S. concert tours for the three concert seasons following the Competition; and a live recording produced by harmonia mundi usa of Competition performances.

Beverley Taylor Smith Award for the Best Performance of a New Work ($5,000) Vadym Kholodenko, 26 (Ukraine)

Raymond E. Buck Jury Discretionary Award ($4,000) Alessandro Deljavan, 26 (Italy) Jury Discretionary Award ($4,000) Claire Huangci, 23 (United States) Audience Award ($2,500) Beatrice Rana, 20 (Italy) Voted on by almost 24,000 visitors to Semifinalists ($5,000 each) Nikita Abrosimov, 24 (Russia) Alexey Chernov, 30 (Russia) Alessandro Deljavan, 26 (Italy) Jayson Gillham, 26 (Australia/United Kingdom) Claire Huangci, 23 (United States) Nikolay Khozyainov, 20 (Russia)

Vadym Kholodenko, 26 (Ukraine) Preliminary Competitor Award ($1,000 each) Given to all non-advancing competitors.

THE WORLDWIDE AUDIENCE The Hall Over 40,000 people attended Competition performances, awards ceremonies, symposia, piano lunches, and other special events.

Photo: Ralph Lauer/The Cliburn

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Photo: Carolyn Cruz/ The Cliburn

The Webcast The fully produced eight-camera live webcast was a major highlight of the Competition—produced by a crew of two dozen top film professionals whose credits include an Oscar nomination and collaboration with some of the best artists of our time. Canon USA, Inc. generously provided the innovative EOS Cinema C300 cameras that made possible the webcast's stunning digital cinema images of the pianists' performances. The Media Over 60 top arts journalists from DFW, across the country, and around the world covered the 2013 Competition in person—providing an invaluable inside perspective and recreating the experience for a wide international audience. Additionally, American Public Media’s Performance Today, the European Broadcasting Union, WRR 101.1, and KTCU 88.7 each aired Competition performances.

Cliburn News: Summer 2013  

Vadym Kholodenko wins gold at the Fourteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.