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Introduction •  the inquiry point out the in's and out's of freelancing •  Is freelancing the modern way in a designer's career? •  targeting group are established creatives

Evaluation & findings ‘Freelance Confidential’ (2011, Hackwith) •  deals with the big questions

of working self-employed •  used data and evidence is

based on surveys from over 3,200 participants

'How to Be a Rockstar Freelancer’ (2007, Ta'eed) •  'How to Be a Rockstar

Freelancer' is a complete guide, which covers all the different aspects of freelancing at the current state.

•  It does not only focus on the

creative process, but it also points out valuable guidelines for managing your business regarding accounting and bureaucracy.

Evaluation & findings Findings:

Evaluation & findings Freelancing on the Side •  + You can test the waters •  + You’ll still get paid holidays •  + Build a portfolio and stable of clients for future full-time freelancing •  + Cashing up •  - Less free time •  - No freelancing at work •  - No pressure release valves •  - Limited Energy Part-time Freelancing •  + The security of a steady pay check •  + You are reminded weekly why you want to become a freelancer •  + You have enough time •  + You may be able to get guidance •  - You can get too comfortable •  - Your part-time job may drain you Full-time Freelancing •  + You don’t need to ‘switch gears’ •  + You don’t need to give up your free time •  + You will be available during office hours •  - You may experience a culture shock •  - You will be at a larger financial risk

Evaluation & findings Survey •  Would you consider to work as a freelancer? •  Why would you decide to work as a freelancer? •  If yes, which form of freelancing would to practice? •  In which creative field would you freelance? (e.g.: Graphic Design,

Web design, Illustration, etc...)

Evaluation & findings

Evaluation & findings Observation •  Research phase •  Design concept phase •  Design production phase •  Approval •  Release

Evaluation & findings Interview A •  took place at my agency •  two of my colleagues were involved. •  The questioned were one of my superiors and a close colleague from the creative field • 

Interview B •  two freelancers asked •  the questioned were close to fourty and had over ten years of experience

Evaluation & findings During my interviews I asked the following questions: •  Why should/did you decide to work as a freelancer? •  How does the employment differ for freelancers or company


Evaluation & findings •  “As a freelancer you can work at

home and have the opportunity to create your own day. As an employee you have to be at work from nine to five and sometimes it can happen that you do not have enough work to do to fill that time.”

Conclusion ‘Is freelancing the modern path in a designer’s career?’ •  freelancing is the modern way in a designer’s career. •  freelancing doesn’t stand anymore for working self-

employed and do what you want in a professional view. •  it is more a attitude to take responsibility for a client and

supervise him from the beginning to the end.

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MDX FInal Oral Presentation Sheet

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