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Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 17 Agriplex 2 - Crapaud Exhibition Grounds 20569 TransCanada Highway Crapaud, PE

Worth-A-Bit Angus and Wheatley River Farm are excited to host the 2018 Maritime Angus Association Field Day and Junior Heifer Show. We hope that you enjoy the weekend. Worth-a-Bit Angus is owned by the Dixon family of North Tryon and they welcome you to the 2018 Field Day and Junior show. This fourth generation farm which was started in 1916 by Eric’s grandfather is now owned by Eric and Heather along with their son and daughter-in-law Sarah. They have 60 cows of which half are purebred and half heavily Angus influenced. They farm 400 acres in total growing soybeans, barley, oats and forages for their cowherd as well as their feedlot. Tim, Sarah, Eric and Heather

Wheatley River Farm is located in Oyster Bed Bridge, PEI. We purchased our first Angus females at the 1985 Maritime Angus Field Day. We have increased our herd to thirty Angus females. We market Angus bulls at the Nappan Beef Test Station or home testing. We sell breeding heifers and we support marketing to Atlantic Beef Products through the PEI Certified Beef Program. Our family is involved in the 4-H program. I am a beef leader in our 4-H Club for 12 years. We show our Angus cattle each summer at different livestock shows in the Maritimes and my nephew and son have showed at the National Junior Beef Heifer Show in Toronto. We look forward to co-hosting the Maritime Angus Field Day and Junior Heifer Show. Ronnie, Lynn, Glen, Jean and Family

Registration Fees Two day fee: $20/participant and $10/under 9 yrs One day fee: $10/participant and $5/under 9 yrs. Payable at the Field Day

PROGRAM Saturday Schedule 12:00 noon Cattle can be moved into the facility 4:30 – 5:30 p.m. Registration 5 - 6:00 p.m. Pizza/Chili/Stew/Chowder/Baked Beans and Drinks 7:00 p.m. M.C. – Maritime Angus Assoc. President - Amy Higgins Greetings: Welcome from the Host Families CAA President & Maritime Director – Trevor Welch CAA Office – Carmen Koning CAA Junior Ambassador – Macy Liebreich Presentations: Maritime Association Update Honourary President Award Commercial Breeder Award 8:00 p.m. Fun Auction Followed by Social - Funds raised will go toward the Junior Show 10:00 p.m. Security-on-site until 6:00 a.m. Sunday Schedule 9:00 a.m. Coffee, Muffins and Registration 9:30 a.m. MJAA Annual Meeting 10:00 a.m. Guest Speaker – Kevin Yon, American Angus President 12:00 noon Beef-on-a-Bun lunch – Donated by Atlantic Beef Products Thank you to the Crapaud Curling Club for preparing the meal 1:00 p.m. Maritime Angus Scholarship Presentation Junior Heifer Conformation Classes  Cross-bred calves followed by cross-bred yearlings  Champion Crossbred Class  Purebred calves followed by purebred yearlings  Champion Yearling Class  Champion Purebred Angus Showmanship Classes  Peewee  Junior  Intermediate  Senior  Champion Showmanship Class Safe travels home


Judge: Trevor Welch – Canadian Angus Association President Ring Master: Macy Liebreich – Robert C. McHaffie Jr. Ambassador Class ribbons sponsored by the Maritime Angus Association

CROSS-BRED CALVES: Placing Ring # Name Date of Birth Exhibitor 1 Loyalist View Chamber 01/02/18 Alana Worth

CROSS-BRED YEARLINGS: Placing Ring # Name Date of Birth Exhibitor __ 2 MKHF Casey 01/02/17 Daniel Naddy 3 Loyalist View Koko 02/15/17 Austin Potts 4 Bannockburn Eightball 04/17/17 Kaylee Howes 5 KJDF 10/19/17 Caleb Boswall

Champion Crossbred receives a plaque donated by the Maritime Angus Association Reserve Champion Crossbred receives a plaque donated by the Maritime Angus Association

PUREBRED CALVES: Placing Ring # Name Date of Birth Exhibitor ______ 6 Hunter Acres Fancy 01/01/18 Olivia Drake ______ 7 KJDF Classy Lady 01/05/18 Liam Boswall ______ 8 Dusty Breeze Flora Rose 01/12/18 Luke Reynolds ______ 9 Model Farm Pride 3F 01/18/18 Jesse Thorne ______ 10 Model Farm Pride 4F 01/20/18 Kathrynn Ashworth ______ 11 Model Farm Pride 5F 01/21/18 Mackenzie Thorne ______ 12 Hunter Acres Femke 01/31/18 Nicole Drake ______ 13 Dusty Breeze Flawless 02/10/18 Beverly Booth PUREBRED YEARLINGS: (The 1st and 2nd place animals from each split will be shown in the Champion Yearling Class. The splits will be determined on show day.)

Placing Ring # Name Date of Birth Exhibitor 14 Wheatley River Emma 01/01/17 Logan Ford 15 Hunter Acres Eve 2E 01/02/17 Olivia Drake __ 16 KJDF Maggie 48E 01/03/17 Ryan Boswall ___ 17 Model Farm Pride 3E 01/03/17 Makayla Hunter ___ 18 Garvie Bonnie 01/03/17 Daniel Naddy ___ 19 Loyalist View Lori 1E 01/08/17 Alana Worth ___ 20 HF Tibbe 28E 01/14/17 Ben Bacon ___ 21 Wheatley River Lady Eva 01/14/17 Danielle Pollard ___ 22 Red Worth-A-Bit Vaquero 01/29/17 Vance Lawless ____ 23 Worth-A-Bit Queedy 14E 01/30/17 Madison Pirch 24 Worth-A-Bit Queedy 17E 02/02/17 Cody Cudmore ___ 25 Wheatley River Bella 74E 02/17/17 Elizabeth Heighton ___ 26 Bannockburn V. Pride 17E 03/20/17 Cassidy Cudmore _____ 27 Red Oakdale Amy 20E 03/25/17 Andrew Manning _____ 28 Red Oakdale Iona 16E 04/06/17 Dalton Hood 29 Cable Head Queen 26E 04/08/17 Beverley Booth 30 Model Farm Pride 13E 04/10/17 Kathrynn Ashworth

Placing __ _ __ ______

Ring # Name Date of Birth 31 TNL Royal Eclipse 15E 04/21/17 32 Dusty Breeze Elevate 05/05/17 33 Dusty Breeze Elsie 07/28/17 34 Model Farm Pride 16E 11/03/17

Exhibitor MacKenzie Thorne Grace Reynolds Allsion Booth Jesse Thorne

Champion Angus Yearling receives the Dick Turner Memorial Trophy and a keeper plaque donated by Don Currie, Glen Islay Angus Farm, ON. The Reserve Champion Angus Yearling receives a plaque donated by the Maritime Angus Association CHAMPION ANGUS HEIFER: (The 1st and 2nd place animals from the Champion Angus Yearling Class and the Angus Calf Class will compete for the award)

Champion Angus Heifer receives a custom designed belt buckle sponsored by Garvie Mountain Angus, the Welch Family from Glassville N.B.

A group photograph of the exhibitors will be taken during the weekend. Thank you to our official photographer Jill Renton.

SHOWMANSHIP CLASSES (age as of January 1, 2018)

1st and 2nd in each class will return for the Champion & Reserve Showperson.

PEEWEE (under 9) – each exhibitor in the class will receive a medallion from the Maritime Angus Association JUNIOR (9 – 14 years) Ring # 22 Vance Lawless 3 Austin Potts 7 Liam Boswall 8 Luke Reynolds ______ 24 Cody Cudmore 11 MacKenzie Thorne 12 Nicole Drake

07/30/2007 11/14/2007 01/25/2006 07/14/2005 11/25/2004 08/06/2004 07/14/2003

INTERMEDIATE (15 – 17 years) Ring # 26 Cassidy Cudmore 28 Dalton Hood 4 Kaylee Howes 32 Grace Reynolds ______ 10 Kathrynn Ashworth _______ 5 Caleb Boswall 23 Madison Pirch 2 Daniel Naddy _____ 25 Elizabeth Heighton 6 Olivia Drake ______ 13 Beverly Booth ______ 27 Andrew Manning

09/15/2002 08/13/2002 06/20/2002 05/04/2002 04/08/2002 02/20/2002 02/03/2002 01/02/2002 03/17/2001 11/21/2000 07/17/2000 04/05/2000

SENIOR (18 – 21 years) Ring # ______ 9 ______ 17 ______ 1 ______ 16 ______ 33 ______ 14 ______ 20 ______ 21

Jesse Thorne Makayla Hunter Alana Worth Ryan Boswall Allison Booth Logan Ford Ben Bacon Danielle Polland

10/22/1999 05/08/1999 03/10/1999 03/01/1999 10/08/1998 08/23/1998 03/08/1997 09/07/1996

Champion showperson will receive the perpetual Harriett Oulton Memorial Trophy donated by Dusty Breeze Farm and a keeper plaque donated by the Maritime Angus Association. Reserve Showperson will receive a plaque donated by the Maritime Angus Association.


Canadian Angus Foundation Farm Credit Canada Phillips Feed Service Atlantic Beef Products Inc. Agro Co-op Genex PEI Mutual Insurance Co.

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Charlottetown Vet Clinic Maritime Angus Association PEI Angus Association Wheatley River Farm Worth-a-Bit Angus Amalgamated Dairies Ltd. Atlantic Superstore

Thank you to all for making this weekend a success.

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Maritime Angus Field Day & Junior Show Program  

Maritime Angus Field Day & Junior Show Program