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MR. & MS.




A Note from the Editor Having been delegated this task to write for a paper as the Editor-in-Chief of a student publication is already my definition to what honor is all about. Being given the opportunity to affect the lives of 12,000 students is an overwhelming sense of responsibility and an obligation that we, in the paper, must deliver. It is not only I as the head of the publication who will dictate the road SILAHIS will traverse. It is all of us who contribute to what kind of image SILAHIS will portray within one academic year. My designation does not matter. It is the passion for information and truth that drives us to write for the paper. And this year, we are trying to put an end mark to the kind of “curse” SILAHIS has been suffering for years. As an opening salvo to a better SILAHIS, we wanted to feature the annual PALAKASAN with the best of our best efforts. We tried our best to simplify both the feel and essence of the event in a 24-page magazine. We tried our best to give PALAKASAN a different take. We wanted for you to see and perceive how the students who witnessed this event pictures it while reminiscing the festive days in a manner our editors had designed to stir illusions of having experienced PALAKASAN again. Life will not be complete without acknowledging the stains and bitter words. We will be assessing some aspect of the PALAKASAN that we think worthy to be raised and should not be left untouched. From the manner KASAMA executes the whole event with the aid of the faculty coordinators and PALAKASAN faculty chairpersons, SILAHIS wanted to give insights that may or may not be acceptable to the people involve. As always, we give credit to where it is due. And on that note, hats off to the efforts by KASAMA. This is how we give our share to this institute and to the students. SILAHIS doesn’t only break things. We are no pact of fault-finders which are common in the jungle of social networking sites, but we are a pact of dedicated students aiming to provide support and help with which we think necessary to be applied and implemented. (Delete this - IIT, as we know, suffers a sick system.) Through our small ways, SILAHIS may offer a better way of doing things. And by the way, (whispers) I hope you noticed the new look of SILAHIS (smiles). This is our way of giving thanks to the students. This issue will serve as our tribute for all the students who made PALAKASAN 2K13 a memorable one. Feel free to visit our office if you want to express something about the issue. We appreciate people who suggest for the paper in person than do unhealthy rampage of ideas online. SILAHIS wants to be one of the best student publications in the country. For that to be achievable, we need your help.

About the Cover Competition emanating from the spirits of the PALAKASAN 2013 participants and the PALAKASAN per se is as strong as the competition of the Houses from the famous novel-turned-TV series Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin. The empty throne depicts the open competition and the opportunity of every college to be the Grand Champion. Thus the cover for this PALAKASAN issue.

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Cover Stories Features

Symbolic expression of unity, camaraderie, and sportsmanship among college governors during the Palaksan Opening Program, lighting of the torch.


A Note from the Editor

Hear what the Editorin-Chief has to say regarding studentrelated matters as the head of the office.



Chancellor talks about his view about Palakasan

Dig in to what had been a blast for the pre-Palakasan celebration.

Mens Sana

By Patricia Abitona




Dancing Robots Expo

See what COE students got in their sleeves. BY JULIE ANN M. NOGALO




Opens with a blast. This year's theme, "Greater heights through internationalization. BY JANNE CLAUDIAN SALVANA



Insights about the present and previous Palakasan.

A poem written to the reigning Mr. and Ms. IIT 2013

Bright Lights, Faded Colors

Mr. & Ms. IIT2013

By Alaykka Fowler

By Sakara Shela Flores


Winning All the Way

CED IDS takes over grand slam victory By Ruth Quizon


MENS SANA IN CORPORA SANO. Juvenal wrote in the Satires. A sound mind in a sound body. All

Mens Sana

civilized nations believed in this truth, and that is the rationale behind our annual PALAKASAN. All the sporting activities are intended to develop a sound body. It’s very rare a moment as a students to think about our Chancellor; the stuffs that he was doing during PALAKAKASAN, his involvement (if there was any), or his perception about our PALAKASAN. We then ask personally the Chancellor to really answer the “urban legend” going around our campus for years on how are things done by our Chancellor when there’s PALAKASAN and how I was a varsity player do he see PALAKASAN in general. and was involved in According to Dr. Sukarno Tanggol, our almost all activities in Institute Chancellor, our PALAKASAN, which “PALAKASAN is a sport event which is is why I graduated only essential in any university because we are not only developing in the area of academics after many years, “he but also in extracurricular activities. We should remember that part of our vision is to develop a holistic personality among our graduates. It is an important element of our added “sports should annual and semestral activities to develop their social skills and discipline.” be more enjoyable than

tiring, so why need a rest day? I hope that all students participate. Those who cannot play can be spectators."

It is an important element of our annual and semestral activities to develop their social skills and discipline.” As the chancellor, he wanted that our PALAKASAN will truly achieve the very purpose for which they are undertaken- not only to be healthy but to improve the students’ relationship among their peers. It strengthens the cohesiveness in the school body, which is the crucial sector in the campus. Chancellor Tanggol also shared his PALAKASAN experiences in his college life at MSUMarawi. Since many students are irritated about the idea of having the attendance for the PALAKASAN, as a requirement, might as well ask our Chancellor his views on the matter. If you are thinking that our Chancellor does not have any involvement in our PALAKASAN, you’re wrong. He actually visits and watches games on his own, sometimes. Otherwise, he is busy attending to important matters. You cannot expect him to be always there. But he monitors what we are doing and not doing because that is important to him. He has eyes and ears out there because he sees to it that we succeed in the activities. Never we will think again that our Chancellor doesn’t mind us and our activities. He is supporting us day after day.

“I wish we do not need to impose it as a requirement. I wish it would become voluntary on the students to participate. It must be between requirement and persuading students to participate. I wish we did not need to issue memo requiring students to participate. One way to do that is for the PALAKASAN organizers to make it so attractive to students that they will appreciate it and understand the need for it. So I don’t want to make that as a requirement. If we truly are a campus that boasts of excellence, that boasts of students who are well-prepared and responsible, then we need not issue a memo, and that is the challenge of the KASAMA. Also, the students should be more prepared each year.” by: Patricia Abitona FACEBOOK.COM/OFFICIALSILAHIS.MSUIIT


Gil Nambatac Jr.


udos to all! Another successful PALAKASAN had ended gracefully. But KASAMA’s job doesn’t end as our shouts and cheers in the gym fade. Like all of us, our KASAMA Officers again face reality and face the real battle for the students. Unfortunately, our student council suffers this crippling tradition of “Nahuman na bitaw ang PALAKASAN, nahuman nasad ang akong pagka-officer.” Do we really elect them to give us an entertaining and enjoyable PALAKASAN? Don’t we elect them because they serve a higher and much important purpose? Since my three years of stay in IIT, I observed that every after PALAKASAN, these KASAMA officers of ours start to disappear one by one. They are nowhere to be found so that if you have a grave problem that you wanted to address to them during this time, I’m sure you will have a pretty hard time searching them. Pretty sad, isn’t it? This is because of their tradition and orientation in the council. I don’t know if it’s intentionally done or if it’s their party’s regulation or orientation and this is likely to happen every year! If I were to deconstruct such behaviour of theirs, I can conclude that they (the KASAMA Officers of 2010-2012 and maybe the present which I hope not) haven’t internalized fully their responsibilities and duties. Remember, there are many dimensions of being a student leader and they have only fulfilled 10% of the essence of being a student leader and a public servant by organizing events. What we want is simple. We wanted the KASAMA Officers for this year to be active and to be active the whole school year round. We want KASAMA to know how to sort issues that affect the students and to make actions to address the issues confronting us. We want KASAMA to stand on its MAKABAGONG PANAHON slogan that paved its way to win the votes of the majority. We urge KASAMA to constantly work for the students’ welfare even after PALAKASAN. Again, they are not there to become our event organizers. We can have the PALAKASAN even without these officers. But we can’t afford to lose our fight as iskolars’ ng bayan without their lead and effort. That is what we need! The KASAMA should hear our cries and be the voice of the studentry. The cries of the IITians are of utmost importance and should be dealt accordingly and immediately. PALAKASAN 2013 may be over BUT THE BATTLE DID NOT END THERE.




KASAMA – ILB features 1st Hugyawan 2013 -J April D A. Bagnol and Renzo R. Zaballero

“Not all of us are inclined and has the chance to join the events of Palakasan so, we the senators, decided to conduct the festival to enjoy for the long holiday brought about by Palakasan 2013” Mr. Datu Esma Mikee Maruhom, said Senate President of KASAMA Institute of Legislative Body (ILB) during the first KASAMA presscon last August 21 at the KASAMA office. According to KASAMA Senator Nikka N. Restauro, Hugyawan 2013 will serve as a booster for Palakasan 2013. It was divided into three activities: fun run and Hataw, opening of booths, and a variety show.

Fun Run and Hataw Last August 27, at exactly 5:30 in the morning, the KASAMA ILB kick started the first event of Hugyawan 2013 which is the fun run. The said event was open to all students, especially those who are taking PE1 and PE2. There were an approximated number of 300 participants. An important figure like the 2008 KASAMA President, Kathy Bariga, took part in the activity where she said in an interview that, “it is the heart for MSU – IIT that I joined.” Tokens and souvenirs were given to everyone at the end of the run. The first ten runners who finished the race were recognized and given awards. Prior to that, Hataw was performed and facilitated by the Zumba instructor, Aimee Liza, together with her colleagues. It was participated by the KASAMA officers and students.

hugyawan 2013

Opening of Booths

Variety Show

At 10:30 am, Dr. Edward L. Banawa, DSA Director, led the ribbon – cutting ceremony at the mini-theater hallway, which marked the opening of the booths. With him were Datu Esma Mikee Maruhom, KASAMA Senate President and other KASAMA officers.

On the night of August 27, the last event for the Hugyawan, the variety show, was sponsored by the Project 57 and was held in the IDS – MPH. It was a free show for all the MSU – IIT constituents.

The fair lasted until August 30. It included food and beverage booths, and a photo booth.


Presentations of the said event included bartending and flaring by the HRM students, modeling, cosplay, and the new college heroes were featured. The highlight of the show was the comedy performance of Jan Mel, Von Onega, and Masoy.

The activity was supposed to start at 6:00 pm, but due to unexpected power interruption it was extended at 8:15 pm. Despite the unexpected problem, they managed to keep the show going. “No one can stop us,” said Maruhom. The highlight of the show was the comedy performance of Jan Mel, Von Omega, and Masoy. Overall, the Hugyawan 2K13 went successful and created a festive mood for the Palakasan.




Dancing ROBOTS

cap COE expo By: Julie Ann M. Nogalo

Jarvis, Psy, and Arriana, were the three dancing robots that highlighted the 1st Palakasan Robot and Energy Conversion Projects Exhibit organized by the Electrical Engineering (EE) and Electronics Engineering (ECE) students under Prof. Carl John Salaan of the College of Engineering – Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering (EECE) Department. The 3 – day expo, held at the COE lobby was a showcase of electrical engineering projects. According to Prof. Salaan, the robots were sponsored by the school and students from his EE 179 – Control System class created the program for the robots’ movements. Aside from the three robots, fifteen booths featuring energy conversion projects were also at the expo, created by Prof. Salaan’s EE 147 – Electromechanical Energy Conversion class.

The expo attracted different colleges.



I like it. I appreciate the effort of all the people behind this,” said Eliah, from CED.









he first ever Mass Dance competition in the history of MSU-IIT PALAKASAN befell on the 28th of August 2013 as the high spot of the PALAKASAN opening ceremony on the MSU-IIT gymnasium. The opening ceremony commenced the emotive and exciting torch lighting, the hilarious oath-taking of athletes, the presentation of the Mr. & Ms. MSU-IIT candidates and the staggering, magnificent and the ever glorious College of Icons production and the official PALAKASAN 2013 montage. The Mass dance competition left everyone in the audience amazed as the participants seized the stage on their codified steps and their colorful costumes. The legendary fusion of Phoenix and Hornets, CED-IDS vanquished the rest of the colleges on their very outstanding performance.






h e overwhelming talents of IITian’s on the gamut of dances transpired on the MSUIIT gymnasium as the contingents grooved under the burning and wintry night on the 30th of August 2013. T h e venue was packed-out with the colleges’ respective supporters screaming out their support and extreme fervors. The Night of Dances comprised the Dance Sport, Pop Dance and the Wanna Be competition. The legendary fusion, CED-IDS surmounted on Dance Sports category while the roaring tigers of the School of Engineering Technology over headed on their ardent performance in Pop Dance competition. The legendary fusion of the hornets and phoenix proved for the second time on this night that the fusion is unyielding and unbreakable as they obtained the triumph on Wanna Be competition on their fun-filled rendition of JLo’s “Live it Up” that rendered this event to CED-IDS.

Legendary Fusion

gleams out on the

Night of Dances

Ray Mark B. Sobebe




SILAHIS | PALAKASAN2K13 CASS bags Quiz Bowl Title

Griffins champ Spelling Bee

By: Marven Doong

By: Marven B. Doong

John Enrico Penaroya, Michelle Mae Gaabay and Jesrel Generalao from College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS) outwitted other quizzers during the quiz bowl on August 30 held at the College of Nursing (CON) hall.

The mighty combination of the lion and eagle of the College Of Business Administration and Accountancy spelled there to victory in the spelling bee over the other colleges on august 30 held at the CON hall.

The whizzes from the infinite swarm battled as dark horses as they underwent through sudden death clincher questions in the easy and average rounds and 12 points in the difficult round accumulating a total score of 24 points.

Spelling indidually, the griffins accumulated a total score of 103 points after surviving their rounds of the completion. The team together with CSM and COE withstood the removal throughout the contest as they were the only speller who managed to survive with complete set of members.

The come-from-behind win of the arachnids proved their determination in defending their title. CED-IDS and CBAA romped away as runners-up.

With the motion “THW (this house will) allow price gouging in times of calamities”, CASS’s and CBAA’s debating teams for open and freshmen category, respectively, won the championship rounds of this year’s debate tournament held simultaneously at the COE amphitheater and room 206.


backtoback debate champs

Adjudicators from Xavier University, MSU – Main Campus, and Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) gave a 3 – 2 split decision in favor of CBAA’s freshmen team and a 4 – 1 split decision in favor of CASS open category team.


The lynxes and the sharks bagged the runners-up titles respectively.

Five debaters were named as the tournament’s top best speakers. Three were from CBAA named Doveydel Palanas, Alayka Fowler, and Malaya Negad. The other two best speakers, Reiji Limbaroc and Ray Mark Sobebe, were from CASS.

COE’s freshmen and open team were awarded as first runners-up of the said tournament

By: Julie Ann M. Nogalo




Tigers winakwak ang Dragons, 88 – 73 By: Lardel Kent D. Caray

Nilusaw ng SET Tigers ang pagnanasa ng COE Dragons na mamayani at maiuwi ang panalo sa kampeonatong laro sa Palakasan 2013 para sa larong basketbol na ginanap sa MSU-IIT gym noong Agosto 31, 2013. Pinagharian ng SET ang court sa unang kwarter pa lamang ng laro. Nanguna sina Denorog at Manlunas na pataasin ang kanilang puntos, 6-0. Ngunit agad din itong pinantayan ni Cabardo ng COE, 6-6. Pinag-igihan pa ng Tigers ang laro at ilang mababagsik na tatlong puntos ang kanilang nakuha. Gayunpaman, sinasabayan na rin ng Dragons ang mga humuhugong na tigers sa pamamagitan ng buslo nina Macas at lay-up ni Cabardo, 23-17. Pumontos naman ang Tigers, 30 segundong nalalabi mula sa buslo ni Manlunas, 29-17. Sa pagsismula ng ikalawang kwarter ay tinambakan ni Macas ang mga kalaban sa nag-aapoy niyang lay-up. Nangahas na bumuslo si Rapal ng COE ngunit agad din itong naagaw ni Alonso ng Tigers. Lumamang ang Tigers ng 11 puntos, 41-29. Nadagdagn pa ang pangungublat ng COE ng pumalyaang buslo nina Plaza at Verdida. Nabawi din nila ito sa isang napakagandang lay-up mula kay Cabardo, 42 segundo ang nalalabi. Lalo pang bumandera ang SET sa sunod-sunod nitong makapagpigil-hiningang buslo. Ngunit kahit anong tibay depensa’y nagawa pa ring lusutan ni Cabardo ang Tigers at bumuslo ng tatlong puntos, 47-35. Hindi na nagpatumpik-tumpik pa’t hinabol ng COE ang SET sa ikatlong kwarter. Nakawiwindang na three-point shot ang ginawa ni Cabardo, 4942. Tinodo pa nila ang paghabol hanggang sa napagdikit na nila ans iskor sa nalalabing dalawang minute, 58-57. Nagkaroon ng “SEE-saw battle” sa pang-apat na kwarter. Pumuntos ng tatlo si Robiato at hindi rin nagpahuli si Maravillas, 61-60. Sa hindi inaasaha’y nahigitan ng COE ang SET, na mga buslo ni Maravillas, 64-67. Umagapay na man ang SET para mas lumamang. Tila sasabunging teksas na manok ang dalawang koponan. Nagging mainam ang pagbabantay at kapit-tuko ang depensa nila. Sa huling minuto’y ipinako na ng SET ang iskor ng COE at hindi na nila pinapwesto pa ang Dragons. Tinapos ni Denorog ang laban sa kanyang tatlong puntos na buslo at ipinaskil ang iskor 88-73.




determination and will’s strength are faded colors. It’s that time of year again. I have always believed in the idea that when one becomes a part of something, an invisible string becomes present automatically forming a special kind of attachment between that person and whatever that thing is and makes him dwell in the beauty of that something’s wholeness. What makes this idea even more special is the fact that one gets to engage and harmoniously coexist with those who found themselves on the same ground. Three years ago, I walked through the gates of MSUIIT feeling out of place. Everybody seemed to talk and act differently from me. Dialect-wise, I mostly understood them, but I didn’t think they thought the same way as I did. This conception of sole survival, then, kissed my mind – I’d probably be spending the future years of my life here in the comfort of my own

Bright Lights, company. Fast forward to a few months, I was proven wrong. My existence in the Institute and my college immediately made me part of a whole despite prevailing differences. I’ve always been feeling this unexplainable tug coming from the bond I’ve established with the both of them. Much to my surprise, the tug even became stronger as the year’s most highlighted event came – the Institute Palakasan – and it has always been that way year after year. Palakasan strengthened the bond by way of knocking sense of competition and camaraderie into me. It’s the time of year when I get the chance to contribute prestige to my college, practice teamwork, and exercise sportsmanship and even let friendships bloom with students coming from other colleges. Despite the spirit of competition and sportsmanship, though, there was something that made every Palakasan drain color. Most of us would say that this time of year marks showing talents and skills but there will also be some who’ll tell us that this FACEBOOK.COM/OFFICIALSILAHIS.MSUIIT

PALAKASAN2K13 | SILAHIS is the period when students get an entire week of vacation. With the latter inculcated in their minds, they immediately pack up their bags, take their buses and go to their hometowns. With students choosing to take a separate path, the Institute’s supposedly bright colors start to fade gradually as a number of its constituents leave its premises during or even before the commencement of the greatest event of the academic year. Now everything turns into utter irony. The season when everybody is supposed to be brought together and work in harmony is also the very time when a lot of students choose not to participate, prefer supporting their respective colleges virtually, and just go home. The worse thing is that those coming from the particular bunch are also the ones who are very strong in giving out complaints when something goes wrong during Palakasan or if their college is in conflict with another. The irony doesn’t just end here though because recently, what colleges do is instead of competing in the spirit of sportsmanship,

Faded Colors they end up bashing each other through challenging statements engulfed in harsh words. As I write this piece and reminisce my past and present Palakasan experiences, I ask myself, what is the matter with everyone? This particular moment when we are supposed to celebrate the idea of breaking the walls that divide us is the exact time when we strengthen these walls even more. The lights are bright due to the grandiosity and prestige that all of us want to present but little do we know that the colors of solidarity that we are to keep vibrant are slowly fading away. In my mind though, I keep hoping that this won’t keep going on forever because everything evolves through time. I just wish the kind of evolution we will experience is one that would lead us to achieving the real goal of Palakasan. I hope that before I officially step out of the Institute’s gates, I’ll get to see both bright lights and more vibrant colors. I hope. BY: ALAYKKA FOWLER




Between heavens and earth, legends of grandeur they say In seek of ruler descend the gods and goddesses they may For that one night of battle, who shall prevail? With beauty and wit, whose emblem shall the people trail? In the highlands, realm of the guardians of treasure rests King of the beasts and king of the skies lay nest To a fierce battle, the griffins shall take flight Up from the ground, the griffin embodies might. And in the silent hill, the kingdom of the weavers was sewed The tapestry of greatness, on that night shall unfold In eight steps, the rest of the world will be kneeling upon For the history of the Scorpion king has just begun. And on the most awaited night, the oracle spoke of a clash Of the dragons, the wolves, the lynx, the tigers, the sharks and the phoenix from ash But when they came to what they thought was their kingdom’s gate They met with a terrible fate.

Hail the newly crow With joy, we shall be beside th

S . I I T 2 013

wned Mr. and Ms. IIT! hem in their quests and victory.

RAPHAEL PAOLO PURGANAN, in his blood runs wit, character and all Such deals that all others lose in control. Twenty- two years from that night between heavens and earth The wrath of the Scorpion king was embedded in his birth. In all ages, true beauty is timeless. As soon as DIAN NAVALES SARDALLA was crowned, not only the griffins’ triumph was priceless But the heart of a lion that despite being outnumbered hundredfold Their warm roars were heard even to the darkest and coldest times untold. To find some way to rule the hearts of the creatures in rage As soon as the king and queen were pronounced in the royal stage, They melted unity, camaraderie and more And they crafted crowns unlike any before. Now Raphael and Dian severed the link between rivalry and IITian Together we face storms not as an arachnid nor a griffin in clan. The beauty, the intelligence and the character, all these mystical relics were all that remained Safe within Raphael and Dian in all the years of their reign. By: Sakara Shela Flores Photographer: CHAMP CID


he PALAKASAN 2013 was sealed up with so much stimulation and competition from different raging colleges vying for the victory and prestige. The clashes of intellectual minds in literary events, the battle of physical powers in sports events, the battle of talents in Cultural nights and the battle of beauty and brain in Mr. & Ms. MSU-IIT constructed a leeway of underground coalition and reintegration of the belligerent colleges. Commenced by the legendary fusion of CED and IDS last Palakasan 2011 prompted other colleges to fuse for the only purpose of building unity, friendship and escalating support for their respective colleges. The recent palakasan connivances from colleges’ supporters embarked on the legendary alliance of the Sharks, College of Nursing and the Dragons, College of Engineering that even transpired on facebook, particularly in The IITian Insider. They tagged the legendary alliance as the “CO-Engineering and the Enginursing.”

When connivances transpire



Ray Mark B. Sobebe

The Griffins, College of Business Administration and Accountancy and the wolves, School of Computer Studies also had an alliance in support to their college’s participants. The threesome power of the arachnidsCollege of Arts and Social Sciences, the

lynx-College of Science and Mathematics and the tigers-School of Engineering Technology blown up as the three colleges spontaneously supported each other’s colleges on the Mr. & Ms. MSU-IIT which had their prominent tagline: “The Arachlynx Ft. Tigers.” These alliances and coalition are manifestations of how MSU-IIT upholds sportsmanship and friendship that despite the overwhelming competition on the battlefield, the IITian power still arises over the micro-competitions and what matters most are the experiences and the lesson we’ve learned and the friendships we’ve built, because at the end of the day- we are all IITians vying for a world-class institution and excellence in both the personal matters and to the whole institution.


photo source: the iitian insider FACEBOOK.COM/OFFICIALSILAHIS.MSUIIT


PALAKASAN2K13 | SILAHIS The Kataas-taasang Sangunian ng mga Mag-aaral (KASAMA) of MSU-IIT with their cabinet secretaries, members of the steering committee, facilitators and volunteers, and the college governors of the different colleges presented ceremonial activities in ending this year’s PALAKASAN. The ceremonial activities were as follows: mass dance presentation of the KASAMA and college governors, which was headed by Ryan Raterta, from the College of Education; the brought down of the different House flags of the colleges; and the embracing of the KASAMA and college governors.




“We should be united. This is IIT. We say only one name and that is IIT,” Sir Rabrindranath Polito, from the CASS English Department, master of ceremony. The KASAMA also acknowledged the fusions and alliances created by different colleges, namely the House of Shargons by the College of Nursing (CON) and the College of Engineering (COE), and the House of Wolfinns by the College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA) and the School of Computer Studies (SCS). The Legendary Fusion of the College of Education and Integrated Developmental School (CED – IDS), the House of Hornets and Phoenix, still remained the champion and it is their grand slam this year. Here is the list of the ranking of the different colleges in Palakasan:



by Ruth Quizon

“If you’re not going to go all the way, why go at all?”— This must have been the students’ mantra during the Palakasan days. Every college has shown how it is to be really competitive, just as how every IITian ought to be. Though tangled with the hassles of competition, the different colleges still proved that there is still a healthy competition, after all. Topping them all is the Legendary Fusion of CED and IDS, which, for the third time around, got the first prize. GRAND SLAM, it is! During the interview, Ms. Jikka Antonette Depasucat, CED-IDS’ governor, said that she’s filled with overwhelming joy, not only because of the results, but because of how this year’s Palakasan turned out to be one of the “bests” that she’s had throughout her entire college life. “I could say that all of the colleges are competitive that one (even myself) could not conclude beforehand which of the colleges will win. It was a very close fight”, she added. When asked about all the efforts and sacrifices that CED-IDS poured out for this event, she revealed how tough it was. She traced back how she wanted to be CED’s governor knowing that she has always wanted CHANGE in her college. However, being a leader is quite a hard task. Even though she’s been part of the leading group before, to her, being a governor is altogether different. Along with the privileges of being a leader, she said that she had a time adjusting. Her classes were affected and she hardly spends time with her family anymore especially towards the Palakasan week. All the more, what always bothers her is the fact that many students, particularly the past CED governors, expect a lot from her. (CED has been the champion of the Palakasan for two consecutive years. They expect this year’s result to be the same). “It’s trying to meet their expectations that I fear the most. What if we lose? What if I’m not as good as they were?” she said. Unknown to many, she’ll be graduating this March when she’s supposed to graduate this October which is partly, or perhaps, greatly because of the position that she holds. But, she proudly said that it was all worth it. All the risks were all worth it.


Ms. Depasucat wanted to thank all the colleges, especially the governors, for an amazing experience and a new-found friendship. She specially mentioned the superb participation of the students of IDS and how these “younger ones” helped them in reaching this far. Most importantly, she’s grateful that the people/participants of CED-IDS did their best all for the name of their college. For her, it is how much you’ve enjoyed that matters the most. Still in tears, she heartily said that a leader should always trust her teammates. She believes that their group (CED-IDS) won because every member of it believed in the group’s teamwork. The same is also true, she said, in all the governors and the KASAMA members’ trust among the whole team that made this year’s Palakasan memorable. Palakasan may be a competition which somehow divides the colleges, but on the other hand, it shows otherwise. It shows that such a competition is also good once in a while, and that while it divides, it also unites. Indeed, nothing beats a UNITED IIT, clichés aside.







Pakigtigi! Pag-apili-apil! Pakigsumpaki!

tungod naay TII. So kailangan pirmi naay issue para lang malingaw ta sa PALAKASAN? Kini ang mga butang nga muesplikar kun Issue-based na diay ang PALAKASAN ang PALAKASAN kung bahin-bahinon. Pero karon? Naa pud ga-ingon nga mas nice nasayud ba mo kung unsay pianakanindot ang PALAKASAN karon kay naa mga love nga bahin sa PALAKASAN? team sa mga colleges. So, kailangan jud nga naay love teams para ma-enjoy nato ang Pakighinigalaay. Pagkahiusa. Pagkakat-on. PALAKASAN? Kailangan maawat sa tv na pirmi gugma-gugma? PBB teens lang dayon? Kining mga butanga nasalipdan sa mga kakulangon ug mga kaguliyang. Gagmay Nganong kailangan man magbulag-bulag lang man kini, pero kung wala ni, dili kita man ang KASAMA? Nganong kailangan man makat-on sa atong kasaypanan ug ang maghimu ug kaugalingon activity ang ILB? pagkakat-on ug ang pagkahibalo magsugod Dili ba pwede nga i-usa ang mga activities? sa pagpangutana. Dili jud diay madala og sabot? Lisod na hinuon kay maka ingon ta nga “agay, naa Unsa diay katuyuan o tumong sa jud something ani bah” “agay, away-away pagpahigayun sa PALAKASAN? Unsa diay napud ni bah”. Bisan man ginaingon nila sa rason nganong naay palakasan? kadaghanan ang ilang pagkahiusa, maklaro Gibuhat ba kini para muguba ug relasyon sa gihapon nga dili. mga tao? Para mang-libak? Mang-daot? Mastress? Nganong dugay man kaaayo maka release Sa sugod pa lang, gitukod ang palakasan ug schedule ang KASAMA? Dugay jud para makaginhawa ang mga natuok nga diay kaayo maka decide sa schedule? Mas mga estudyante gikan sa mga stress nga nauna pa man lagi ang schedule sa sports? gidila sa mga trabahoon sa eskwelahan. So, pabor kaayo ang sports? Kaluoy pud sa Pero, grabe naman sad ang nahitabo karon, literary. Nganong dadto man sa gym gibutang nakita nato sa mga estudyante nga adunay ang schedule? Kay dadto ga agi ang mga tao? direktang pagkalambigitan sa aktibidad Daghan tao sa gym sa buntag? So para maka sa PALAKASAN nga unta makapawala sa balo ka sa actvities sa PALAKASAN kung stress, mihatag man og stress hinuon. Stress wala kay internet, kailangan jud ka muadto sa paghuna-huna kung unsaon pagbayad sa ug gym mga fines tungod sa mga absences? Unsaon pagpalihok sa mga students para mag-cheer? Wala ko nagbagotbot. Wala pud ko naulit. Kini Anti-stress man kaha ang palaksan, pero, lang mga uban sa mga daghang pangutana nganong manguli man ang uban? Kailangan sa mga estudyante sa IIT. ba jud ang Hugyawan? Para lang jud naay booster? But, Palakasan is over. Sa kitinabuk-an, nindot ang PALAKASAN. Naay bag-o ug usa Naay PALAKASAN para mapalambo ang kay sayo magsugod ug mahuman ang mga mga talento sa mga estudyante ug para pang-gabii nga aktibidad. makita nato nga ang mga taga-IIT kay dili lang puro academics. Kung But, we have still the memories. Memories ing-ani nga pagka-istorya, ngano man nga that is worthy to ponder. Experiences that is mag-hire man japun ta og mga trainor? worth for learning. Maingon ba dayun nato tungod ani nga ang Matod pa sa sa sikat na phrase, United we mga taga MSU-IIT kay owalay mga katalent- stand, divided we fall. talent kay kailangan pa magpatabang ug But I think, the essence of this year’s trainer? PALAKASAN is that we should be united and stand as one name. A name that is Naa pud ga-ingon nga mas lingaw ang recognizable and unique. That name is IIT. PALAKASAN ug mas ma-enjoy nila kini kay ### FACEBOOK.COM/OFFICIALSILAHIS.MSUIIT

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