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Why Businesses and Professionals Require Vanity Phone Numbers You see them very often. In all probability, you've dialed them on several occasions, but you might not have known what they were called. They're phone numbers that businesses use in their advertising that spell out a word or are otherwise recognizable and stick in a person's mind. Vanity phone numbers are either local or toll-free phone numbers that will be easy for customers to remember. A vanity number can be quite valuable in a number of ways, just like a simple, memorable Web address. Studies in the US and Canada, for one thing, have demonstrated that 90% of consumers end up contacting business' toll-free telephone numbers after they have heard or see an ad about the products or services that interest them. When such advertisements incorporate catchy vanity numbers, the response rate goes up by nearly one-third. Furthermore, four out of five prospects are able to retain these numbers in their long-term memory. Basically, regardless of whether it's a phoneword or a recognizable numeric sequence or pattern, the vanity number can provide a business or a professional service provider with some amazing advantages. Because they are easily remembered, consumer response to advertising and marketing increases dramatically. There are two distinct types of vanity phone numbers: repetition or sequence of numbers like 5551234 or 555-9999 or "phonewords" like 1-800-AUTOFIX. One of the main misconceptions about vanity numbers is that the concept that generic is better for some reason. For some people, the generic phonewords like 555-HOME or 1-800-GET-HELP can be worth a ton of money. However, even if your company could afford to purchase or lease such a phone number, it wouldn't necessarily be better when it came to promoting and marketing your specific products or services. For example, if you own a realty company, you don’t need to use a vanity number such as 1-800REALTOR to be successful. It isn't really necessary to let the world know you're in the business of selling homes. Letting your prospective homebuyers and sellers know why they should contact you and what added benefits you can offer them should be what your main concern is. Something like 1-800-SELL-NOW does just that. Plus, phonewords that spell out some or all of your companies name, your community or neighborhood, or perhaps your own name might be much more effective - along with easier and more affordable to buy. When it comes to phonewords, there is one thing you will want to be aware of. Although normal, land-based phones and many cell phones will still have letters printed on or next to the numeric numbers, there are a few smartphones that don't. This makes it hard for the user to dial alphabetically unless there's a way of cross-referencing the number with the corresponding letters. Because of this, even when your business does have a vanity phone number, it is normally necessary to use the actual numbers along with the phonewords in marketing, promotion and advertising. If your business doesn't have a phoneword, there are several resources available. Each of the

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Why Businesses and Professionals Require Vanity Phone Numbers numbers from 1-8 have three letters associated with them, while 9 has four (WXYZ). You may very well be able to find a catchy phoneword that customers will remember, with a bit of creativity. If this isn't an option, there are several vanity number service providers who can assist you in finding an appropriate phoneword and set you up with one at a reasonable cost. Vanity phone numbers are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools businesses can have, looking at the power of the phonewords in regards to generating customer response. Tie your name brand and your contact information together by finding fascinating vanity telephone numbers. Much more information on Number Experts are attainable on the corporation's web page,

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Why Businesses and Professionals Require Vanity Phone Numbers