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Fire retardant clothing provides good protection to people exposed to fire hazards Several fields involving hazards due to fire are opting for the fire retardant clothing as a safety measure for their work force. There is a new material that has come into use now for making fire retardant clothing. This is basically conceptualized to provide protection for workers who are constantly exposed to fire or ignition substances due to their field of work. These clothes are safe at the same time comfortable to wear. This FRC clothing initially has been popular in the military personnel but in recent years it is being adapted by several industries that require great safety standards for their employees. Some of the areas where fire retardant clothing is most suited Think of fire accidents and a whole number of possible areas pop up in the mind. Let us discuss a few of them that are more common than the others. Commercial kitchens: These are places where chefs and other staff in the kitchen are directly exposed to fire from the stoves or open flames. They also work with alcohols and oils that are highly combustible and could cause fire accidents of a serious nature jeorpadising the lives of the staff there. Safety to kitchen staff is ensured to a great extent by providing them with fire resistant clothing. But remember that these clothes are not made to protect the wearer from a raging inferno. When exposed to fire the fabric of these clothings has a property to self extinguish the fire. Electricity and fire departments: A lot of fires are caused due electrical short circuits and staff working in this department with high voltage equipment are exposed to perennial dangers and likewise the fire extinguishers in the fire department. It becomes compulsory for these employees to wear protective flame retardant clothing to save themselves from fire accidents. Laboratories: Laboratories are places where the staff work with a lot of chemicals and a combination of some of the highly volatile chemicals might cause a lethal fire to break out and this could be life threatening too. The staff exposed to these types of reactions must surely wear fire retardant clothing to protect themselves from such accidents. Motor racing: Yes, this is also an area where it is possible for fires to break out and the motorists are exposed to grave danger. Fire retardant clothing protects them to a great extent. The others who at some point of time are susceptible to face fire accidents are welders, auto mechanics, flight crew, and also hikers and campers and other outdoor enthusiasts due to open camp fires. Though it sounds formidable the fire retardant clothing is very comfortable to wear thus encouraging all industries to supply them to their employees to protect them from fires. And one thing of importance to mention here is that the fire retardant clothing is of two types, one is the non-chemically treated one and the other is chemically treated fabric.

The chemically treated one is not recommended since this is coated with a chemical that wears off thus becomes ineffective and the other reason is the chemicals might actually have unknown effects on the person wearing it. Thus it is always better to purchase the non-chemically treated fire retardant clothing for safer protection against fires.

Fire Retardant Clothing Provides Good Protection To People Exposed To Fire Hazards  

The staff exposed to these types of reactions must surely wear fire retardant clothing to protect themselves from such accidents.

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