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The way to purchase or to rent the FR clothing from a supplier Safety to work force is of utmost importance to all industries and those that are prone to accidents due to fire should be even more cautious and this calls for supplying the staff with FR clothing to protect them in case of fire mishaps. Industries that fail to take note of this will have to face prolonged legal issues and finally will be asked to pay heavy compensations to the staff and their families in case of such accidents. But with economy facing a down slide in most parts of the globe, purchasing fire resistant clothing for all the work force exposed to fire accidents is going to be a very expensive affair; to counter this situation many industries are opting to rent this type of clothing instead on investing in new ones. This is surely going to work out cheaper and has some advantages too, but there are a couple of disadvantages also in this and here we shall discuss both the pros and cons of renting the clothing. First let us see the advantages derived by renting fire resistant clothing Main advantage as already stated is the cost factor. Companies hiring the clothes can do so on a weekly basis depending on the necessity and will have to pay the rental charges for them. In comparison to the cost that has to be incurred for purchasing all of them this works out really much cheaper. One can find various brands that have quality yet are inexpensive in the places that rent out this type of clothing. A wide choice is available to choose from with regards to the fabric used, the style of the outfit and the brand. Another major advantage derived out of this system is the assurance that the garments will be cared for properly. In this system the supplier is responsible for getting the fire resistant clothing laundered and since they are in the business they know the dos and don’ts of treating the fabric. If this has to be done by the worker it may not be done with proper care and soon the outfit might become ineffective to provide adequate protection. Renting is definitely a better option since the supplier offers an exchange policy; if the size is not correct the worker can change it and go for one that fits well. If the company has to purchase the fire resistant clothing instead of renting them, it is required to go through a lot of work for purchasing the material first and then getting a tailor to take measurements of all the workers and then getting them tailored and delivered. But in renting all this is eliminated and the clothes rented are delivered at the office premises and a big relief is the clothes are collected by the supplier for cleaning and washing purposes. Now let us look at the few disadvantages that this system of renting has The options in design and style of the fire resistant clothing is limited and depends on what the supplier has to offer. And for renting fire resistant clothing the company has to enter into an agreement with the supplier and this is binding on both the parties and this will have a time frame and the company hiring the clothes has to stick to this.

Any type of a system will have both advantages and disadvantages, it is for us to weigh the options and take up one whose advantages far exceed the disadvantages. Though I feel renting the fire resistant clothing is by far more beneficial than buying them, it is for you to decide which one suits your convenience.

The way to purchase or to rent the fire resistant clothing from a supplier  

This is surely going to work out cheaper and has some advantages too, but there are a couple of disadvantages also in this and here we shall...

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