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How to Create Your Own Web Page from Scratch Website creation does not require advanced computer skills. It may have been more difficult to do decades ago, when everything was new and people had to speak “computer language” in order to get anything published on the web. But now that there’s practically a shortcut for everything, all it takes is a few basic things to create your own web page. A Personal Computer Although there are companies who offer paid services to put up professional websites, a number of people still prefer to do the work hands-on. This way they decide what does and does not get published. Access to a personal computer is one of the fundamental things a site creator must have. A unit that he can use anytime, in which he can store anything, makes web design a whole lot easier. When you create your own website you will be spending most of your time in front of a monitor, and it would be excellent to have it at home where you can access files anytime while doing anything else you want to do. Internet Access The Internet carries tons of resources for web designers. There are also available software products to download or purchase that can help site creators do their job with ease and deftness, allowing them to come up with professional-looking web pages while using only basic computer knowledge and skills. Also, internet access is imperative when conducting test-runs after a web page is filled, to see if it is indeed available for viewing online and whether or not it appears the way it should. Basic Computer Skills Computer programming and advanced training are not prerequisites to website creation. If you are able to type, segregate files, understand word processing software, work with images and other media files, browse the Internet – generally utilize a computer’s basic functions – then you are well-equipped enough to create your own web page. It doesn’t take an expert to get noticed online; all it takes is a lot of creativity. A Domain Name A domain name is a website’s address on the web. It has to be registered, similar to getting a business name or brand. After securing a domain name, the site creator may now proceed to find a host. Web hosting is the process of storing web pages on

computers that are connected to the internet 24/7 to make them available to run online. A number of companies offer free web hosting services, provided that their customers include advertising banners and text boxes to promote their business. These companies also attach their site name at the end of the user’s domain. More credible websites, however, are those that pay a minimal fee monthly or annually to keep their pages running. Their domains usually end in .com or .org, and the like. Creativity Probably one of the most important aspects of creating a website is creativity. This is the one thing that makes every page unique from all the other sites like it. Thousands of domains make use of the same servers, the same HTML editors, and some even the same computers, but it is the site creator’s singular ability to capture what he intends to do and translate it into a cohesive, unified, attractive, and intriguing set of web pages that sets him apart from all the million others out there.

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How to Create Your Own Web Page from Scratch  

Creating a website does not require advanced computer skills. This article will walk you through everything you need step-by-step.

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