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66 Strategies for succeeding in business while living a happy and balanced life

“Tremendous! Winning Without Losing is a wonderful book that will inspire a new wave of entrepreneurship. Read it - and be prepared for a bet ter way of life.” Stephen M. R. Covey

‘’Big thinking about our future in the postindustrial world. Don’t wait, it’s here now.’’ Seth Godin, Author, The Icarus Deception

“...How many people at 80 say “I wish I had worked harder” or “I wish I’d spent more weekends in the office” or “I wish I HADN’T taken that trip with my family or I wish I HADN’T made the time to put my kids to bed at night.”? ... Learning to live the life you want to have right now IS possible. Winning Without Losing is important because it retrains your mind to believe this is possible AND gives you specific mantras and practices for how to live this way starting today” Janet Kraus, Harvard Business School professor, serial entrepreneur, startup investor, and practitioner of happiness.

‘’Winning Without Losing’ gives strategies for finding your own balance, which enables you to live all aspects of your life with passion.’’ Tony Hsieh, NY Times bestselling author of “Delivering Happiness”

Synopsis: Have you noticed how many entrepreneurs and businesspeople seem to think that they can either be very successful or live a balanced and whole life? We’ve all been there: not enough hours in the day, late nights at the office and no time to spend with family and friends. So many people subscribe to the idea that success requires sacrifice, but what if there is a way to win in your business life, without having to lose anything in your personal life? Authors Martin Bjergegaard and Jordan Milne made it their mission to discover a better way to live and found themselves at the forefront of an entire movement. Winning Without Losing is the revolutionary book that shares the secrets and strategies of entrepreneurs from all around the world who have built ultra-successful companies while also living a happy and balanced life. Contrary to the age-old paradigm of sacrificing for success, these entrepreneurs have discovered how to have it all: success, health, love and time to spend with family and friends. Among our contributors are some of the most innovative entrepreneurs, business visionaries and thought leaders in the world:

Tony Hsieh (Zappos): Made a fortune with his first company LinkExchange, then lost all his money, and later went on to build and eventually sell Zappos to Amazon. Caterina Fake (Flickr): Is a businesswoman and entrepreneur who has launched three major startups including: Flickr, Hunch and her latest venture, Findery.

Jason Fried (37 Signals): Founder of 37 Signals and bestselling author of REWORK.

N.R. Murthy (Infosys): Founder of Infosys, and named the most admired business leader in India 5 years in a row. Derek Sivers (CD Baby): Founder of CD Baby, which he sold for over $20 million and gave it to charity. ‌and many more.


The book, which was recently chosen as WHSmith’s business book of the month is available in 8 different languages and counting! Winning Without Losing already has tons of momentum, with deals from top publishers all over the world, and a built in platform reaching millions of fans from our world-famous role models.

Winning Without Losing is at the forefront of a new movement that challenges the way we live and work for the better. The book provides real and actionable solutions to a widespread problem that is increasingly being covered by leading publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Inc.

“Is There Life After Work?”

“Make Work-Life Balance a Priority”

“Stressed Out at Work? It’s Getting Worse, Study Shows”

“Finally Get a Handle on Work-Life Balance”

It is clear that people everywhere are hungry for this message, with the book debuting at #3 on Amazon UK’s Hot New Releases List and reaching # 6 on (Russia’s version of Amazon) Ozon’s bestseller list in Russia.

3 on Amazon

#6 on Ozon

Martin and Jordan are fast becoming leaders in the field and have been invited to speak as experts for numerous events. These include lectures, talks and podcasts as well as a panel discussion hosted by the Guardian in the UK and at a prestigious Knowledge Stream event to a sold out crowd of over 600 entrepreneurs and business leaders in Russia. Previous speakers include the likes of Mark Zuckerberg.



press: The authors have already been interviewed and featured in a number of leading international newspapers and magazines including The Guardian UK, Men’s Health, Esquire, and Wired, as well as leading media in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Serbia, and Denmark; reaching an audience of hundreds of thousands of people.


The book is based on insights from:

1 Role models Interviews with 25 Role Models from all over the world (a sample of which are above). Entrepreneurs who have seen the light a bit earlier than the rest of us and have found a way to have it all. Success without sacrifice. We have discovered and distilled the essence of their unique methods, strategies and mind-sets and share their secrets in this book.

2 Rainmaking In 2006, Martin Bjergegaard and three friends set out on a challenging vision to create their own “company factory�. From day one, the philosophy was to win without losing. To have fun, live whole lives and be friends - while taking entrepreneurship to the next level. Against the odds, they managed to create three market leading companies in three years. Rainmaking has since launched 15 startups, exited 3, closed down 5, and is today running a portfolio of 7 companies across offices in London, Copenhagen and Berlin, with approximately100 team members and yearly revenues of 40m euros.

We have divided the essays into seven sections to help you achieve success and happiness:

1 Efficiency Boosters: 15 strategies that will inspire you to increase your efficiency exponentially. As we will see, the relationship between input and output is by no means linear; in the world of entrepreneurship some people manage to draw an hourly income in the millions, while others fight just as hard to bring home minimum wage as a trainee at McDonalds. Be smart and put yourself in the right category.

2 New Ways of Doing Old Things: 5 essays that illustrate how very small adjustments to our daily routines (like thinking, learning and making to do lists) can have a huge impact on how much we achieve – and how much fun we can have in the process.

3 Beware of the Time and Energy Wasters: It is amazing how much time we all waste on a daily basis. Most of what we do doesn’t create any real value in terms of either business performance or personal happiness. It is time to reduce the waste: 14 essays on how to Beware of the Time and Energy Wasters.

4 When the Road is Rough: There is no reason to deny it; sometimes being an entrepreneur is tough. Our role models have had their fair share of failures too. Take a cue from their lives and get 5 empowering thoughts for When the Road is Rough – for a fast and not too painful comeback.

5 Balance by Design: Most people hope for balance, very few plan for it. Stop playing the wheel of fortune, and start applying the 10 simple elements in the section of Balance by Design. You will be surprised how easily balance can actually be achieved if you just factor it in from the very beginning.

6 A New Mindset: At the end of the day it is all about believing. We can learn dozens or even hundreds of methods and strategies to help us get to our own Dual Optimum. But if we don’t, in our heart, THE NEW DUAL OPTIMUM truly believe that this place exists (at least for us) it will all just be (another) waste of time. 11 essays about finding A New Mindset.

7 Take Action: When confronted with inspiration from our role models, many respond: “great – I am a believer – now tell me specifically what I can do right here and now”. Our book ends with a section urging you to Take Action with 6 essays to get you set for your own version of Winning Without Losing.

Enjoy the journey and welcome to the age of Winning Without Losing

About the Authors:

Martin Bjergegaard has been an entrepreneur for most of his life, starting his first business on his 18th birthday. In 2006, together with 3 friends, he co-founded the successful “start up factory” Rainmaking, and in 2010 created the leading European start-up accelerator, Startupbootcamp. Martin has always felt that something was wrong with the traditional paradigm claiming that being a successful entrepreneur requires you to sacrifice most other aspects of life. He therefore promised himself to someday write a book with a different set of rules. Well, that book is finally here.

Jordan Milne is an Entrepreneur in Residence at Rainmaking and the

Co-Founder of, a leading online original art marketplace. Previously Jordan was a contributing editor at NYC-based financial magazine AiCIO, for which he interviewed heads of multi-billion dollar Pension and Sovereign Wealth Funds. He is a member of The Sandbox Network which is “the foremost global community of extraordinary young achievers below 30” and received an Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship at The University of Cambridge.

“If you’re crazy enough to become an entrepreneur, bring this book with you!” Jake Nickell, Founder of Treadless

“Psst. Listen - This book is really all about your success!” Bill Liao, prominent investor, author and philanthropist

“Inspiring lessons from entrepreneurs from all around the world.” N. R. Murthy, Founder and Chairman, Infosys

from our readers:

“Winning Without Losing really inspired me and challenged me to look at my own habits and what makes me happy and acts a fantastic guide as I embark on a new chapter of working for myself.” WWL Reader, UK

“Martin Bjergegaard and Jordan Milne should receive credit not only for put ting the work/life-balance on the agenda of the starting entrepreneur but also for coming up with a possible solution to transcend the paradox between business success and personal happiness.” WWL Reader, Netherlands

“Not only was it writ ten in a very pleasant way, but it also gave very good tips to make my life bet ter balanced while still achieving the same success.” WWL Reader, Netherlands

“The key to success is a good balance between family and business as well as a healthy lifestyle and a focus on the things that really mat ter in life.” WWL Reader, Netherlands

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Winning Without Losing

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