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Exclusive Invitation Entrepreneurial Adventure to India (10th to 18th November 2013)

Dear friend, You are one of ten successful international entrepreneurs invited to be part of a first-moving Entrepreneurial Adventure in India, 10-18th November 2013. We call it an adventure. The idea first came in 2011 when Martin and Ole co-founded the NGO Periamma. Today, supports approximately 2,000 children at 2 schools in India and 2,500 children across 20 schools in Kenya, Uganda and Thailand. Engaging with entrepreneurs, businesses, NGOs, local communities and schools to create and run these successful projects has been a watershed experience for both Martin and Ole. Part of the motivation behind the Entrepreneurial Adventure is to share the experience with like-minded and visionary entrepreneurs like yourself, inviting you to be part of a similar journey, mapped according to your individual passions and skills. The Entrepreneurial Adventure is a 5 phases process.

Phase Three is a team exercise. The group will spend 3 days to establish a business with a strong purpose in the Tamil Nadu region in south east India. The project must be up and running within 72 hours. Phase Four is a 3 day retreat in beautiful and peaceful Kerala. An ideal setting for getting to know and connecting with your life purpose. We also practice yoga/meditation, find time to network within the group, and go deeper into what purposeful initiative you could potentially launch. Phase Five is a 2 hour individual follow-up session after the trip to give you the best possible support in fully integrating the life changing experience you have brought with you from India into all aspects of your life. See below for more detailed information including agenda, investment and practicalities. We look forward to travelling, co-creating and learning with you. All the best,

Phase One is a pre-travel activity. 8 weeks before departure, Martin and Ole conduct a 1 hour interview and help identify a 3 hour assignment that will help you to be more clear on your Life Purpose and the type of entrepreneurial and/or social impact project you could potentially start up successfully. Phase Two is a 2 day stay in Delhi for meetings with a number of professionals and entrepreneurs, who have created social impact and/or business results in India on a big scale.

Martin Bjergegaard

Ole Hoyer

(Co-founder, Rainmaking)

(Founder, Energy Excellence)

Detailed agenda 10th November - Delhi. The group meets up in Delhi and spends the afternoon to get to know each other. At night we will join a group of successful Indian entrepreneurs for dinner.

Food: Full board for the length of the Entrepreneurial Adventure.

11th November - Delhi. Meetings with successful entrepreneurs and social innovators, including interviews about their successes to gather information that will prove useful for our own project/journey.

Meetings: Martin and Ole will set up relevant meetings, make introductions and engage with entrepreneurs, businesses, local NGOs and communities to make sure that the Adventure will have as much lasting impact as possible.

12th - 14th November - Chennai. Travel to Chennai to establish a new, purposeful initiative. The goal is to have it up and running and fully operational in 72 hours. 15th - 17th November - Kerala. Travel to Kerala where we will spend the next 72 hours meditating, doing yoga, getting clarity about our life purpose. The retreat includes2 hour individual sessions and 2 hour group sessions), there will be networking within the group and time to define the social businesses, projects, initiatives that each one of us feel inspired to start up.

Transportation: Bus, Taxi and Tug-tugs.

Facilitation: Martin and Ole will facilitate the 3 days establishing a new Social Business. Retreat: Martin, Ole and Simon Krohn (a professional yoga/meditation specialist) will facilitate the 3 days retreat.. Follow-up: A 2 hour individual follow-up session with Ole to fully integrate the life changing experience into all aspects of your life.

18th November - Return to our homes via Delhi.

*Travel costs to and from India varies depending on your itinerary. The total cost of domestic flights from Delhi to Chennai, Chennai to Kerala, and Kerala back to Delhi will be approximately USD 600.



The investment for participation has been set at USD 1,500. The fee excludes flights* to and from India as well as domestic flights but includes:

You’ll need a tourist visa to travel to India. Make sure to contact the Indian Embassy to inquire about and start the visa process. It can be time-consuming.

Preparation: A 1 hour interview and a 3 hour Life Purpose Assignment

Health authorities generally recommend specific vaccinations when travelling to Delhi, Chennai and Kerala. Make sure to contact your GP in good time to see what you need to stay healthy. Beware some vaccinations have to be repeated over time to be effective.

Hotel: 2 nights at a 4 star hotel in Delhi, 3 nights at 4 star hotel in Chennai, and 2 nights at a retreat in Kerala

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