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Instructor Feedback Rita Davis, Craig Brisbois, Pat Gacho, Cynthia Given, Greg (Harold) White University of Phoenix Corporate Finance / Fin 571 Paul Stevens March 5, 2012



Instructor Feedback Once Team A gets the paper back from the professor, we will review the comments to see if we were missing anything, and if the professor felt we need to expand on some items. Using the comments from the professor, Team A will be able to go back and research the comments to find the correct information needed to identify what was submitted incorrectly. The intent to do this additional research from the information missed is to get a better understanding of why Team A elected to go with the original information compared to the corrected information and understand the difference between the two. The constructive criticism the instructor gives Team A I believe in itself to be a learning tool for each of Team A members. As students, we define our abilities of research by the definitions that we deem to be correct based upon the assumptions or conclusion we reach in our research. This can create a center focus that may not allow each team member to see a certain situation another way. This is where I feel input from the rest of the team can be important on determining if the ideas being put into the project is acceptable by the rest of the team. After the paper is graded and returned to the team, the instructor can then provide a different point or identify areas that were weak, need improvement, or missed key elements. This will allows each team member to identify what they could have done differently to come up with a different result in the research he or she did for their part of the project. If the professor feels we selected the wrong principle for paper, we will have to discuss it between us and see where we went wrong, and select a different principle. If one person had a hard time with their portion of the paper, able to be noted by teacher comments, perhaps we will have to read and adjust who is going to do what portion in the final paper, or we will all five of us work together to help that specific student understand where and how he/she went wrong.



Finally, Team A believes that the information provided back from the instructor will allow Team A to apply this information to future assignments in the class that could benefit the team on the next leaning team assignment. Team A believes that each team member will be able to provide input on future disbursements of responsibility for portions of future assignments that may be stronger on certain areas of the project. This will allow team members to work on areas of the project they feel most comfortable at doing. The end result will be a better collaborated assignment that will produce a thoroughly research project that had the best results of all the team members.

Week 4 Team Paper  
Week 4 Team Paper  

Rita Davis, Craig Brisbois, Pat Gacho, Cynthia Given, Greg (Harold) White Corporate Finance / Fin 571 University of Phoenix Paul Stevens Ins...