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Pirenópolis/GO-Brasil, 09 de março de 2012.

Ofício CNPdC 09/2012

Google's Summer of Code 2012 Carol Smith

It is with great pleasure we write this recommendation that have been requested us. To demonstrate the importance of this initiative we have to mention the power of the network that it came from. The Cultura Viva program of Lula government, unhide and fostered the actions of more than 4000 cultural organizations in Brazil. Based on the concept that every human being is a producer of culture, the implementation of this policy increased the encounter, exchange, charm, respect for diversity and, more than that, showed that walking together, tradition with modernity, technology with the heart, is the richness and beauty of our network and the Brazilian people as a whole. It was build a network with organizations and groups that actually creates and multiplicates culture in the country, among them several investments were awarded from federal, state and municipal councils. And there is still much to weave for their empowerment and emancipation. The Cultura Viva network, connected by Pontos de Cultura as its bases, and the culture of open source has always been the assumption for the policy of the Department of Cultural Citizenship of the Ministry of Culture of Brazil, and has invested in training in FLOSS of the cultural producers in the country for the last 8 years. Much has been done but the journey should continue. bears a responsibility diagnosed and addressed by Cultura Viva program. The code production as cultural phenomenon is not only understood and incorporated with the practices of audiovisual, but spread as a form of direct action and achievement of reality. In this trajectory, is the result of continued support for the Movement of Pontos de Cultura in the sensitization and training of thousands of Brazilians in the culture of Open Source. Even today, we can say the Lab is the heir of the proposed dissemination to society the construction of code as a cultural event in Brazil, in order to not only take advantage of open technologies, but to develop and disseminate this knowledge that should be multiplied and amplified .

Pontão de Articulação da Comissão Nacional dos Pontos de Cultura (CNPdC) / COEPi /+55 (62) 3331 2430

Open Source Code is a condensed form of technology, reactive and replicated at no additional cost. This increased Free Software in our country to a paradigm for sharing and issues of freedom in general. Thus, it acquires and develops cultural dimensions as a traditional culture in the sense that it emerges spontaneously because they are modeled on values and behaviors related to key issues of the society. Supporting this initiative is to know that citizens in Brazil will continue to contribute to the consolidation of free culture and open source society by developing and sharing, values also proposed by LabMacambira. Best regards

Patricia Ferraz - Secretária Executiva Comissão Nacional dos Pontos de Cultura +556233312430 +556292048087

Pontão de Articulação da Comissão Nacional dos Pontos de Cultura (CNPdC) / COEPi /+55 (62) 3331 2430

Oficio CNPdC  

carta de Recomendação do trabalho desenvolvido pelo LabMacambira junto a rede dos Pontos de Cultura e Cultura do Código Aberto no Brasil

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