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Introduction Flies are a common pest and can be a serious problem for premises concerned with food hygiene. The 3 most common flies are House Flies, Cluster Flies and Fruit Flies. The risks they cause include contamination, poor reputation, loss of revenue and legislation compliance. There are signs to indicate their presence which can often be found at the early stages of infestation. Things to look out for are: •

Dead or alive flies

Fly droppings which are usually found on window sills and light fittings


Are alarm bells ringing? Do you recognise the signs? Contact us now on 0845 017 1069 or email us at Call us NOW on 0845 017 1069 to arrange for a FREE survey from one of our Surveyors


We have developed a new motto when it comes to our fly killers, less is more! To achieve MITIE use REACH. REACH stands for Reducing Electricity and Carbon Help. Research found: •

Too many units were being sold

Units were in the wrong position, some causing food safety issues

Incorrect model selection

This results in the energy consumption and servicing costs being higher than necessary. REACH is a scheme to help reduce your carbon footprint and save you money through our Fly Killer units. REACH REACH is our good practice process for evaluating the type, quantity and position of fly control units. To enhance the performance of our fly killing units, we have come up with Translucent Technology (TT). TT increases the UVA output, creating an improved Fly Catch efficacy. Therefore you use fewer units but gain a higher insect attraction and collection.


The New Cobra Unit This unit has been designed to emit a more intense UV light not only from the front, but from the tops and sides as well, increasing the overall fly catch. This unit reduces electrical consumption between 30-40%. This greatly cuts your energy costs and supports your carbon footprint, allowing you to meet targets more easily.

UVA output for competitor model

UVA output for Cobra model

Case Study For one of our clients, the switch over to using a Cobra unit will save them £1.3million over a 10 year period and 6,552 tonnes of carbon. It’s difficult to imagine how much saving that really is. So here are some useful measurements. One tonne of CO2 would: • • •

fill a typical three bedroom house be produced by 4000 car miles consuming approximately 550 litres of fuel be offset by 150 mature (25 years old) pine trees per year.


How does this benefit you? • • • • • • • • •

Reduce number of units –Reduce number of tubes in each unit Reduce electrical consumption in each unit – saving approx. 30-40% Reduce number of electrical outlets/ spurs – saving on building costs Reduced risk of food & packaging contamination Reduce service time and costs Decrease in number of flying insects Between 30-40% reduction in carbon produced Corporate responsibility Return of capital investment between 1.5 – 3 years


To carry out 1 full service to electronic fly killer units, this will involve the following schedule of work: • • • • • • • • •

Check HT output Check electrical system Deep clean unit Empty catch tray Fit new UV tubes Fit new starter Reassemble and test unit Date service label All fly killers to be fitted with shatterproof UV tubes


Fly screens regulations The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 require food businesses to practice high standards of food safety. The regulations specifically relating to pest control states that:

Chapter 1: “Generally food process must be constructed so that there is no cross contamination by pest”. Chapter 2: “In rooms where food is prepared, treated or processed, windows, which can be opened to the outside environment, must where necessary be fitted with insect proof screens, which can easily be removed for cleaning”. Fly screens can include the following: • • • • • •

PVC strip curtains Mesh curtains Windows Sliding fly screen doors/windows Top hinge fly screens Fly screen doors


Our range of fly control units are designed to offer the highest levels of insect control for takeaways and shops to food processing applications. The use of UV technology or glue boards to capture and kill flying insects is done quickly and efficiently. This is a non-chemical form of pro-active treatment that is always in place to help control re-infestation as it occurs. Our range of Fly Killers includes:




Vector Plasma



Fogging comprises of the release (via a specialised machine) of an oil-based Pyrethroid which acts as a ‘knockdown’ to reduce the number of flies quickly. Only through application on a monthly basis during hibernation months will give adequate control. (October to March)


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