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Introduction Ever thought you’d like to keep up to date with the pest control services that have been carried out at one, or all of your sites? Well look no further because we’ve got a system that does just that! e-Pest gives you real-time data about the type of service that has taken place on your site. Our pest control technicians are equipped with a handheld device that they use to record what they’ve done on each site, whether it’s a regular visit or an emergency call out. At the click of a button the information is uploaded in real-time into our paperless system. You’re provided with a unique username and password, and what’s really smart is that you can access it anywhere, anytime via a PC. It sits on a secure website and once you’ve logged in you can see a vast range of information on all aspects of the services we provide. e-Pest allows you to see everything that has happened on your site down to the last detail. e-Pest truly saves you precious time.


This is a free web-based performance reporting system which is user friendly. You can view a ‘virtual’ pest control register from the comfort of your desk for any site in the UK. The benefits of this system are as follows: •

Individual site/contract wide reports and recommendations with photos can be viewed and downloaded.

You can view a snapshot of contract wide/individual contract performance against schedule.

documentation such as insurance certificates, method statements and COSHH data can all be found and it is all updated centrally.

The system is password protected to nominated client personnel, holds data in a secure environment and will always be available for audit on demand.


Homepage How do I use e-Pest and who do I contact? On the homepage you’ll find a simple stepby-step user guide so you’ll get the most out of your e-Pest. If you don’t like reading a user guide, not a problem, just give us a call and we will send a local representative out to lead you through it. The homepage allows you to select which of your contracts you wish to view, edit your contact details and provides a list of all your sites with their contract price. By each site there is a unique link to the MITIE contact in our office who looks after your site. There is even a link to view the profile of the MITIE site technician, including their training qualification records. We believe this gives you that ‘Personal Touch’.


Performance Ever wished you knew how well your contract was performing?

e-Pest has a whole page dedicated to performance and reports. It’s simple, graphical, in real-time and totally transparent – a pie chart demonstrates if all your scheduled visits have been undertaken on time and the bar chart shows a statistical analysis of the pest infestation type. This can be viewed for the overall contract and for individual sites relative to the overall contract. We believe this provides reassurance you’re getting the level of service from MITIE that you expect, as well as providing assurance that you are complying with legislation.


Site register Can I view the pest control records left in the ‘Site Register’? Each time technicians visit your site they enter the full details of work actions undertaken, recommendations made and pesticides used on a handheld device. These can also capture pictures which are automatically locked within the report. You are able to view each site visit report in turn like turning over the pages in a conventional site log book. Additionally, there will be a list or diagrammatic plan of your site detailing the position of all resident monitor’s and bait stations. All forms and plans can be downloaded if required. This enables you to completely read every Site Register wherever it is located from the comfort of your desk.


Example Reports – Audit Inspection and Quality Assurance


Health and safety Legislation and change of practices means that supporting documentation is constantly being updated and it is a minefield for you to retain this information in the most up to date format. What we send you today in paper format could be very easily out of date tomorrow. At MITIE we take health and safety seriously. We believe you should have access to all up to date records, insurance certificates and supporting quality documentation online to view or download. If your site is audited by an external body you will simply be able to click on to this page and demonstrate that you have up to date documentation without the need to print any forms. In short, it is easy for you; it will pass all audit requirements and is better for the environment.



In short the benefits of e-Pest are: •

It is a paperless system. Your current pest control folder will contain reports, plans check lists, etc., making it cumbersome and difficult to find information easily or quickly. e-Pest, with its user friendly, easy to navigate interface, will provide immediate access to information required, and in accessible form from any PC with an internet connection. It will also help you reduce your carbon footprint;

It provides more detailed information. For example, technicians will provide photographic reports on the system, which provide visual evidence of issues, including their location, rather than detailed and often ambiguous written descriptions;

Documentation is updated centrally in real-time. Irrespective of how many sites are being serviced, updates are immediately uploaded, meaning that at all times, e-Pest is fully up to date – something that simply isn’t possible with a paper based system.


Furthermore... We provide everything from strategic consultancy to world-class service delivery. Our strategic input adds value at the highest level and our practical expertise saves money and allows clients to focus on their core businesses. QUESTION


Can I see the annual price for each site?


Can I see MITIE’s customer service contact for each individual site?


Can I see who the pest control technician for each individual site?


Can I change data parameters within which to search?


Can I view my site representative’s signature and the number of times in and out of each site visit?


Can I see if there is any change over and above the annual contract value on each site?



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