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FACT SHEET Project titel: Visual Identity and Graphic Design Supervisors: Ditlev Skanderby (DSK) Kamilla Marc Group members: Emma Søvsø Müller Nikoline Amanda Daugaard Patricia Damgaard Barrett

Cph mails: (cph-em89@cphbusiness.dk) (cph-np119@cphbusiness.dk) (cph-pb176@cphbusiness.dk)

Class: VF

Year: 2018 - 2020

Group number: 5

Number of keystrokes: 2018 - 2020



3 .


Millenial homeowners Generation X homeowners Baby boomers Sweet spot

4 . PRO C E SS Renaming Logo Slogan Moodboard Style

5 . WEBSITE Sitemap Wiref rame Prototype

6 .








Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3

9. CONCLUSI ON 10. D ESI GNM ANUA L Exceptional services Personality Customers Tone of voice Logo Color palette Typography Supporting elements Photography Stationary Website Campaign

11. APPEND I X Appendix 1: Sources Appendix 2 Appendix 3 Appendix 4 Appendix 5 Appendix 6 Appendix 7 Appendix 8 Appendix 9

INTRODUCTION The company renew (previously K.B Rebuilding) is a newly started renovation business that is renovating kitchens and bathrooms locally in Copenhagen. The company was established on November 1st. 2018. Their goal for bathrooms and kitchens is to be scandinavian, clean and luxurious. In the end of 2019, the company is changing f rom IVS to ApS, and in the same they wanna get a rebranding of their logo, name, website, business card etc. which is benef icial to the visual identity.

PROBLEM DEFINITION Develop a Design Manual / Style guide including graphical recommendations for a go-to-market / launch campaign.



B A BY BO O ME R S Persona


TARGET GROUP Renew has three target groups in various age intervals (25-55+), and various annual income. In common, they live in Copenhagen area and likes Scandinavian, aesthetic modern design, as provided by Renew.

M I L L E N IA L H OMEOWN E R S The f irst target group (millennial homeowners) is aged between 25-39 years, and have an annual income of approximately 300.000 kr. They have a positive and social mindset and live their lives through a sustainable vision. The biggest barrier to this target group, in relation to ‘ renew’, is the lack of f inancial resources.


GE NE R AT I ON X HOMEOWN ERS The second target group (generation x homeowners) is in the age between 40-55 years, and has an annual income of approximately 500.000 kr. They are having a hobby, doing sports and in general, they want good quality.


B A BY BO O ME RS The third target group (baby boomers) is f rom the age 55 years and above. They have an annual approximately income of 450.000 kr. This target group are in general caring persons and like to spend time with their families. In relation to ‘ renew’ products and services, they prefer functionality.


SWE E T SPOT Based on the research of our personas, we have created a sweet spot model. On the left side, we had listed the User interests, desires and needs. Here we can see that good quality and luxuriousness is important for the target groups. It is also important that they have the opportunity to unfold them creatively. On the right side, we had listed the Sender interests, expertise and objectives. Here we see how important it is for the sender, that they can be creative, give professional advices and deliver well-implemented and functional design. Comparing these interests, we identif ied that User and Sender have functional quality in common, and it is the sweet spot, where we should put our focus.

PROCESS RE N AMIN G Brainstorm Renew

LO G O Brainstorm Logo icon Logotype Logo versions

SLO G AN Brainstorm “Because luxury can be functional”

M O O D B OA R D STYL E Color palettes Background texture 5th element

PROCESS The process of achieving our design manual and report has been very creative and focused. We will explain the process in more detail, on the following pages, supported by sketches, brainstorms, illustrations etc.

R E NA MIN G In the creative brief, the client described his wishes for rebranding the company identity, and since the client is English speaking, he wants the new name to be in English.

B RA IN STO RM Before starting the brainstorm, we came up with some inspirational keywords for the process. The keywords we found was ‘local’, ‘ renovation’ and ‘ improving the quality of life’. We found the keywords in the content of the creative brief, and they were helping us f inding a new brand name for the company, that was simple but also containing some of the keywords.

After brainstorming, we sorted the names by how well we thought they suited the company and its concept. It was easy to see a pattern within our choices - we came up with simple ‘one-word’ names that would be easy for the clients to remember and pronounce. In the beginning, we chose the name ‘Finebuild’, and we even started creating logo sketches for this name. But as we moved on, we didn’t f ind the name suitable for the brand. Then we asked a few people about their thoughts on the name. What went through their minds when hearing the name? What kind of services did they associate to the name? - The answers was def initely not describing a renovation company. Therefore, we went back to our previous brainstorm to pick a new name.

RE N EW In the f inal renaming phase, we decided that ‘ renew’ was the most suitable name for the company. The name matched all of our criteria and was suitable for the target group. The name is actually a real word and a synonym to renovation, and a great combination of the keywords ‘ renovation’ + ‘ new’.

LOG O The most important part about the logo is that it reflects the company’s visual identity. The logo must signal style, radiate quality and give the target groups an idea of what the company can offer.

B RA IN STO RM Based on our mood board and a lot of talk back and forth, about how the logo expresses the company best, we agreed to go with a wooden illustration as the logo. With our visual identity in mind, we outlined 18 different logos, which was discussed and cut down to three possible logos.

See appendix 2 and 3

In our group, we had mixed feelings about the three logos. Therefore, we chose to make a ‘think out loud test’ with six persons. Here we clearly got the best feedback on the wooden vein logo, and got comments like: “I can associate the wooden veins with luxury” “It is rustic and shows good wooden symbolism” “If you are skilled in illustrator, the wooden veins can be really nice!” “It’s nice that you use some material in the logo that the company use” The f inal logo became the rustic and abstract wooden vein logo.

LOGO I CON The logo is created with illustrator and the “Curvature tool�. The icon is drawn by f reehand with focus on, not having too much variation in height and width, and it is round with sharp terminations. This should refer to Renews renovation style, where sharp, Scandinavian natural design, giving customers a comfortable and homely experience. The icon is abstract; - it does not look like a tree, but have the pattern and structure of a tree.

LO G OTYPE The logo has both an icon and text, and for the text we have chosen the sans serif logotype Montserrat light in thickness 0.25, because it‘s easy to read, it’s elegant and then it works well on print and on digital platforms.

LOGO VE R SI ON S After creating the logo we found out, that it will be nice to have the logotype in a more centered way. We tried to place the logo icon under and above the text, and decided that the best-looking logo was a variant with the icon on top and the text underneath. We created three logo versions for different purposes: Logo Icon: For social media prof ile pictures and watermarks Centered logo: For sections that have centered text, or where there is lack of space in width Lined logo: For sections that stands next to text, images or illustrations

SLOGAN It did not take us long time to decide, that a slogan that could support the concept and message, would be useful for the brand, especially for different campaigns.

B RAINSTOR M We brainstorming different slogans that varied in lengths and messages. In the beginning, we were most pleased with the short ones, like - “Building the future - Restoring the past”, “If you can dream it, we can build it” and “Building your visions - Creating reality”. They were all catchy but pointed in different directions. We needed a slogan that more specif ic and could pose the message of the implementational campaign.

Instead, we started basing the brainstorm on our Sweet spot (see Target group: Sweet spot). In this way, we could direct the message directly to the target group and their needs. This second brainstorm looked had this outcome:

“B ECAUSE LUXU RY CA N B E F UNCTI ONA L” Again, we decided for a simple and short slogan. Based on the sweet spot between the needs for clients and the company, - the “functional luxury”. Two keywords that the slogan should contain. We ended up choosing the slogan “Because luxury can be functional”. The slogan takes the f ight against prejudices that luxury products cannot be functional and functional products has to have a conservative appearance. Luxury also f its well with the company’s goal of increasing the quality of life for their customers.

MOO DBOA RD To f ind out which kind of style the company should express, we created a Moodboard with guidelines for what kind of style and atmosphere we should create things. In this process, we found inspiration for our f ifth element, - wooden veins for the logo and the concrete background.

STYL E After creating the moodboard, we could see a pattern - natured materials, cooled tones, soft and round shapes (created by nature). You can see that the word “ nature� appeared twice in the previous sentence, so we went with nature as our key inspiration for the brand style, combined with the three pattern keywords.

COLOR PA LE T T E S To keep it as close to natural colors and materials as possible, we picked the colors f rom different nature materials; grey f rom concrete, green f rom olives, brown f rom trees and tropical sand, and presented in a cool tone to give them a muted look.

B AC KG R O U N D TEXTURE Instead of just using a basic and flat color for backgrounds, we wanted to give the target group a feeling of the materials and rawness. Inspired by the beautiful grey color f rom the concrete, we thought, “ why not just use the concrete as a background itself ?” By using concrete texture as the brand background element, we could create this rawness feeling, and most importantly a feeling of luxury and difference. Furthermore, concrete is a material that is up in time, especially within Scandinavian design, which matches the target group’s style.

We picked a light, almost white, concrete texture that suited the color palettes and would look well with the images and styling of them. In other words, the concrete background would be noticeable, but not take focus f rom other elements.

5TH EL EM E N T Within the Sweet spot, beside the two common keywords (functional luxury), we also identif ied a need for creativity that we could not pass. Until now, our inspiration has only been realistic images and natural textures. However, was that creative enough? Would it be enough using the concrete background, natural colors and high quality realistic photos? Maybe, but we decided to include a f ifth element to the brand style - an element that should be the def ining element of the brand identity. A second material, which is very popular within Scandinavian design, is wood. This fact and our chosen colors inspired by trees, it seemed like a good idea to use wood as the f ifth element. It should not just be a picture of tree texture, so we decided to draw the tree veins ourselves.

We started trying to draw the veins inspired by photos we had taken. With this approach, we created very original vein strokes that could be very flexible and useful in our different in materials. However, it came out being to natural and heavy looking and would be diff icult to use on the future materials. Therefore, we went back to the thinking process.

This time we tried out sketching the veins ourselves on the future campaign materials, to see what worked best. As a whole, this approach worked very well compared to the f irst one. Now we could create the veins so it suited the different material we was going to create.

We tried only having the tree veins as line art. This solution did not f it with our goal, - using the veins on both images and backgrounds as the top layer. We wanted the veins to combine the images with the concrete background, to avoid hard edges and contrasts. By using line art, all of the edges of the images was visible and it did not really combine them.

Next, we tried coloring the veins in Adobe Illustrator and then use the gradient tool (points) to give it a more realistic look. This method was excessively diff icult to use and the results were not adequate.

Finally, we decided to both sketch and color the veins ourselves using Adobe Photoshop, and then make it as a digital illustration. This technique worked and it gave us plenty of possibility to make shadows and create a more realistic look. We decided to use the f ilter Crosshatch to give it the f inal look of tree veins.


WEBSITE We decided that it was necessary to design a new website. By staying with the old website version combined with the new brand identity, the ‘Gestalt rule of recognizability’, would not be completed. When the customers see parts of the new brand identity on the implementational campaign, they would expect to see get the same experience when they visit the website. Since KB Rebuilding is a service company selling renovation services, and do not sell any physical products, we decided to make a ‘one pager ’ website, where the main goal is to make the customer contact the company. The easiest way to control the scenario f rom, when the customers visit the website to getting in contact with the company, would be to make a one pager, where we present the information they need and in a respective order.

S I T E MAP To start with, we had to make a sitemap. Since we went with a one pager, we decided to use the AIDA model (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action). Attention should be in the beginning of the page - the f irst thing the customers will see when they click on the website. The best way to catch their attention is with a high quality and inspirational picture. Secondly, the interest aspect is visible through the description of the company services. They get interested in the service and f ind a need. Thirdly, their desire should increases by reading the case stories. This section should also give a glimpse of what renew offer. Finally, at the end of the page, there should be an invitation to contact the company - take action. The sitemap ended up as the following: (see appendix 4):

WIR E FR A M E Before making a prototype we made a wiref rame. We made a ‘ Think Out Loud’ test with few participants, to see if the wiref rame was user f riendly. Because the wiref rame already was as simple as possible, with only a few interactions, the tests were positive, and we did not have to make any changes. (see appendix 5 and 6).

PROTOTYPE In the end, we ended up making some minor changes in the wiref rame. We made some spaces between the section, which we f illed with our chosen slogan and some of the existing messages that still worked well. By doing this, we created a more interesting and personal site. (see appendix 7, 8 and 9)


EL E M EN TS Logo Slogan Images Tree vein Concrete texture Call to action Personal signature

IMPLEMENTATIONAL CAMPAIGN In the identif ication of the sweet spot, we discovered that the company and clients have luxury in common. We decided that functional luxury should be the keywords the campaign should be based on. The result was following goal and message:

G OAL Inspire existing customers with the new brand identity as well as make new customers aware of their existence.

M E S S AG E We deliver personal, functional and luxury bathroom and kitchen renovations. We decided the best way to show the message was through simplicity, images and slogan. Furthermore, it should lead the customers to our website.

E L E M EN TS Based on the design manual we started choosing the different elements, which the different campaign parts should consist of. This helped setting some ground rules, to maintain a red thread throughout the campaign, which can be diff icult when three people are working on the same project.

LO G O The campaign should consist of the original logo in black or white and should be placed either in the middle-top or middle. The size of the logo must be a little smaller than the slogan (message).

SLO GA N The main part of the campaign is our slogan “Because luxury can be functional�. The slogan must eye catching and in the center of the campaign at all time. The size of the font must be larger than the logo and have a font weight matching the header 1 (see design manual: Typography). Furthermore, to make the slogan stand out, the color should be Olive Green (see design manual: Color palette) and the letters in uppercase.

IM AG E S In the campaign, there are used two characteristic pictures. The f irst is a delicious Scandinavian kitchen. The second picture is showing a charming Scandinavian bathroom. We have chosen these images, because they are realistic and keep the Scandinavian style.

TREE VE I N Each of the campaign material should contain at least one of the following tree vein illustrations f rom the design manual. They shouldn’t be placed in a way, which makes them seem too dominant in relation to text and images.

CO N C RE T E TEXTURE As layered background on all the campaign material must be the chosen concrete texture f rom the brands designmanual (see: Designmanual). It should always f ill the whole area, so there won’t be any visible whitespace.

CALL TO ACT I ON It was very important that all of the campaign material contained both a Call to Action but also er url that leads the customer to the website. The Call to Action should be, when possible, in uppercase, but in a few cases (business cards) it was more suitable with lowercase.


LOWE R CA S E Visit our website and get a f ree renovation estimate on your next personalised kitchen or bathroom www.cph-renew.dk

PE RS O N AL S I G NATURE To give the campaign a personal touch, we decided to use a personal signature f rom the CEO, Konrad Ceglik. The signature should be small and used as an angle obliquely under the slogan in a 30 degree rotation.

CAMPAIGN STRATEGY Averaging: 1 attribute - 130.000 kr. for a week hanging in Copenhagen. 1 magasin page - 73.000 per week. 1 business card with edges and arches - 2-5 kr. Sponsored Instagram advertising post & dynamic banner (1 click) - 3-20 kr. Sponsoreret Facebook advertising post & dynamic banner (1 click) - 3-20 kr. The campaign consists of 3 attributes, 2 magasin sites, 1500 business cards, 40 click a day in sponsored advertising together on facebook og instagram.

130.000 * 3 + 73.000 * 2 + 1500*3 + 40*(11,5) rounds up to 12= 390.000+146.000+4.500+480=189.980 The campaign costs ca. 189.980 DKK.


SC E NAR IO 1 Josef ine: Josef ine and her boyf riend have been looking for a new kitchen for a long time. One evening, she scrolls through her instagram and falls over a post with a beautiful scandinavian kitchen. Josef ine shows the look to her boyf riend who immediately seems curious. They continue to tap into the image which takes them to renew’s instagram page. Here they scroll through the pictures and quickly f ind out that the Scandinavian clean style is just what they are searching for.. They enter the renew website and here they got a good feeling of the company that appears professional and luxurious. They decided to contact renew, for a conversation about to get their kitchen renovated and have especially fallen in love with the kitchen that is displayed at the top of the website.

S CE NAR IO 2 Anders: Anders is on his daily bike ride on his way home f rom work. Anders always cycles through the tunnel at the train station to save 5 minutes on the way home. On the way through the tunnel, 3 billboards catch Anders’s attention. A cool kitchen as well as the short and clear logo renew catch his eye on the passage. When Anders gets home, he can’t get the abribus out of his head. Anders sits down for a minute and starts searching for renew.. Here renew’s website appears as the f irst search and he clicks. The mood and the professional images catch his interest and he takes out his notebook. In the notebook Anders stores all his wishes until he takes over to Grandpa’s house next year. Anders has been convinced that renew must be the company to renovate his grandfather ’s kitchen when he takes over.

SC E NAR IO 3 Marlene: Marlene sits at home on her laptop to play her regular evening game on facebook. When Marlene f inishes playing, she ends up on Facebook’s f ront page. On the f ront, she sees a luxurious bath, whereby her grandson has commented on the post. Marlene has been dreaming of a new bathroom for a long time, but has not had the prof its to research the market. Marlene clicks on the link and feels comfortable. The page is a one pager and is easy and simple to move around. Marlene is usually not good at searching the web, but this time she doesn’t need any help. Marlene easily looks through the bathrooms they have renovated before and decides that renewal should be the company to renovate her bathroom.

CONCLUSION Based on the creative brief we were awarded, we can conclude that our customers can be split down into three segments; millennial homeowners, generation x homeowners and baby boomers all living within the Capitols boundaries. What they all have in common is the motivational drive to improve their everyday lives starting with their bases - home where the heart is. On the basis of the creative brief we were given, we had 3 personas drawn up, these 3 personas became our building block for the task. By comparing user and senders interests, we identif ied that User and Sender have functional quality in common, in this way, the sweet spot got created and this is where we put our focus. The process of achieving our design manual and report has been very creative and focused. We will explain the process in more detail, on the following pages, supported by sketches, brainstorms, illustrations etc. We can conclude that brainstorming and sketching are an incredibly important part to review before starting to compile material. Here we have been successful in sketching when designing a logo and our 5th element. Brainstorm has been a great help in f inding a style, mood, and deciding which images to use. One of the most important parts of the brainstorm was changing the company name f rom KB rebuilding to renew. We can conclude that the logo was designed with the visual identity in mind. Here we got 18 functional logo sketches cut down to 3 logos. Here we found out by using a Think out loud test that the f inal logo became Wooden veins. During the logo process, we could conclude that 1 logo version was not enough. Here we got 3 logo versions that work well in different ways.

It didn’t take us long to decide that a slogan that could support the concept and message would be useful for the brand, especially for different campaigns. We can conclude that short slogans are what worked best and here we ended up with the slogan: “because luxury can be functional” Through our brainstorm, we gathered a lot of elements that should be continuous for renewal. Here we found a concrete background, our 5th element as well as a color palette that should set the f ramework for which colors to use throughout the process. When setting up the website, we can conclude that the preparation of the wiref rame was a big help in getting the structure in place. We tested it on a couple of students, here we could conclude that a one pager was easy to use and our participant was guided to the site as they wished. In the identif ication of the sweet spot, we discovered that the company and clients have luxury in common. We decided that functional luxury should be the keywords the campaign should be based on. Here we developed a campaign strategy and discussed which campaigns would best target our target group. Here we got promotional material for facebook, Instagram, double page magazine, abribus and business card Finally, we can conclude that it has been an exciting and instructive process and conclude that renewal is better prepared now compared to when they were KB rebuilding.

DESIGNMANUAL EXCE PT ION AL SE R VIC E S PE RSO N A LITY CU STO ME R TO N E O F VOIC E LO G O Versions Exclusion areas and sizes Do’s and dont’s

SLO G AN CO LO R PA L E T TE Primary palette Secondary palette

TYPO G R A PH Y Overview Usage principles


DESIGNMANUAL The design manual reflects Renew Ě s visual identity, and which style guides to follow and consider.

EXCE PT IO N A L SE R VIC E S Our mission is to create a company where everyone is dedicated to provide customers exceptional renovation services.

PE R SO NALI TY The personality of our brand is to secure a unisex style throughout design and layouts, to reach our customer segments. A combination of creative illustration backgrounds, inspired by the natured materials we use, and high quality photos of outwork, the user will get an overwhelming splash of future reality and experimental creativity - an example of who we are and what we stand for!

CUSTO ME RS Our customers can be split down into three segments; millennial homeowners, generation x homeowners and baby boomers all living within the Capitols boundaries. What they all have in common is the motivational drive to improve their everyday lives starting with their bases home where the heart is.

TO NE O F VOI CE IIt is important to uphold a professional tone of voice without any usage of “slang� when approaching customers both physically and in texts. However, at the same time, the language has to be down to earth and at the same level as the customers, since we are a local brand, providing a high quality and personalized service.


LOG O Renew is the name of the new visual identity. It is an essential asset as it represents our brand to the clients.

VE RS IO N S Renew uses three different logo variants of the same logo. The f irst variant of the logo is the logo icon, used for social media prof ile pictures (Facebook & Instagram) and as a watermark. The second logo variant is the center logo, used when it must be placed over centered text or when there is lack of space in width. The last logo variant is the lined icon, it will be used when it stands next to something (text, images, illustrations etc.). All logo variants are vectorized and can be used in all sizes without losing its quality.



EXCLUSI ON A R EA S A N D S IZE S The logotype and logo should be used with the following spacing guidelines. In this way you are not allowed to place any objects or text inside the grid. At the risk of blurring, the logotype and icon should not be used below 5.5cm in height.

D O’ S AN D D ONT ’ S Do not turn the logo in another position. In this way, you aren’t allowed to rotate the logo icon. There is a ‘one color- version’ of the logo. It may also appear completely white, when logo is placed on a picture or the background is dark.

S LO G A N The slogan “Because luxury can be functional� is short and clearly. It highlights the message that the company stands for, about renovation of bathrooms and kitchens. The slogan will be used for the website, sales materials and for the campaign materials.

COLOR PA LET TE Colors play an essential role in expressing differentiating our brands visual identity. It is important to use the colors correctly to add the right expression.

PRIMA RY PA LE T T E Our primary color palette is made up of a range of colors, reflecting the characteristics and heritage of the renew company. The colors Green Olive and Brown tree intentionally provides a visual link to our brand but they are also a colorful symbol of our sustainable materials. The colors Black Touch and White Pearl are mostly used in headers and text but also combining the existing colors. As our leading set of colors, they will be used to make up the majority of the brand. Our primary palette consist of the following colors:

G RE EN O L IVE Is our most colorful color and the one def ining our brand. It should be used for the small details.

BROWN TREE Reflection of our most used and sustainable material - tree. The color should be used for illustrational details as a part of any backgrounds.

BL ACK TO UCH Supporting color for text and key lines when using light backgrounds (concrete texture) to create contrast and readability.

WHI TE PEA RL This color should be used only in cases where logo, headers and text are placed on dark backgrounds or pictures for better visibility. Designated tints of Green Olive and Brown Tree must be used sparingly to add accent details in layout designs, graphs and charts.

SECON DA RY PA LET T E Our secondary color palette contains a range of other colors inspired by the natured materials our brand uses. The colors should be used as accents supporting the primary color palette. Our secondary palette consist of the following colors:

CA PPUCCI NO BROWN This colors reflects a lighter sort of tree and should be used so.

TRO PI CA L SA ND Represents sand and should be used when more contrast between the natured colors is wanted.

CO NCRE TE G REY Represents concrete and should be used when no concrete textured background is used. Designated tints of the colors must be used sparingly to add accent details in layout designs, graphs and charts.

TYP OG R A PH Y The typography is one of the most essential parts in expressing our message to the customer. The chosen typeface is used for both logos, our slogan, headers and paragraphs. Since our customers variate f rom both mature women and men, the chosen typeface is unisex and with a touch of the simplicity that form their lifestyles.

OVE R VIEW The typeface we have chosen is Montserrat - a unisex and simple sans-serif. It is perfectly readable and works for both texts, website and campaign material within townscape.


USAGE PR I NC I PLES It is necessary that you follow the Montserrat usage principles. It is especially important to note that the weight differs f rom whether you are using the typeface as a logotype, header or a paragraph. When using Montserrat for headers it is important to notice that the font weight differs whether it is H1, H2, H3 and H6. Commonly the headers must always be in Uppercase.

H E ADE R 1 When writing your header 1 the font weight must be ExtraBold - Montserrat ExtraBold: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz 0123456789!?*()%&/#€-.,

H E ADE R 2 When writing your header 2 the font weight must be Bold - Montserrat Bold: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz 0123456789!?*()%&/#€-.,

H EA DE R 3 When writing your header 3 the font weight must be SemiBold - Montserrat SemiBold: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz 0123456789!?*()%&/#€-.,

H EA DE R 4 , 5 A ND 6 When writing your header 4, 5 or 6 the font weight must be Medium Montserrat Medium: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz 0123456789!?*()%& /#€-.,

PA RAG RA PHS When writing paragraphs the font weight must be Regular - Montserrat Regular: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz 0123456789!?*()%& /#€-.,

S UPP O RT IN G E L E ME NTS To enrich our brand visual identity we have created a toolkit of supporting elements, where you can f ind backgrounds and illustrations, which support our brand DNA .

FO R M Both square and round shapes have been used. The round shapes are presented in the logo illustration as well as in the tree vein illustration, which is the pervasive graphic element. The square shapes are been used in the pictures.

B ACKG R OU ND S As a part of our visual identity, it is important to show a mix of realism, due to our service, and illustrations that show our creativity within our work. To comply with this, backgrounds must be a mix of concretes and illustrative tree veins. Both inspired by the materials we use.

CON C R E T E Generally, the background must be a concrete textured background. It does not matter whether it is different kinds of concretes as long as they are grey. The concrete background must be used as background in all material (website, sales material etc.). The use of concrete textures as background, gives an effect of the high quality and natured materials, which we use. Furthermore, it gives a hint of realism to the designs.

TRE E VE I N The tree veins element are digital sketches made in Adobe Photoshop. They should always be used sparingly on top of images and concrete backgrounds. In most cases, it should be used as the combining part between the images and concrete texture. In connection to this, the tree vein illustrations must always be placed in f ront. Furthermore, it is not allowed to stretch the illustrations. Instead, if you want to change their sizes, you should scale the illustrations in a way so they will not lose their proportions.

PHOTOG R A PH Y Since we want our brand to reflect our services and craft, it is important to include photorealistic photos (website, sales material, campaigns and printed matters). We are still a small company with lack of inspirational and unique photos of our work, the following moodboard of the photographical style, will be used in photo shoots and when choosing photos.

K I TCH EN MO O DB OARD The following pictures are a part of an inspiration moodboard. The moodboard should be used as inspiration, when shooting new pictures for the brand and only showing results of our own work!

B ATH R OO M M O O D BOA RD The following pictures are a part of an inspiration moodboard. The moodboard should be used as inspiration, when shooting new pictures for the brand and only showing results of our own work!

CHO O SI NG I MAGES When choosing images, it is important to pick the light ones taking during daytime; since they gives the best and most realistic light effect. With the light effect in mind, the details in the respective image will be clearer and get a professional and luxurious look. You can use close up images as well as full. It is important that you choose a certain focus, when taking close up pictures, to catch the details. Always have in mind that ‘ renew’ stands for high quality luxury and functional renovations. For that reason, the images must always be in the best possible quality. The pictures must always be taken with a professional camera rather than a smartphone camera.

STATIO N A RY As a part of our visual identity the following stationary material can be used within the company or when corresponding with clients.

OVE R VIEW Our stationary packing consists of a correspondence template, an envelope and a template for business cards.

CO RRE SPO NDE NC E T EMPL AT E Correspondents templates that form the basis for Renew´s communication in digital and print form. Templates: Letter A4 & US letter Invoice A4 & US letter Fax A4 & US letter Memo A4 & US letter Blank A4 & US letter Route description A4 & US letter Typography: Primarily typography - Montserrat regular Secondary typography - Montserrat bold Margin: 1,5 line f rom top to logo, and the same f rom bottom to page number. The logo icon must be placed in the f irst column. 4 lines f rom each page in width to the content. 1 line spacing between paragraphs related to heading. 1,5 line spacing if there are elements in sections that needs to be made visible (heading etc.). 3 line distance to a new section.

ENVE LO PE Our envelopes are created with a design representing our brand identity. This is shown with our concrete textured background as base background on the envelopes. The envelopes has been developed with the following elements: • Logo • Return address • Article code Typography: The typography used for address is Montserrat regular Depending on your specif ic market needs, you can choose not to print the article code. All other elements are mandatory. The recreation or adaptation of these elements a not allowed. The following envelopes have been developed: Envelope size: • Envelope C4 229 x 324 mm • Envelope C5 162 x 229 mm • Envelope DL 229 x 114 mm • Envelope EA4 220 x 312 mm • Envelope EA5 156 x 220 mm • Envelope Report 260 x 370 mm

BUSI NESS CA RD Grid: A standard grid has been developed. Please use the instructions and artwork. Front side: You are not allowed to edit the f ront page. Back side: You are only allowed to edit the following • Job title • Name • Email • Phone number Name: In case the name is too long to f it in the prescribed area, you may abbreviate it to one f irst name and one last name. Example: ‘Mads Christian Lindblad Thomsen’ becomes: ‘Mads Thomsen’

WE B S IT E Renew has a one page website and it is important that the f ront page stays simple. It is also important that modal boxes are used when clicking further into the page. This does not destroy the one page effect.

TEXT Slogans: A lot of slogans appear through the f ront page. You are allowed to the slogans with some other slogans, but it’s important that you use the same font and font size. Font: Montserrat black Font Size: 80 Section text: It is important that no more than 10 lines of text are written in the sections. The only exception is the “ who are we” section. Up to 20 lines of text can be written here. If you want more text, a “ read more” button must be displayed. Footer: You can replace the footer information if this becomes relevant. For example if you get a new: • Phone number • Address • Email

IM AGE S Main rules: • Use daily light pictures • The images must be displayed in high quality

Before and after pictures: The pictures before the renovation must not be displayed on the cover page. The images may appear in the Case section, but may only appear when you click on an image and enter a modal box. Favicon: The Favicon must be used in black. You are not allowed to rotate or flip the logo.

FO RME R WO RK SECT ION This section is def initely the one where we really catch our client’s interest. Through pictures of our former work, they get an idea of which creative solutions we can provide them. It is a glimpse of our professionalism, portfolio, quality handcraft, trustworthiness and most importantly our creative ideas. In connection to this, the former work section must always be a portfolio looking section where our work illustrated with images. These images are the eye catch for each project - they have to be the best ones showing most details. The existing photos goes within the specif ic project where we both show the results and process f rom start to end.

CAMPA I G N With all new visual identities follows an implementational campaign, both to make present clients aware of the changes but also to attract new ones. The following is an example of an executive campaign. The campaign is based on the rules in the design manual with color, typography, slogan, images, style and message.

A BRI BUS The tree abribuses should always be placed together since they are supporting each other. Commonly they consist of our centered logo in black and a small url. There is a sparingly use of Olive Green, which is shown the slogan “Because luxury can be functional�. By coloring the slogan, we have created a bigger contrast and spotlight on the text, since it is what we want the customers to see as the f irst thing.

BUSI NESS CA RD The business card has been created for promotion. The business card is 85x55cm and has a creative cut in one of the corners. This creative cut makes the card stands out, when it’s inside the wallet. On the back page we got our call to action, which is the main cause for giving a business card.

MAG A Z I N E SI TE The magazine design must always be placed on a double page. This is important because the 5th element links the pages together and that’s why the pages will not work separately. The magazine is created in a 210x297cm format. We will always prefer the magazine in a large formats, on the ground of the images and slogans will have a better effect when it’s viewed in a larger size.

SO CI A L MEDI A P OSTS Renew is using social media (Facebook and Instagram), on these social media, they make various posts about their renovations through text and images. These are two great platforms to capture a wider target group. A normal instagram post is in the format 1080 x 1080. Is it a normal facebook post, then it will be in the format 940 x 788.

DI G I TA L BA NN ERS One of the digital banners is used on Facebook in the format 1200 x 900. The other digital banner is used on Instagram in the format 650 x 650. When it is a banner and not a post, then will the format become bigger on both social media. Both banners have the same content with logo, slogan, images and illustrations. The banners should capture potential customers for renew with their dynamic eye-catcher.

Instagram: https: //share.bannersnack.com/bhkf rf00n/ Facebook:


APPE N DIX 1: SOURCES http: //www.allermediesalg.dk/information/priser/?fbclid=IwAR0nOAMHVsddF_T0JfwwV 1nOqgn1VuMpgf mUmOJqWHGdRR9vFrn7Fsd2gSI https: //www.afajcd.dk/da/priser/prisliste?fbclid=IwAR3an93e8QFmc2tKt _9bJCuafzTCCG_GoBm05PHvehB05aLPVSWc0PjGs7Y h tt p s : // b s o c i a l .d k / b l o g / h va d - ko s te r - a n n o n c e r i n g - p a a - f a c e b o o k / ? f b c l i d = I wA R 1 p f S E _ T N G R U y i 3 f 2 l G P f j 7 H KW 1 j D H 2 OYn i ks B u 5 Z 9 vAuX kc AXWIreBNA8 https: //share.bannersnack.com/b1m82388h/









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