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the family

mabini beach



the triplets

al frasco bar, pallocan




axia photography



street food




gerald anderson




heading home

batangas city day

mom’s friends

ryan & lea wedding

day twice... 3

heading home S

o, here’s the story. Mom and I finally said our goodbyes to the family, went through airport security and just sat at the terminal to wait for the plane. We were looking at our boarding passes when we noticed something odd. Mom had seat 37C and I had seat 37A. This was the first time we travelled since 2000 and we had no idea how plane seating worked. We were very worried that someone was sitting in between us. We looked around and there happen to someone nearby who was by himself. We asked him what seat he had. He said that no, he wasn’t the one sitting in between us.

That’s when we met Shawn Woods, a Mechanical Engineer coming from Halifax and going to Tokyo. Usually, waiting for your plane in the airport is one of the dullest things ever. Our 2 hour wait became a very interesting and enjoyable 2 hour conversation. He made guesses and pointed at the creepiest people who might be the one sitting between us. He even said that we’d be stuck with a crying baby or an old man with a beard that went down to the floor. After 2 hours of that, we finally found someone who could help us with our seats. Apparently, there’s no such thing as “seat B” on that plane. We were so relieved that we didn’t have to sit next to some creepy person. We arrived at Tokyo, got our pictures taken, and he gave us his email... Moral of the story: It’s ok to talk to strangers once in awhile, just as long as he’s not creepy and has a long beard!

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The ride from Tokyo to Manila was a bit boring.. but maybe that was because i was so excited to get home. But these cartoon guys talking about plane safety sure made me laugh!


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a kelly eatim simon axia kelly ea simon wiwi lea claire ochie cassandra

gabie tatay eus isha maricel lev ye tina elyn julia vboy samboy ryan ay ravi aj inay euj chichi renzo


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ronron aquila dopdop rohan mboy ryan aye


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Maurice 6/7/92


10窶ケhilippines 2010

Patricia 11/19/91


Christine 6/5/91




the triplets



some of the best food i got to taste again! :)



buto ng kalabasa



knick knacks

Batangas pizza


nova chips

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royal true orange

kalamay na mais






mik mik




the first time i went to eat at McDonald’s in Canada, i asked for spaghetti. of course, the response i got was “we don’t have spaghetti” you can understand why i was upset if you’ve ever been to McDonald’s or Jollibee in the Philippines. that’s what i always used to get... spaghetti or chicken with rice. it’s just the norm in the Philippines. i don’t know what it is about Filipino spaghetti but it’s just FANTASTIC. and the thought of being able to eat rice and chicken at a fast food place... genius! i’ll admit, the first place i ate at in the Philippines was Jollibee and McDo :) no regrets

Jollibee 14 Philippines 2010

jollibee mascot


street food isaw, bbq, paa ng manok, fishball, palamig, buko juice... ah! street food: one of the best things about the Philippines! hungry? just find the nearest vendor! one night, a bunch of us walked all the way to UB to eat fishball. then we decided to walk even further to downtown and have some isaw. a lot of people would be grossed out by the thought of eating isaw, not us! we walked all that way just for it! we also met some people along the way and had pictures taken. random night? i think so!

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notice all the smoke?


gerald anderson what are the chances of going to the Philippines, finding out there’s a mall show of one of the most famous actors in the Philippines, getting cheap tickets, front row seats, then getting picked to go on stage with him?? very good chances!

“i’m from Canada!!”

18 Philippines 2010

oh, and i saw Kim Chiu too! (on a different day)



batangas city day July 23, 2010 marked the 41st Batangas City Foundation Day. Every year the city celebrates with a parade, concerts, activities, and of course, fireworks!

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mom’s friends...

22 Philippines 2010


mabini beach

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al frasco bar

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axia photography these are just some of the pictures i found whenever axia got hold of the camera. although half of them are of nothing, there’s a few good ones... and really cute ones of herself.


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although i am 7 months older, aye and i wanted to have an 18th birthday party and this is what we had. we bought a delicious chocolate cake to share with whoever else came with us to tagaytay.


ryan & lea

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Philippines July 2010  
Philippines July 2010  

My mom and I went to the Philippines for a month. I figured this is the best way to share these photos to my friends and family worldwide.