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SPRING 2010 Kansas State University Interior Architecture + Product Design

Project List Interior Architecture Clay Center City Hall Renovation AMI Innovation Center HEJ Jewelry Store

Product Design Recycling Bin RBT Design Competition Bar Stools

Related Experience Visual Communications AIAS Kansas State Study Abroad Spring 2009


“Interior architecture is a professional field linking architecture, art, interior design and product design for the purpose of human use. This culture encompasses all design principles to create spaces that are functional and efficient as well as aesthetic. interior architecture is inspired humanism that is both powerful and practical.�

Problem: A city hall in Clay Center, Kansas that has an inefficient use of space and in need of renovation and code compliance.

Solution: Create functionality and increase efficiency through modern

Clay Center City Hall Renovation

materials and a new floor plan. Also, maintain the historical integrity of the original construction through an updated facade and restoration of existing materials

Current Facade

Art Deco Themed Proposed Facade

Sketch of Proposed Solution

This project was completed in collaboration with Lindsay Efrink, IAPD Kansas State University

Third Floor

First Floor


Updated Floor Plans 5

Clay Center City Hall Renovation

Second Floor

Clay Center City Hall Renovation


Back Office Hallway

Council Chambers

Renovated Basement

Materials and Color Palette

Clay Center City Hall Renovation

Basement with Proposed Level Changes

Problem: A design center requesting a new space that combines client interaction, confidential collaboration space, and a space for rapid proto-typing

Solution: Promote innovation and collaboration through the use of dynamic sculptural pieces floating the voids of the space.


Structural System Study


Inspiration- Sawtooh Facade Munich




AMI Innovation Center


Massing Study

Second Floor (all other floors follow the same principles)

AMI Innovation Center

Ground Floor

AMI Innovation Center

East-West Section

Stair Detail

View Towards Employee Lounge Area

View of Atrium and Team Collaboration Space

Example Of Teaming Space

AMI Innovation Center

Individual Workspace

Problem: Design a jewelry store for a fictional company. The space was

100 feet by 25 feet. One of the goals of the space planning was to feature the exclusive diamond and engagement ring collection. Solution: Using a series of “continuous� ribbons to zone the space and spatially realate the front of the store to the rear. The zoning was achieved through a using a curving display and floor system signals when the jewelry collection types have changed.

HEJ Jewelry Store


View from Entrance

Preliminary Sketches and 3d Models

HEJ Jewelry Store

Floor Plan

HEJ Jewelry Store

View from Rear of Store

Wall Cases

Wall Cases with Viewing Table

View of Front Counter

HEJ Jewelry Store

Individual Case

Problem: Design a recylcing station that can be put into individual studios in the architecture building.

Solution: An all-one-recycling station that stores aluminum, plastic #1,

plastic #2, bond paper, and newspaper. A drawer to collect plastic bottle caps that cannot be recycled is also included. To empty the system, just pull the containers out of the system and empty them into a larger recycling bin.

Recylcing Bin

View in a Studio


Front View

Top View

Exploded View

Recycling Bin

Materials: - Brushed stainless steel frame - Antimicrobial opaque polyvinyl chloride for larger bins and drawer for caps - Tinted polyvinyl chloride for containers for paper

Problem: Design a porch light that illuminates the entryway, the face of visitors at the door, and the address. Also, the light should reduce light pollution, glare, and energy use.

RBT Design Competition - Deco Glow

Solution: This modern and dramatic porch takes inspiration from

Matterinc’s solar porch light. Strip LEDs provide the backlighting for the aluminum-backed acrylic numbers, and acrylic diffusers inserted into the piece provide for the ambient and keyhole lighting. The numbers easily slide out of the piece and can come in a variety of colors, so the luminaire is customizable to the owners’ particular design tastes.

View with Context

Exploded View


RBT Design Competition - Deco Glow

Top/Front/Side View (Measurements in Inches)

Problem: Design and construct casegoods or seating that showcase all

the skills one has learned in the previous semesters of Design Workshop 1 and 2. Solution: 2 Bar stools with wooden seats and a Mig welded frame.

Bar Stools - Contrast

Completed 3D Model Exploded View

Front and Side View (Measurements in Inches)

Bar Stools - Contrast

Fabrication and Finished Product

Overview: These drawings were produced in a semester long class that

Visual Communications

focused on using different types of media to convey design ideas. Some of the media explored included- marker, prismacolor, and photorealism

Exploded View


Prismacolor Markers

Prismacolor Pencils

Overview: These posters were created for Kansas State University’s

chapter of AIAS in the fall of 2007. The method used in the design of the postings was to use images related to the topics of each meeting.

AIAS - Postings Chair Fall 2007

Overview: This work is from the interior architecture studio offered to

Study Abroad Prague - Spring 2009

American student exchange students at Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic. The final project for the semester was to design a chair that draws inspiration for an interior space. This chair was modeled after the Gothic St. George’s Basillica in the Prague Castle.

Sketches and Interior Views of the Basillica

Chair Inspiration: Arch Detail

Initial Sketch

Computer Model

Study Model

Study Abroad Prague - Spring 2009

“Final” Sketch

Overview: These images are just a small sample of places visited while in Europe in the Spring of 2009.

Study Abroad Prague - Spring 2009

Brno, Czech Republic

Completed 3D Model Exploded View

Bratislava, Slovakia

Roman Ruins, Rome




Study Abroad Prague - Spring 2009 Muller Villa, Prague

Portfolio- Patricia Pyra  

A culmination of the past 4.5 years at Kansas State University while in process of getting a Masters degree in Interior Architecture and Pro...