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pri.result() sum.result() When we run the above program using playground, we get the following result: Inside Self Block: 900 Inside Self Block: 1500 Result is: 880 Result is: 850 Result is: 1480 Result is: 1450

Modifying Value Types from Instance Methods In Swift language structures and enumerations belong to value types which cannot be altered by its instance methods. However, swift language provides flexibility to modify the value types by 'mutating' behavior. Mutate will make any changes in the instance methods and will return back to the original form after the execution of the method. Also, by the 'self' property new instance is created for its implicit function and will replace the existing method after its execution struct area { var length = 1 var breadth = 1

func area() -> Int { return length * breadth }

mutating func scaleBy(res: Int) { length *= res breadth *= res

println(length) println(breadth) } }

var val = area(length: 3, breadth: 5) 119

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