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22. Swift – Methods


In Swift language Functions associated with particular types are referred to as Methods. In Objective C Classes are used to define methods, whereas Swift language provides the user flexibility to have methods for Classes, Structures and Enumerations.

Instance Methods In Swift language, Classes, Structures and Enumeration instances are accessed through the instance methods. Instance methods provide functionality 

To access and modify instance properties


functionality related to the instance's need

Instance method can be written inside the {} curly braces. It has implicit access to methods and properties of the type instance. When a specific instance of the type is called it will get access to that particular instance.

Syntax func funcname(Parameters) -> returntype { Statement1 Statement2 --Statement N return parameters }

Example class calculations { let a: Int let b: Int let res: Int

init(a: Int, b: Int) { self.a = a 115

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