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Table of Contents Prologue/Letter of Introduction………………………………………..p 1 What’s in a Name?.......................................................................... p 2 Personal Alphabet: A is for Alphabet…………………………………p 3 Likes/Dislikes List…………………………………………………………p 4 Sensory Experiences……………………………………………………..p 5 Metaphorical Definitions………………………………………………….p 6 A Quality Personality……………………………………………………...p 7 Color Your World…………………………………………………………..p 8 Room Sweet Room………………………………………………………...p 9 Personal Metaphors………………………………………………………p 10 Extended Metaphors……………………………………………………..p 11 Symbolic Recipe…………………………………………………………..p 12 Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse……………………………………………p 13 Telling Tales………………………………………………………………..p 14 Unfinished Sentences……………………………………………………p 15 Personal Symbol………………………………………………………….p 16 Map of Life…………………………………………………………………p 17 A Mysterious Place……………………………………………………….p 18 Synectics…………………………………………………………………...p 19 A Day in the Life…………………………………………………………..p 20 These Words Belong to Me……………………………………………..p 21 In Other Words…………………………………………………………… p 22 Flashback…………………………………………………………………..p 23 Remembrance of Things Present……………………………………..p 24 As Time Goes Bye-Bye…………………………………………………..p 25 My Own List of Lists………………………………………………………p 26 Cheer Yourself Up!...........................................................................p 27 Metamorphosis……………………………………………………………p 28 Picture This………………………………………………………………...p 29 Look Who I Look Up To………………………………………………….p 30 Remembering the Child………………………………………………….p 31 One Medium Suitcase……………………………………………………p 32 The Perfect Present………………………………………………………p 33

Memorable Event…………………………………………………………p 34 How to……………………………………………………………………….p 35 Always Say Never…………………………………………………………p 36 Are You Hungry?..............................................................................p 37 Where I’m From…………………………………………………………...p 38 Deck of 52………………………………………………………………….p 39 The Examined Life………………………………………………………..p 40 Annual Report……………………………………………………………..p 41 Ekphrasis…………………………………………………………………..p 42 Visually Speaking…………………………………………………………p 43 Lessons I Learned Too Late……………………………………………p 44 The Door……………………………………………………………………p 45 Advice to the Young……………………………………………………..p 46 Who Am I?........................................................................................p 47 Rewarding Experiences………………………………………………….p 48 Valuable Lessons…………………………………………………………p 49 Futures – Fantasy and Fact…………………………………………….p 50

#1 Prologue

Sometimes I ask myself, Am I living my life the way I wanted to or am I not even leaving.My name is Patricia Ann Wolfley and I want to share with you the story about my life. This book which i have title “lived it my way� has been compiled from dozens of real life experiences and several lifestyles, I have at times been fortunate to have the luck to being involved in several exciting and meaningful people.This book will attempt to explain the strange journey I have taken, it will start off as a teenager sharing all the fun of youth. It will include the most interesting parts of my dreams that i will pursue. There also will be glimpses into the periods of irresponsibility I fall back into like the one I am in at present, as well as glimpses into periods of great responsibility, I have had more of them than most do in their entire lifetimes Our Family Consist of me, my brother, my dad and my mom. I am the oldest child and My brother is 13 years old. My dad is a teacher and My mom is a hotel clerk. We have a very small family. This are the people who made everything in my life worth living for. This is my autobiography, here are some journey in my life that I have taken. This is not everything but know that it’s not just certain memorable moments that make up a life it's everything I have learned to live my life and love it this is what tells me that the more you try to make each moment count for something, the richer your life will be.

#2 what's in my name? P – Polite manner is really meaningful to me A – Amazing daughter that will do anything to make my parents proud of me. T– Tough strong enough to overcome anything R – Respect me and ill respect you I – Independent student don’t rely on anyone but herself. C- Caring I care to people that I love I- Independent i learned how i could stand on my own at one point A - Average normal teenager W - Wrong never a perfect person O– Only girl out of the family L – Loving person L – loyal person E – Energetic when she plays badminton. Y – Youthful

My name is not Patty ,Patring . I am Patricia Ann Wolfley but people call me “Pat” for short. Most people think that my name is too common. My mom told me that she named me after this famous Filipina model. That’s basically the only history of my name. My dad said he like the name “Patricia Ann” because to him it means it makes you quick-minded, versatile, and very expressive.You are adaptable and creative in responding to new situations. My last name “Wolfley” is coming from my dad he live in Wyoming. I really don't know either if it means something back there in there place.

# 3. Personal Alphabet: Artistic-because drawing is my passion Bountiful-because I'm always generous Creative-because I have a big imagination Delightful-because i bring delight every day Enchanting-because i have quite the enchanting smile Faithful- because I'm true to my word and never betray people Gallant-because I'm bold and noble Hectic-because my schedule is always filled, i always have something on my plate Imaginative-because I've always had an excellent imaginative Jovial – joyful and playful Someone who is jovial is generally happy and has a great sense of humor. Kind-because i could be really friendly lovable-because you gotta love me Mellow- im calm New-because I'm always keeping it fresh Optimistic-because i always look on the bright side of things Plentiful-because there is plenty of me to go around Quizzical-because I'm not afraid to ask questions Raunchy- because i walk the line silly-because I'm a silly little kid Tactical-because I'm built for battle Useful-because i have a purpose Vivacious – lively; high spirited Wonderful-because I'm full of wonder Xnthocarpous- having yellow fruit Youthful-because I'm full of youth Zesty-because I'm quite the energetic salad dressing

#4 likes and Dislike



i like panda i like color green i like listening to music i like tennis i like badminton i like playing yahtzee i like corn i like cucumber i like drawing i like taking pictures

i dislike cocky people i dislike olives i dislike green/red pepper i dislike celery i dislike stubborn people i dislike eating duck egg i dislike washing dishes i dislike watching the television i dislike pop tarts i dislike lady finger (okra)

#5 Sensory Experience

Child company experience is one of the sweetest experience. We all have some child company experience. They play in your lap. Frequently they laugh, frequently they weep. When they touch your face with their soft little hands you feel a deep feeling of love and affection. Have you ever watched them! How do they behave! First thing, if you are a stranger, most children would prefer to keep away from you. They watch your activities closely, weather it suits them or not! When convinced about you they join you! When you hold them in your hands and kiss them with affection the feeling is divine. They see the world on sitting your shoulder. Beware if the junior urinates without signal. How much time your new and well coached clothing been treated with these juniors! Generally Ball and deep multi colors attracts a child most! They are easily attracted to it. The other thing - they are easily attracted to birds. They like its singing, twittering and of course flying. They run after to catch them. No matter they fail, they keep trying every time. Even you will see the kids imitating their sound. Have you seen kids imitating the frog's jumping and how many times the kid imitates to the sound of motor vehicles. Being around them is just wonderful.


Metaphorical Definitions

1. LAZINESS is not writing metaphorical definitions 2. FEAR is a flat tire on a lonely country road. 3. EVIL is pulling the wings off a butterfly. 4. HAPPINESS is a day with no worries 5. LONELINESS is missing someone that had pass away 6. GREED is eating the last cookie when nobody has had any but you. 7. APATHY is a student sleeping in class. 8. BEAUTY is a person with a kind heart 9. RELAXATION is being around the beach 10. HOPE is thinking the positive side

#7. A Quality Personality

She is scared to be left out . it is very hard for her to be satisfied. She ask for the things that she doesn't have. She compares herself to others. She is insecure but she doesn't complain about it. She hide what she feel because most people won't understand. She tend to overthink. She would pretend that she’s ok but deep inside she’s hurting. She cries herself to bed. She have been through alot. even her parents compares her to others and this is the reason for her pain. She would always have competition. Even if she didn't want to. Others would say that she doesn't worth anything she wants to be thankful but sometimes she as. She ask what have she have done that have brought her here. One one day she knows that she will be proving others so many things. She have realize that jealousy is a bad thing. this is what have made her stronger. she was never spoiled. but sometimes thats all she ever wanted. She wants to be love and be loved.

#8. Color Your World My world started in black and white color because in these color is where I find colors. From dark color I found a light that leads me to the right path. You know that saying that “God created your life and you’re in charge to color and make it beautiful.” I believe in that saying because all of us have different perspective of colors in our world. Sometimes my world is gray just like a rainy weather where the clouds are just gray. Life is not always a sunny day. There are times that you have to go through some rain because if there’s no rain then there will not be any rainbow afterwards. Gray is the color of sorrow. People who favor gray can be the lonely type or narrow-minded. Gray is not all about sadness. I’m not saying that I’m a lonely person but I like gray because it’s simple and very cool. It is not too flashy. Also, despite all the obstacles that life has given me I found green. green is the color of our is more for like peace, quiet place, fresh things comes into my mind whenever i think about it. I like green it is my favorite color. For me. Green reminds me of the color of our surrounding giving hope to everyone . My life is full of loving people and I’m very thankful to have all in my life. That’s why I always show my love to them because love is too short to waste your time hating. I also like white is my favorite color because it means kindness. I’m not saying I’m not a bad person. I do have flaws but I always kindness to everyone even if sometimes I can be mean. White reminds me of hope; a hope that everything will be all right. I believe that even in darkest time you will always find a light through it. Sometimes I get sad and depress of all the obstacles I’ve been through but despite all that there’s something that make you realize how worth life was. Trust me, there’s always a rainbow after the rain.

#9 Room Sweet Room

I always wanted to have my own room that I can design and decorate. I want to have a room where I can organize all my stuff the way I want to. I want it simple and unique. I want to have a room that fits my personality. One thing that i really like is panda. panda is my favorite animal I would like to paint room black and white similar to the color of a panda. and i want most of my things to be green because green is my favorite color. This place would probably the place i will be staying all the time. Panda brings back so many things in my life good and bad. maybe one of the reason that i would want this to be in my room is because i want to bring those memories back. and tell myself that i should be living my life with no regrets. green specifically is because i enjoy being around our nature. appreciating everything that God has provided us. this is everything that i would want to be in my room in addition to that maybe more luxury things that i never had before.

#10 Personal Metaphors ● If I were a animal , I would be a cheetah , because they’re scary and intimidating. ● If I were a car , I would be a 2011 Audi R8 Cabriolet , because its small but it can outrun other cars or it has secret talents ● If I were an article of clothing , I would be a jeans because they are very strong ● If I were a day of the week , wednesday because it remind me that i'm half way along the week ● If I were a color , I would be green , because its the color of our surrounding like nature i love staying outside just hangout! ● If I were food , I would be sinigang , because its sour and everyone know im sour . ● If I were a movie , I would be Black in men three because i've been wanting to do what they have been doing . ● If I were a fragrance , I would be a something sweet , because im sweet. ● If I were a type of building , I would be a hotel because its tall and they always have nice views of the beach . ● If I Were a plant , I would be a hibiscus because they smell good and they’re fragile . ● If I were a musical instrument , I would be a piano because it has a calm and chill sound to it , hearing it will make you just wanna lie down and fall asleep . ● If I were a piece of furniture , I would be a bed , its soft and comfortable . ● If I were a song , I would be ” truly ” because it reminds me of my grandpa, i'm grandpa’s little girl ● If I were a season of the year , I would be Spring , because its warm and it has a breezy wind to it ● If I were a television show , fear factor because i'm always ready to face anything that i fear ● If I were a cartoon character , I would be spongbob because im very helpful ● If I were an appliance , I would be a laptop , because they are smart ● If I were a natural phenomenon , I would be a hurricane , because they come totally unexpected and they wreck a lot of things . ● If I were a word , I would be love because loving to anybody that has made an impact in my life

#11. Extended Metaphors

ARTICLE OF CLOTHING: The article of clothing I am most like are the casual, comfortable, Jeans are very strong they last long and you could use it anywhere.

DAY OF THE WEEK: wednesday because it remind me that i'm half way along the week . and in school this is the day that we get to be able to wear tshirt. a day of not our uniform.

PIECE OF FURNITURE: I would be a bed , its soft and comfortable, this is where im at most of the time. listening to music. this wear i think and rest whenever i feel like i'mq alone. when I need privacy this is where I go. SONG: If I were a song , I would be ” truly ” because it reminds me of my grandpa, i'm grandpa’s little girl. My grandpa is the number 1 person in my life. His the person that shaped me to be a better, respectful, and caring person. TELEVISION CHARACTER: The television character I wish I were most like is Murphy Brown. Not only is she beautiful and intelligent, she has a devastating wit and killer repartee


This is a recipe for the ultimate PATRICIA

Ingredients: ○

3 cups of friendliness.

6 tablespoons of impatience .

3 tablespoons of kindness .

10 cups of knowledge .

4 teaspoons of silliness .

5 cups of respect .

5 ounces of manners , (optional).

3 cups of caring

6 cups of love

4 cups of helpful

Procedure: Step 1 : First you have to add the 3 tablespoons of kindness , 5 cups of respect , 10 cups of love , 10 cups of knowledge, 3 cups of caring, 6 cups of love, 4 cups of helpful, and 5 ounces of manners ( if you want ) in a different bowl . What were doing here is separating the LIGHT ingredients with the HEAVY ingredients so when we mix it together and bake it , it’ll still have its shape when its done . Step 2 : Get another bowl and add the heavy ingredients , start with the 4 of silliness , and 6 tablespoons of impatience Step 3 : Whisk all the ingredients in each bowl . After whisking them , start blending the HEAVY ingredients in a mixer , when its mixing take the LIGHT ingredients and start combining it with the HEAVY . Step 4 : Once after everything is combined , pour the batter into a 12 by 12 inch pan . Spread it out evenly . Bake it in the oven at 450 for 1 hour . After its done take it out to cool Step 6: Finally you have made Patricia Ann Wolfley

#13 The Ultimate All-Purpos“Sorry I’m late, but I can explain!First of all, let me tell you that I am really, REALLY, sorry for being late for your English III class, but, trust me, I have a VERY good explanation. Okay, hear me out. It all started last night when I was preparing for a good night’s rest by doing my usual bedtime routine- fixing a glass of milk while constructing a small pyramid of mini-Nestle Crunchies in which I would dine upon while watching the Blue-Ray Transformers and Dark Knight. I was about to put the finishing touches to it when my cat bumped into me and caused me to accidentally trip and drop my cell phone into my glass of milk. As you know, I use my cell phone as an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. Well, I guess the milk must have fried something because the alarm clock didn’t go off and I slept in and missed the bus. Sucks, huh? Now you’re probably wondering why I couldn’t just borrow my mom’s car to get to school, well hold your horses, I’m getting there! I was going to take my mom’s car, but it wouldn’t start for some reason. I looked under the hood and saw that the engine had somehow been replaced with a sticky note that said that my mom had taken the car’s engine out to be cleaned. Who knew you could clean those things? Now, at this point, I was about to give up, but then I noticed that my neighbor had left their new yellow Camaro parked on the street. Normally, I would never be desperate enough to go steal someone’s car, but, hey, I had a Chemistry test to take! Do you know how hard those make-up tests are? Oh no, I was not missing this school day! I was about to hotwire the car when suddenly- oh, you won’t believe this- it transformed into Bumblebee from Transformers! Amazing, huh? I’M SERIOUS! After staring at the giant, yellow robot in fangirlish amazement, I plucked up the courage to ask him if he could give me a ride to school.

#14 telling tales It’s not you it is me. Does that phrase sound way too familiar? Or I just don’t want a relationship at this point in my life. There are many different ways/excuses when it comes to breaking up. Some of the things that the person is saying to you are true. But then again there is a select few that choose to lie when it comes to these situations. I have been through my fair share of break ups and heartbreaks. But all they do is make you stronger and smarter for your future relationships. It may suck when you lose the one person who means a lot to you in your life but just take your loss and admit it and help better yourself for future relationships.But you also have to remember when it comes to a relationship it takes two to make it and it also takes two to break it. In a relationship it is a two way road. It is never one persons fault when it comes to an ending in a relationship. If a person did something to hurt you or betray you ask yourself what did I do to help them make this decision? But most of us as human beings do what comes natural. We get scared and confused and just lash out. We try putting all the blame on one person and it is never one person. I know I am guilty of it myself when it comes to lashing out.Every relationship ends for a reason. Maybe it is because you’re not the same person you use to be or maybe they are not the same person they used to be. You will never hear the real story when it comes to a break up. The person may have been told a reason but most of us will not reveal the true reason behind it. We will tell people what we want them to know. That is why there is two sides to a story. You may not want to tell the real reason because you are ashamed of what you did. Or maybe you won’t tell the story because you are to hurt by what the other person has done to you.No matter how bad a relationship ends you should never disrespect the other person. It does you absolutely no good to go around and bad mouth someone. All that does is show how low you are willing to sink to try to make the other person seem like the bad one. Basically what I am trying to get at is we have all heard the different ways of breaking up. But all we really need to do is just keep our heads up and be thankful that we had time to learn from our mistakes

16. Personal Symbol

In life, we all have this certain things that have made a big impact in ourselves. As life put me through difficulties, one friend was there to save me from all these. She saw my struggles and witness how much pain I had put through. She gave me this bible that has a daily devotion. As you may know I was never a perfect friend to deserve her kindness. She gave this to me because she’s also having hard times in her life and this is her way to ease off her sorrow. She told me to get all the strength that I need in this bible. Ever since I got this bible I would always have to read it before I start my day. It’s my way of believing that God is with me throughout the day. This bible had made a big impact in my life. My day is completed every time I read a page from this bible. I would say that miracles do happen because this bible saved me from all the pain. I will always be thankful with this. Reading this bible had become my daily routine. Without this I would have probably made through all the trials that I had to deal with. I could honestly say that this have made a big impact in my life. I am very thankful to my friend Jannalynn for giving me this book, who is a witness of my struggles.

#15. Unfinished Sentences 1. I usually worry about . . . things I could change easily -- deadlines, 2. I feel angry when … when too many people are asking me to do something all at onces 3. I’m moody when . . . I have too much to do and/or too little time to myself. 4. I’m happiest when . . . I’m with my family back home where everyone is reunited 5. I feel confident when . . . I am well prepared for school or anywhere else 6. I feel frustrated when . . . I can’t express myself clearly to someone, when I have to wait in any line, when I can’t learn something no matter how hard I try. 7. I feel depressed when . . . I have no privacy, when i remember something from the past, missing someone. 8. I am comfortable when . . . I am talking with people I really know. 9. I feel nervous when . . . school starts because I don’t know what to expect, i’m having difficult time answering a question 10. I feel sentimental when . . . I look at old photographs or listen to songs that remind me of friends and family from the past.

#18 a mysterious place

Don't look, just keep walking. Left. Right. Left. Right. Sounds of laughter and soft giggles filled my ears. Don't look, just keep walking. Left. Right. Left. Right. The laughter doesn't go away. It stays there, piercing through my brain, the sound intensifying with every step. Don't look, just keep walking. Left. Right. Left. Right. The laughter is back, but it isn't alone. It's accompanied by name calling. They both play and joke around me. Pointing at my flaws, pointing at me. Their stinging words cut me sharp like a knife in the heart. I close my eyes to keep the moisture back. But don't look, just keep walking. Left. Right. Left. Right. The laughter still rings, the words still cut me deep, but more has come to join their game. They push, an shove, and spit at me. The names become meaner, the laughter becomes more evil. Don't look, just keep walking. Left. Right. Left. Right. One push sends me to the floor, but I'm not the only thing that has fallen. The tears trickle down my face. I can't keep it back anymore. I can't hold it in. More laughter. More names. The world swirls around me, too much in a blur to grasp. I get back up. Don't look, just keep walking. I walk faster now. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left. Right. When can I stop running? When can I finally look up? When can I stare the laughter straight in the face and make it hush quiet? When can I say something to make the name callings go away? When can I stand up, and make the tripping, the shoving, the pushing stop? When? No, Not today. But someday. But don't look, just keep walking. Left. Right. Left. Right i hate being in this place where all i hear are judgement

# 19 Synectics 1. Which is wiser: a pen or pencil? A pencil is wiser than a pen because as a pencil has an eraser and a dry source of marking. You can also sharpen a pencil, but if a pen runs out of ink, you must buy a refill or a new pen altogether. 2. Which is easier to forgive: a street or a sidewalk? A sidewalk would be the easier of the two for me to forgive, because if you trip and fall on a sidewalk, you will simply be hurt, and the sidewalk makes it easier to walk along a street. A street almost always impedes pedestrian progress and if you trip and fall in the middle of a street, you might get ran over. 3. Which is smarter: a clock or calendar? I believe a calendar is smarter because you can plan ahead and make sure your life doesn’t become too stressed and overworked. 4. Which is easier to teach: a question or an answer? A question is easier to teach because not every answer has a question, and to get to an answer, you must first have a question. 5. Which is like a contest: a cloud or a sunset? The more competitive of the two would be the cloud, mainly because it must compete with other clouds and the wind for a place. 6. Which is more fearful: new or old? When you find something new, it is scary and more fearful than the old, for you are used to and know what the old is. 7. Which is like a promise: mathematics or science? Science is more like a promise compared to mathematics, especially while looking at the start. Math starts with a question and needs an answer, unlike science, which starts with a statement of what is believed to happen at the end. 8. Which is more difficult: a dream or a nightmare? A dream would be more difficult, for when you have a nightmare, it is something you don’t want, and it (usually) doesn’t exist, so you feel fine. When you have a dream, it is something that you do want, but when you wake up, it might not be there and will be harder to accept. 9. Which is braver: an hour or a year? An hour would be much more brave than a year, because for an entire year, you will be accustomed to it and be able to deal with it, but for an hour, it is new, different, and seems to last forever. 10. Which has more pride: an entrance or an exit? An exit contains more pride, for when you enter, you are new and not everyone knows

#20 A day in the life

What I adored the most about you were the storybooks. The simple things like reading little tales to little kids before they go to sleep is a tradition that gives all of them the initial motivation to aspire to achieve great things. At least that is what you did for other, anyway. she can still remember Clifford, the Big Red Dog and Treasure Island they always toppling over on her shelf. she remember the weekly trips to the kids’ section of the town library. she remember squishing into the corner behind the bookshelves in Christian Friendship Learning School to settle down on the carpeted floor and eagerly listen to Mrs. Sarah read them another story. Somehow, those days are gone now, and she can’t help but contemplate how she let you go. How nice would it be when she feels that same feeling like before when she didn't have to worry so much

#21 these words belong to me 1. unique: existing as the only one or sole example. Unique is an interesting word to me, because it is something I strive to be, not in everything, but in many aspects of my life. 2. independent: not controlled or influenced by others in matters of opinion. In striving to be unique, I have to try to be independent as well. It is important to me that I am able to make decisions and live on my own 3. laugh: to express mirth, pleasure, derision, or nervousness with an audible Laughing brings happiness. It's also very contagious 4. education: the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge I believe that everyone should be entitled to an equal education. 5. family: any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins. I don't think this definition can clearly define what a family is. Families are unique to each specific person. My family means so much to me. 6. urban: of, pertaining to, or designating a city or town. I want to live in a big city after high school. 7. funky: Characterized by originality and modishness; unconventional. Honestly, I just like the way this word sounds. Funky things are unique and a little out there. 8. amiable: Friendly and agreeable in disposition I can't say that I am all the time, but I try to be nice as much as possible. I try to live by the incredibly cliched idea of treating others as you would like to be treated. 9. strong: having great physical power and ability : having a lot of strength won't I believe that being strong is one of the things that we need to learn along our lives because of your not strong you end up giving up which brings you no where 10. imagination: The ability to confront and deal with reality by using the creative power of the mind. I can be incredibly interesting when they share their imaginations.

#22 In Other Words

● Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain. Joseph Campbell ● Believe you can and you're halfway there. Theodore Roosevelt ● Hope is a waking dream. Aristotle ● The purpose of our lives is to be happy. Dalai Lama ● I think the thing to do is enjoy the ride while you're on it. Johnny Depp ● Knowledge will give you power, but character respect. Bruce Lee ● If you're going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill ● In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. Robert Frost ● Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny. Bob Marley ● All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Walt Disney

#23 flashback A Memorable Event in My Life is when my grandpa died at the young age of 72. He was my pillar, my hope and he was the one that helped me not be scared of the future. I was seventeen years old when my grandpa died and I felt like I had lost everything. I became unhappy, unwilling to talk . His death was a memorable event that I can't forget: before going to the hospital , while being in the hospital and after the catastrophe. He had a sudden heart attack. He’d been having chest pains all night but convinced my mum it was just indigestion. He was also sick a number of times. My mum booked a doctors appointment for him, he insisted not to go. After that night around 3am he was rushed to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital he was immediately rushed in thein the ICU . After that, the guards came quickly to help us with a wheelchair . His face was all puffed up, his hands and legs looked swollen. And there was not even a slight sign of activity on his shape.Then, I moved with no a shred of awareness to the operating room . My brother and We waited two hours and no one called us .I looked around for the duty doctor to talk to. I saw Dr. Nines , who also saw me, but looked away pretending to see another patient in the ward , who was looking quite, awake and recovering. I attempted to speak to the nurse but she had nothing to say and said all question must be addressed to the doctor. We stayed at the hospital for a whole week until may grandpa felt better.

24. Remembrance of Things Present

I am currently a senior here in George Washington High school. I am focusing on my studies because I want to graduate without any complication on my grades. I’m a graduating student that’s why I always do my best on all of my classes. Senior year made me to take challenges and never give up on it. At first, I doubted to stay in my English class because I heard it’s going to be hard. Hearing so many opinions about it scared me. I was afraid that I would not be able to pass in my English class. It was really intense just by hearing their opinions. I had to admit that I came to the point where I already filled up a drop form just to be out of that class. Seeing mostly everyone do the same thing had questioned my guts. Does taking the easy way out make me a better person? I asked myself “why?” I look at myself and think that if I took the easy way out I would not be prepared for college. Thinking about college life and knowing it’s not going to be like high school. So I came to the point where I said to myself that if college is going to be more extreme than might as well take this class to prepare myself. I know that I made a right decision because right now I had learned a lot in my English class. I had gain confidence to accept challenges and not take the easy way out. So far I am currently working on improving myself on writing and speaking. I know that I still have a long way to go but believing in me is the key to be successful. I know that one day I will look back and thank these challenges that taught me to be stronger. I will not going to forget all the good things that made me stronger today. As for now I am enjoying every single moment of my senior year because I will miss these when I graduated. Overall, I am currently focusing on my studies to get good grades and making my senior year memorable.

#25 As Time Goes Bye-Bye

1. I will visit Wyoming and have a reunion with the rest of our family. 2. I would like to have my own house. 3. I would like to make my family proud 4. I want to be a successful woman. 5. I want to say sorry to all the people that I hurt. 6. I want to forgive people that hurt me and left me when I needed them. 7. I want to be the reason why people laugh 8. I want to spend my day with full of happy memories. 9. I want to go back to Philippines. 10. I want to share my blessing with alot of people 11. I want to travel the world. 12. I want to see my children playing with my loving husband. 13. I want to be able to invent something 14. I want to say die in bed 15. I want to have be special to someone 16. I want to build my own gym 17. I want to let my sorrows and worries fade away. 18. I plan to be prepared and ready for death. 19. I want to join the military 20. I want to go back where the two important people in my life where with me 21. I want to see my daughter or son with their special someone. 22. I want to be in my daughter or son’s wedding. 23. I want to grow old with the person i truly love 24. I want to live my life with no regrets

# 26. My Own List of Lists

Places That Make Me Happy: 1. my home 2. Philippines 3. Baguio 4. Hotels 5. Beach 6. airplane terminals Places I Would Like to Go: 1. Machu Picchu 2. boating on the Nile 3. the space shuttle in orbit 4. Tokyo 5. another planet 6. Siena, Italy Things in People Which I Like: 1 intelligence 2. commitment 3. determination 4. discipline 5. responsibility 6. faithful Things in People Which I Dislike: 1. narrow minds 2. unexamined opinions 3. apathy 4. rudeness 5. self-pity 6. irresponsibility Things That Worry Me: 1. making parents proud 2. paperwork 3. the decline of values 4. stupidity 5. future 6. tooth decay

Things I Would Like to Know How to Do: 1. fly an airplane 2. sculpt 3. sing well 4. read, write, and speak Italian 5. carpentry and woodwork 6. program a computer Things I've Said Goodbye to: 1. bad memories 2. bad friends 3. scary accident 4. bad past 5 pain 6. heartbreaks Ideas That Intrigue Me: 1. space travel 2. selective memory 3. how the brain works 4. dreams 5. literary theory 6. nutrition People I Would Like to Meet: 1. George Gordon, Lord Byron 2. Gabriel Garcia Marquez 3. Toni Morrison 4. William Shakespeare 5. Lewis Black 6. Dante Gabriel Rossetti Interesting Words: 1. scar 2. metamorphosis 3. serendipity 4. seraglio 5. suave 6. transcendence

#27. Cheer Yourself ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

gummy worms listening to music Cruise around Facebook, looking for old friends, former classmate Read a good book. Go to a coffee shop Take a long hot bath. . Try on expensive clothes but never really buying them Sit on the back porch Doodle / drawing looking through photographs praying in my own time

#28 Metamorphosis

I used to be . . . ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

younger heavier sicker sadder I used to observe. I used to fear. I used to embrace. I used to stay home I used to be weak I used to be ashamed I used to be clumsy I used to hide I used to be a freshman

Now I am . . . ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●

older thinner healthier happier I do. Now I reach Now I yearn now I have fun now I am stronger now I am proud now I could manage now I express now I am a senior and ready to graduate

#29 Picture this

The aim of art education in the public schools is not to make more professional artists but to teach people to live happier, fuller lives; to extract more out of their experience, whatever that experience may be. - Grand Wood This is one of my drawing I chose this because it's very colorful. as you could see theres a lot of words inside this. i drew this when i was in so much pain. i typically use this as my diary that day. i was lost and confuse.. If you ever one to draw this heres the steps: draw the outline of the girl it doesn't have to be detail. for the hair just use strokes of lines until it looks like hair. draw butterflies around the shoulder. and use watercolor to make that different color and finally at the end you could write inside. Write whatever you feel. the pain, happinest anything that soothes you. and there you go you'll be having the same drawing as mine. The quote above is my favorite quotes because its how i exactly feel about art.

#30 Look Who I Look Up To

In life there may be many people who come into your life. Of them there are two types: the ones whom you forget and the ones you remember for the rest of your life. The second type of people influence you and may have caused changes in your life. The first person that I admire is my mother. She is the sole reason for who I am today. All my success is dedicated to her. She was there for me every step of the way. I She encouraged every time I failed and patiently waited for me to understand that failing in life is not bad.even if i didn't grew up with her more than half of my life i still thank her for what she has done. The second person would be my grandpa every time I made a choice he stood by me and encouraged me to live up to that choice. There’s a lot of difference between sayings things and actually doing it, he showed me what that difference. he made sure that I was happy doing what I wanted. he works the whole day and still finds time to be with me and be a part of my happiness. I may not have told this to her but he means the world to me. To such a kind of dedicated grandfather I give my salutations!

#31 Remembering the Child

Childhood day is one my favorite part of my life being able to have fun without any problems. Every time I look back on those memories I always smile and think how clumsy I was back then. I as a child have so many troubles that I been through. My mother is my first best friend. She is always there for me and never let me down. She is the only person that I can count on when I feel sad. I may not like the fact that she always wants me to go to sleep instead of playing but now I know what she really meant. I was a troublemaker back then I would always want to play outside and get all dirty. I feel bad because my mom gets to clean my clothes. I remember when I let go of my mother’s hand because of a toy. I didn’t know that I’m already lost and I’m about to cry until I decided to go back on the same path where I came from and my mom found me. If I didn’t go back I would definitely be living in the streets with strangers. I learned not to be easy attracted by good things because sometimes you get lost and it can cost something. Remembering things in my childhood makes me realize how simple life back then. My dad is my number one fan and my first love. My dad has so many patients with me. I remember when he always carries me from school and how he always cheers me up. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful dad like him. Although I missed him a lot when he’s at work I remember I used to wait for me till he gets home. One thing I like about my childhood is that I can have fun as much as I want to without feeling tired. My grandpa taught me how to ride a bike. At first I thought that riding a bike is one of the scariest rides I could ever ride but then my dad guided me through. Knowing that he’s right there to catch me if ever I fall really means a lot to me. Back then I was never the type of kid that likes to buy new toys. I’m very satisfied of what I have and never complain about it. I never had any stuff that I could show off because I can’t afford any that my friends have. My life was really simple but I feel happy about it. As you can see I came from not so rich family. I never wish that I could be one of those children with cool stuff toys. I am very happy of what I have because I was raised not to be a spoiled brat. I used to danced back then on every parlor games. I’m not a shy girl and I’m always down to have some fun. I am yearning those good old days. Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.

#32 One Medium Suitcase If I was leaving home forever with only a medium-sized suitcase to take all of my things with me I would pack my laptop, my cell phone, a few pictures from my childhood, and my poetry notebook.I would take my laptop with me because that is the thing that I use more than anything. I do all of my school work on it, I keep in touch with my friends on it, I watch YouTube videos on it, and most importantly I keep all of my pictures on it. I don’t watch TV at all, and so my laptop is my only means of entertainment. I also have a lot of funny pictures saved on it so I like to go through them sometimes to make me laugh. I don’t think I could go a day without using my laptop, so that’s I would take it with me. I would take my cell phone with me so I can keep in touch with my family who isn’t very technologically advanced. My grandparents aren’t good with computers at all and so the only way I could keep in touch with them is if I could call them on their house phone. And I love my grandparents very much so I would like to keep in touch with them. I would take some pictures from my childhood because those are memories that you shouldn’t let go of, so I’d take them with me. I know I could just scan them and put them on my laptop, but it just feels better to actually hold something in your hand and look at it. Plus the sentimental feeling of being a carefree child again is soothing and would probably help me feel better since I wouldn’t be at home anymore. And lastly, I would take my notebook with me because that is my journal. No, I do not write in it every day, but that notebook is a place for me to write my feelings down when I need it. Whenever I’m upset or even when I’m incredibly happy, writing those feelings down in the form of poetry always helps me feel better and really opens my eyes to the things that I’m experiencing. Often times writing in that notebook helps me solve problems as well as help finalize my decision on something. And sometimes I like to go back and read previous things that I’ve written and it reminds me of how far I’ve come in my life and how I should appreciate where I’m at now and the fact that I’ve moved on from some previous experiences.

#33 The Perfect Present

If there would be a perfect present that I would ever want is “more

strength ”. Im very soft and i get hurt easily.I may look tough but deep inside im very delicate person. i tend to care so much about others as well. I cry over little things that other people say about me. I just hope I dont mind what others say. Agitating they are! They’re always there when you least expect them. They slither upon you like an emotional python. I am talking about difficult times. Almost all human beings go through them. Difficult times, such as school, teenhood, and changes, are the geneses of stress. Statistics have proven that a majority of people suffer from stress when they’re going through these times Life’s hard. You go through your day hoping be on hope that when you get home you’ll be welcome with a warm smile and a loving embrace.Life’s hard. Some try to run. Some try to hide. Some try to go through with no emotion which is almost as bad as running. Some try to live life to the fullest. Some people just give up. I know people who have given up...The darkness sticks with you, it’s everywhere you go .It is always up to us how to handle it.

#34 Memorable Event

Life is full of unexpected events that leave a glimpse of lingering within a person’s heart; it could be unforgettable history, unpredictable present, or mystery future. No matter what will happen, everything will eventually have an effect which will remain forever or dissolve in their memory. When remembering an event, people tend to reflect about their past instead of heartbreaking events.In life you learn that you don’t always get what you want. Somewhere along the line people you thought would never hurt you tend to take advantage of you. It's kind of sad really, you get all nervous and excited thinking about this one boy in your life knowing that it can make you or break you, but no one really thinks about this till everything just shatters one day. You start feeling like it was all your fault or even that you weren't good enough for that person, but in reality it’s not true. I met this guy, like everyone we fall for someone that tends to make a big impact in our lives. Typically I’ve been with this guy for 3 years but of course life takes us to something challenging.We broke up November 23, 2013 at 10pm.Even through all the things that have happen I could never hate this guy. after all he was a nice person to my family. Not many like to admit it, but heartbreak is something that knocks us down breathless. It has the ability to put us in our most vulnerable state of mind. When someone breaks your heart you tend to feel like giving up, but in order to overcome this you have to stay strong. Even though breakups can be difficult to handle at times, it does have its positives. Heartbreaks may perhaps bring great sadness to your soul and the reason for this being the most memorable event in my life is because I have learned a lot. Which have made me a better person.

#35 How to... lose your voice Singing and Whispering Method. Sing along as loud as you can for twenty minutes, then change your voice into a strained whisper for twenty minutes. This process to lose your voice may take three to five hours. Pillow Method. If you want a great way to lose your voice, but are not in a situation where you can sing loudly, then this method might be for you. This way to lose your voice is simple, and involves screaming into a pillow. Scream as loud as you can for fifteen minutes into the pillow. Lemon and Vinegar Method. This way to lose your voice works because acid irritates the vocal cords. Laryngitis is sometimes caused by acid reflux, so this method of losing your voice imitates acid reflux. This is a great way to lose your voice and make funny faces while doing it. Squeeze two fresh lemons into one glass, then pour four tablespoons of vinegar into another cup. Drink some of the lemon juice, then position yourself in your bed so that your head is much lower than your stomach. While upside down, sing along to the radio or scream for fifteen minutes. Ice Method. This method is an easy way to lose your voice without screaming, but also takes some time. Your vocal chords constrict when exposed to cold temperatures. Keep an ice pack around your neck and throat, eat ice, and drink very cold drinks for the 24 hours leading up to the time you want to lose your voice. Talking on the phone or singing can make this way to lose your voice faster. Cough Method. A great way to lose your voice is by making yourself cough. Coughing irritates the vocal cords. so the longer and harder you cough, the more irritated they will become. Avoid drinking water when attempting to lose your voice with this method, you want to keep the vocal cords dry. @Patricia W. Have you ever tried these things before? That is pretty crazy if you did. You were very specific with your directions that I am not down to try any of these things out

#36 always say never Books1. Great Expectations 2. Wuthering Heights 3. Crime and Punishment 4. Ap Statistic Book 5. Chemistry Book (burnnnn!) Places6. Chemistry Class 7. Statistic Class 8. Rider (booooo!) 9. Dentist Office 10. Cafeteria (smells weird) PeopleI like everybody, kinda. I don't actually like everyone, but I can tolerate them enough to see them again and make a conversation or give one of those awkward head nods in the hallway. Wanna know why????? 1. This book was just the most boring plot ever. 2. The language was horrid for a kid in my generation. Plus I just wanted to kill the main female character. 3. There is just a lot of repetition of the same thing going on I thought. 4. Statistics is the devil first language. 5. Chemistry is his second. 6. Though my teacher was sweet and lovely, his teaching habit definitely were not...ummm the same. 7. Never understanding going into this class and never understand anything leaving it. 8. Who likes Rider? Seriously. 9. Boring, plus I'm with all these small children who are hyped up on candy given to them to numb their upcoming pain. 10. Just smells funny

#37 Are you hungry

Pork Sinigang has got to be one of the most popular food in the Philippines. It is a sour soup native to the Philippines. This particular soup dish uses pork as the main ingredients. You can use beef, shrimp, fish and even chicken but my favorite one would be fork because for me it more tasty and it has more flavor to it. There are several ingredients that can be used as souring agent. The most common and widely used is the tamarind fruit (known as sampaloc). Other fruits such as guava, tomato, bilimbi (known as kamias), green mango, pineapple, and wild mangosteen (santol) can also be used to make the sinigang taste sour. This has been my favorite since I was young because my grandpa cooks this for me. My favorite fruit to is santol which is added into this dish which makes me love this Filipino food.

#38 Where I’m from

I was born and raised in the Philippines.

was born and raised in the Philippines. We

Filipinos are known to be hospitable and that we value our families so much. We never forget to wear a smile because of the positive attitude that we possess amidst our problems or even after disasters come our way. These are the main reasons why we should be proud of our race. Because our population is mostly composed of Roman Catholics, our faith and the traditions of the Church become part of our everyday living. From the switching-on of the sun’s light until the back-up lighting from the moon, we practice our Christian values and beliefs -----this is evident in our prayer recitals. We celebrate every special occasion with great preparations, one of which is the Christmas season. When darkness falls and overrules the sunlight, sparkling eyes rove around the new sights to behold. This usually starts on the first day of September and is only seen in the Philippines. Playful rainbow colors enthusiastically move about in the dark grey walls which were once lifeless and cold. This is but one of the marvelous sights as the most-awaited celebration comes near. I could proudly say that yes Philippines is where i am from.

#39 deck of 52 Motivational for losing fats 1. Be realistic. 2. Can’t have it both ways. 3. Celebrate every success. 4. DENIAL is Don’t Even know I Am Lying (to myself). 5. Discover healing rituals. 6. Do it anyway. 7. Do NOT sabotage myself with doubt. 8. Does this choice help make me stronger? 9. Exercise no matter what. 10. Get back on track. 11. Give myself credit. 12. Hunger and cravings aren’t emergencies. 13. It’s OK to disappoint people. All about Diet 1. Put dieting first. 2. Throw some food away. 3. Don’t comfort myself with food. 4. Eat mindfully. 5. Eating well is a reward I give myself. 6. Food IS the consolation prize. 7. I don’t eat crap. 8. I don’t eat food just because it’s there. 9. If not food, then what? 10. It’s not okay to eat this. 11. I can have 3 bites of anything. 12. Protein, Produce & Fiber 13. Nothing tastes as good as being thin.

“I” Statements 1. I will start NOW. 2. I can do hard things. 3. I deserve to put myself first. 4. I’m different now. 5. What I really want is to be healthy. 6. I used to comfort myself by overeating, but I don’t do that any more. 7. I will care later. 8. I’d rather be thinner. 9. I’m not that special. 10. I have not lost the will; I have just misplaced it. 11. Just because I can does not mean I should. 12. If I fail to plan, I plan to fail. 13. I will not give up what I want MOST for what I want NOW. Everything 1. Just do it! 2. No excuses. 3. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely Goals 4. Say no choice, no choice, no choice. 5. Stop making excuses NOW. 6. Head Hunger 7. Heart Hunger 8. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. 9. Set guidelines, not rules. 10. Morning affects evening. 11. Learn to savor every bite. 12. Enrich my life today.

#40. The Examined Life

Strengths: My intelligence because it lets me choose the life I want and gives me the tools I need. My principles because they allow me to stand up for the life I live.

Weaknesses: My silliness because sometimes i get silly out of no where is losing someone that means so much to me

My sense of humor because it lets me accept the things I can’t control.

I can make my weaknesses into strengths by controlling them. i just have to be careful with everything that i do it accomplishes near miracles. I. Sometimes I overreact, however, and that’s bad. If I stop, think, and then react, I can control my temper and my silliness

#41 Annual Report

I am currently a senior and I am graduating student. This year all my classes are more challenging. This is what have pushed me to stay focus. my classes have made a big impact when it comes to responsibility. meaning i had to be more responsible i need to make sure that i do things on time that. Procrastination was not suppose to be an option because if i do that all my work will pile up. A year ago I was not focusing on my studies and I don’t take much effort on all of my classes. This year I had learned to be more focused on my classes. Last year I did not care about my grades because my perspective was as long as I can passed I’m good. It all changed this year. Ever since the first day I wanted to do my best on all of my classes. My mind was all about focusing on my studies. I barely even have free time this year because I have so many homework that I need to do. If I have to finish a certain work that I need to do I would always find a way to manage it. I also learned to manage my time because I think that time is gold. This year was pretty much intense. All my classes are hard. I did not try to look for an easy way out like the other students. I’m happy with these changes because I became stronger and better. These changes will not only help me in school but also in the real world. I am very happy with myself now. I hope that these changes can help me someday in the real world. Although I had gained confidence I would still be down to earth and will not use this to hurt someone. Overall, I’m glad that I became a better person than I was a year ago.

#42 Ekphrasis

Dance Class by Edgar Degas Point your toes says the instructor. Routine demands, she does as she’s told. Her toes point, until they tremble. If only everything she did were this bold. Her bow tied tight, her shoes drawn up, Everything is settling in place. Make-up on, smiles drawn to perfection, Her legs shake under the lace. Sheltered girl in a sheltered world, Dances to please the crowd. The curtains come down, so do the tears, Even if they are not allowed.

#43 Visually Speaking

#44 Lessons I Learned After It Was Too Late

I learned that we should just enjoy everything in life. I learned my lesson that if i don't do that i just might regret it in the end because i wont be able to back. Something that I have learnt from life is that it is like a teacher. All of the time, Life makes good things happen to us but then all of a sudden it turns everything bad and as it goes back to normal, we should know life has taught us a lesson. That's life's way of teaching! We may think we are the luckiest person when everything works out so good but when its starts screwing up, we should remember it is the vicious cycle of Life's teaching. But most people tend to forget it. They are so much stricken by how their life is falling piece by piece that they don't come out of their depression. All your being is a weak student of Life. Life makes us stronger as time passes by. When we hit the downs of Life, what we need to do is keep calm, try your best to move on and draw conclusions of what lesson life had taught you this time and make sure to imply it in future. And that's how life teaches us; first, the good things, second, the bad things and at last it depends upon you to either move on or be stuck in a certain depression or else either learn from your mistakes or make the same mistakes over again

#45. The Door When I walk out that door, I want to fly and just forget about the time I want to be successful . I want to keep flying until I reach the highest place. I want to see how it feels like to be free from every suffering . I want to go to a place where I can forget all the stress. i want to forget all the crap that i had to go through . When I walk out to this school I want to see flowers growing on every footstep I left. I want to make this school a happy place. I want to have a magical power that can stop violence. I want to see people having a good time and enjoying their high school life. I also want to be invisible so that I could see who’s going against my back. I want to be able to read people’s mind so that when I talk to them I will know what they actually think of me. I want to go to a peaceful place where I can think. When I walk out that door I want to left what’s been bothering me and keep walking. I want to be in a place where I can with this special someone and just spend the rest of my time with him. I want to be happy without worrying. I want to be able to see my dreams coming true. When I walk out that door, I don’t want to see people suffering. I dont want to be in pain. I dont want to feel depressed anymore. i dont want to experience anything bad. I don’t want to walk in a hallway full of sadness. I don’t want to stress out over my projects. I don’t want to see monster running towards me. I don’t want to stop on a scary place. I don’t want to see blood on the ground. I don’t want to feel bad vibes from anyone. I don’t want to be a failure. I definitely don’t want to see my mom crying. I don’t want to be sick. I don’t waste to see anyone sabotaging my future. I don’t want to see poor people because it hurts me to see them suffering. I don’t want to ignore people who need my help. I don’t want to just walk out without doing anything. I don’t want to see people dying. I would not want to see homeless people because it makes me sad. I don’t want to hear rich people complaining how they don’t have this and that when we all know they’re lucky enough to have a comfortable living.

#46. Advice to the Young: Always obey your parents, when they are present. This is the best policy in the long run, because if you don’t, they will make you. Most parents think they know better than you do, and you can generally make more by humoring that superstition than you can by acting on your own better judgment. Respect your elders – as unlikely as it may seem, parents have been through many of the same life experiences that you have. Yes it was a hundred years ago and yes times change but family, work, missed expectations, joyful moments, tearful times, and just living day to day are things we all go through. As you personally experience and deal with life, you will understand. But it doesn’t hurt to give us the benefit of the doubt every now and then Don’t take your friends and family for granted – I learned this from my mom at an early age. When things get tough, your family is always there for you. Maintain those ties with relatives, even those that you are not necessarily excited to spend time with. You may be the person they turn to in their time of need or they may unexpectedly be who you go to when you are hurting. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. They are some of the best teachers. Instead, learn to be OK with mistakes, and learn to learn from them, and learn to shrug them off so they don’t affect your profound confidence in who you are.

#47 Who am I 1. I am a student in George Washington High school Home of the ‘’Geckos ‘’. I am currently a senior and will soon be graduating.

2. I am a daughter of Jeannette Wolfley. I am not a perfect daughter because sometimes I can do something that will disappoint my parents.

3. I am a music lover. I love music because it my only escape in this world. I always listen to music whether I’m sad or happy. To me music is like a stress reliever.

4. I am a friend that listens to your pain. I am a friend that could cheer you up throughout the day. I am a friend that can be there for you and make you smile. I am a friend that can help you and ease off your worries.

5. I am an artist I am one of those person who draw. This is one of the things that i do to make myself happy.

#48. Rewarding Experience 1. Middle School – I experienced how being bullied makes you a better person when you dont mind what other people say . 2. GCC Visual Communication – I experienced the taste of how college life can be. I learned a lot of things through visual. I learned how to be patient 3. Moving to Guam – I experienced that changes are not easy. I learned to stand on my own and be more independent. 4. Senior Year – I learned to be more focus on my studies. I learned to take challenges and have fun with it. 5. Heartbreaks – I learned that people come and go. I learned to value myself and love myself more. Sometimes there are things that I have to let go even if it hurts me. Heartbreaks made me wiser and let me see that there is more to life. 6. Badminton Tournament – I learned that being too competitive could be bad you're just suppose to enjoy it. I learned to not to give up so easily. I learned to have fun more than competing. 7. English 12 Mrs. Griffin – I learned to never take an easy way out. I learned to be more productive. 8. Everyday trials – I learned to be stronger and not to easily cry about it. I learned that only I can overcome this. 9. Awards - you learned that this is what you look at when people doubts you this is to prove them that you're capable to doing something 10. art - my passion for art would probably be the most rewarding experience. it means so much to me. art is where i have learned so much.

#49. VALUABLE LESSONS 1. There’s no such thing as a free 2. No one ever learns anything the easy way. 3. You always lose anything that you thought you can always have 4. Money is not everything 5. everything happens for a reason 6. The little things hardly ever matter 7. theres no easy way out of everything 8. There are no accidents. 9. Education is its own reward and ignorance is its own punishment. 10. respect is everything

#50. Futures -- Fantasy and Fact Future I became a successful woman. I took two years of dentistry course in Guam Community College after two years in the air force military I majored and had my master degree in dentistry after four years. I built my own dream house for my parents and for my own family. I make good money to sustain for my love ones . I also studied to be a diver and go to anything that deals with swimming . I also built another beach house back in the Philippines for vacation purposes. Fantasy I am a billionaire. I dont need to work. I have multiple houses around the world.I have traveled to any tourist destination. I have every money in the world to help everyone. I have nothing to worry. I have a pet panda at home. life was very easy for me. I am one of the best in the airforce. Realistic I’m currently a senior at George Washington High school. I will soon be graduating and face the real world. I’m still looking for a job that could help me pay my tuition for college. I’m struggling to finish high school with a high grades to make my parents proud. Im suffering from pain throughout the day that i have to keep telling myself to focus, to be strong and to prove everyone that has been putting me down wrong.


You have learned who I am and what my life has been by reading this book. I have Probably learned just as much as writing it. I needed to dig into my memory, my mind, my and my heart. I had to think about my memories , relationship, accomplishment, failures and a lot more things. I’ve lost few nights of sleep just doing this but it turned out i gain, self-love, writing skills and a lot more. Though this is the end of my autobiography, there is still more writing to be done in the book of my life. i am still young, i still have a lot more to learn, memories to create, and a lot more experience that i will collect.Even tho life brings ups and downs this writing assignment have thought me that you should just cherish, enjoy and be thankful about what life brings you. She doesn’t know what the future holds for her. but she promise to stay focus and devoted. She awaits the rest of her life with anticipation and hope. She would like to thank everyone who have inspired her to make this writing easier for her.

Portfolioassignment patricia 2014  
Portfolioassignment patricia 2014