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best android security applications Over the last few years android has become the most vastly used mobile operating system. Android is pretty versatile and can be easily modified with the help of apps to serve the need of the user. Also android is the first mobile operating system which android security app gave the users the ability to multitask just like a computer and this made android a very powerful operating system. Due to the ability of multitasking android became a mini computer. However,with such power and versatility,there are some risks as well. the risk is of android security. Since it can be easily modified with the use of applications,there is always a risk of security. In android security risk is not just from apps but also from someone gaining physical access to your phone. In case your phone gets stolen,then the thief would have access to your data and can damage your identity android security using that data. So android security is a very wide concept ranging from protection from malware to data protection.Plenty of apps provide all these functions but not all of them work as advertised. Hence you need to choose the security application in android very carefully. One of the best ways to protect your data is to use an encryption. Encrypted is not readable by a third party unless it has access to the key. Encrypted data can be decrypted only by a person who has a valid key. Hence, encryption is a very good option to protect your data. Also another important app which you should have,is a app which erases all your phone data remotely in case of theft. This will prevent your data from unwarranted access in case of theft. You should keep all the above things in mind while choosing a reliable android security app. You do not always need to go for paid apps. Many free apps are also available in the android market which work great and accomplish the task according to your needs.

best android security applications  

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