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Department of Pharmacy Update 7/23/12

Acetaminophen oral suspension concentration will change 7/25! Oral acetaminophen suspension will be changing from 100mg/ml to 160mg/5ml.

What you need to know – Transition logistics All 100mg/ml acetaminophen will be removed from clinics and restocked 7/25 from 0600 to 0900 Continue to exercise your 7 rights and utilize bar-coding during this transition. The concentration you are administering should match the order in EPIC o If you have any questions about administering acetaminophen during this transition time, please call central pharmacy. If you find any 100mg/ml product on or after 7/25, please send back to pharmacy immediately.

What you need to know – Other important information New standard doses: Standard doses have changed slightly to optimize dosing for both safety and efficacy. Weight Range Less than 3 kg 3-5 kg 5.1-8 kg 8.1-11 kg 11.1-16 kg 16.1-21.5 kg 21.6-27 kg 27.1-32.5 kg 32.6-43 kg Greater than 43 kg

Dose 10 mg/kg 40 mg 80 mg 120 mg 160 mg 240 mg 325 mg 400 mg 480 mg 500 mg

Milliliters 1.25 2.5 3.75 5 7.5 10.15 12.5 15 -

Patient education: Upon discharge, please make families aware of this change as they may still have 100mg/ml at home. This is more concentrated and there is a potential for dosing errors at home if they use dosing instructions for 160mg/5ml. Dosage forms: The main suspension flavor will be grape. Cherry may be used as well, pending availability. Chewable tablets are also available

Please see clinical update for more detailed communications and contact your floor pharmacist or Patti in the pharmacy (x74881) with any questions/concerns.

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