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How to improve your skills as a server in a restaurant

A server’s attitude to their work is of the utmost importance, as the customer has come to the restaurant el camion to enjoy themselves, and this is difficult to do when they are faced with a coldmannered or careless server. In order to be successful as a waiter or waitress, you must enjoy meeting new people, and you have to take an active role in ensuring that they have a great time whilst dining in the restaurant. Being courteous and respectful will go a long way towards making a good impression on customers. Do your best to engage with them, without interrupting their meal too much. Being knowledgeable is another important point when serving customers. They might ask you what the speciality dish is, or perhaps they’ll want to know where the restaurant’s meat is sourced from. If they ask you about the way in which a dish is prepared, it is your job as the server to tell them. When a customer asks for a recommendation, you should be able to bring them something they’ll love. Even if you haven’t sampled the food in the restaurant yourself, you can base your recommendations on the feedback on dishes from past customers. Customers will often ask detailed questions about the dishes on the menu, because they have medical conditions or allergies which prevent them from eating certain foods, and in these instances, they need to be able to trust the server’s knowledge about the restaurant. Running back to the kitchen to ask the chef every time you are questioned about the dishes on the menu is not likely to impress your customers, so it’s worth educating yourself about the place where you work.

How to improve your skills as a server in a restaurantc