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One Good Action One good action is greater

intentions in the world, all the

Life is about action. Progress in

than a million good intentions.

good feelings of emotion and

life always involves risks and

feelings of compassion, didn’t

action. Former Chrysler

Have you ever met people who

amount to anything until I got

Chairman, Lee Iacocca, says

are always going to do

involved. That resulted in many

actions should not be confused

something, they are about to do

young lives being changed.

with haste. How true that is.

something, they were going to do

People run around so busy and

something, but never actually

Isn't it amazing how people judge so frantic yet they make very

did? People do not respect

themselves by their intentions,

little progress because they are

intentions, they respect action.

yet they judge others by their

not people of decisive action. All

actions! They believe that if they

of us need to understand that

Many years ago I had the

intended to do something then it

action produces results.

opportunity to be the executive

is actually done. We have to

director of a residential drug

learn to be people of positive

rehabilitation centre. It was in

action, not professional

debt. It was in a mess. Nobody

procrastinators. Glean inspiration are procrastinating about? Ask

wanted to touch it, and I was full

from this statement:

of good intentions and great

yourself if it is because you are afraid, because you don't

feelings for these poor

Did is a word of achievement,

know the outcome, or because

disadvantaged young people.

won't is a word of retreat, might

you are not coping well.

But it wasn’t until I actually got

is a word of bereavement, can't

Develop an action plan that

involved, took hold of the reigns,

is a word of defeat, ought is a

will take you to the level of

and turned that situation of debt

word of duty, try is a word each

living you want to achieve.

around that I actually felt a sense hour, will is a word of beauty, can


Challenge What is it right now that you

of achievement. All the good

is a word of power.


Pat Mesiti - One Good Action  

Pat Mesiti E-Article

Pat Mesiti - One Good Action  

Pat Mesiti E-Article