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1. VINIPORTUGAL Pitch for Visual Aggregative Identity/ Bug Advertising 2008

Founded in 1997, VINIPORTUGAL is a professional organization that promotes Portuguese wines, brandies and vinegars in both national and international markets. Having developed various materials to support their presence at point of sale, they opened a pitch in 2007 in order to make their communication more consistent for on and off-trade. The Solution? We created a visual/graphic aggregative proposal under the motto "Portuguese wines. More than different - a revelation. " The consistency was developed through graphic heritage elements of the brand (seal and cornucopias), creating a distinctive and unique universe for a wine that has much to be discovered. A new talent of the old world, a famous unknown to discover and appreciate.

2. REN Brand Analysis and Reinvention/Havas Design Lisboa/2012

Different times require different thinking. REN is to the Portuguese market what National Grid is to UK, Gasunie to Netherlands, Energinet to Denmark and Fluxys to Belgium. The change in the "power transmission" global business and the 2010-2016 REN’s business plan required a reflection on the brand. It became necessary to analyze the current brand and point out possible future directions, monitoring the industry developments and respond to it in a consistent and differentiating way, whilst contemplating its extensive new range of performance, specialization in planning management of energy transportation and the business plan privatization, internationalization. This was the starting point of an analysis process that included in-depth interviews, online research and brand workshops with the internal audience. After 2 months, we discovered an insight that defined the new brand strategy: More than hardware (infrastructure), REN is software (knowledge). From there we reached the brand’s new central idea: REN is a future energy expert.

3. ALTAS QUINTAS WINES Naming & Identity/ DNA Y& BRANDS/2009

Worked on the account for winemaker, Altas Quintas, a wine produced in the Alentejo region in Portugal (it’s frequently compared to Barossa Valley) for one year at DNA Y&R Brands. Among its product portfolio, I developed their tagline (Alentejo com elevação/Highborn Alentejo) and the naming and identity for their wine 600º, which was inspired on the specific morphology (high altitude for a region that is known for its plains) and terroir of the wine estate.

4. PRÉBUILD Brand Analysis & Strategy/Havas Design Lisboa/2013-2012

The Portuguese/Angolan Prebuild Group, due to recent and rapid growth, primarily through company acquisitions in the industry and construction sectors and in full phase of international expansion, especially Brazil, France and Colombia, needed an analysis of the holding brand and its portfolio. It was necessary to create a logic on its brand architecture in order to provide consistency to the group business philosophy and its various acquisitions. Thus, we developed the analysis and strategy for 14 brands, the first of which, the brand holding company, Group Prebuild, under two architectural models: a) descriptive sub-brand to companies who shared the name Prebuild, eg: Prebuild Aluminium, Prebuild Sports, Prebuild Engineering and b) credibility endorsement for the acquired brands as Levira, Viúva Lamego, Ceramic, Keratec, Goldcer, Porama and Izibuild.

5. FCT Brand Analysis and Reinvention/Brandia/2007

At a time of great changes in the education market, the New University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Science and Technology, needed to catch its breath, to lead the change in their area of expertise and above all, gain new students. The context of “acquiring knowledge” moved to “the application of that knowledge” and above all, to one that demands more certainty in terms of employment rates/job opportunities. In the analysis process, we found that the FTC had unique characteristics such as an emotional approach to science, where students and teachers were really passionate about science and technology, managing to “contaminate” others with it and additionally, the employability of their students was high. FCT was like an engine, a catalyst, a network that promotes personal and professional relationships, as an experience that marks one’s life and structure. From there we reached the central idea "a talents incubator" as a principle of the expansion of one’s personal and professional universe.

6. ERISTOFF, BACARDI/MARTINI Brand Activation/DNA Y&R Brands/2009

Creation of concept and communication for Eristoff vodka. Inspired by its place of origin, Georgia, and under the motto "Eristoff takes you to the land of the wolf", we developed a communication concept based on the brand folklore and mythology on all points of contact with the public. Each glass of Eristoff (the original flavour of the land of the wolf) contains a long story to tell, which brings us to magical places inhabited by wolves and multiple legends‌

7. OPCA Pitch for Brand Reinvention/Brandia/2007

OPCA, construction company (currently OPWAY). Proposal for brand reinvention, repositioning, market analysis, competitive positioning and a new proposal. During a period of change in the construction sector with the broadening of skills and new services (environment specially), as well as the expansion into international markets, we proposed the central idea of "Engineering the future", inspired on the brand’s key skills and its emblematic engineering portfolio, highlighted by the Portugal Pavilion, designed by Siza Vieira and engineered/ made possible by OPCA. More than a construction company, OPCA is a projects facilitator, enabling the imaginary, making the impossible possible in terms of engineering. “The future will be designed and materialized by OPCA” was the tagline.

8. DAMÁSIO Brand reinvention/AFábrica/2007

José Damasio dos Santos Ltd, established Algarve company in the construction market, merged Imodamásio, specialized in real estate company. With this change, it was needed to rethink its positioning, strengthen its market presence and consolidate the Group as a whole brand. We proposed a more simple name for the Group, Damásio, a new central idea and a new identity that better reflected the essence of the brand: "dedication to the wellbeing of the client."


9. TOPSPAS Brand reinvention/Direct client/2008

TopSpas is a Spa consultant oriented to companies who want to create and manage their own label spas. We took the client’s point of view, developing the central idea "Tailored Spacialists", creating this class and exclusive territory for the brand: the brand that creates tailored spas to corporate customers who want to provide their end customers unique and unforgettable experiences.


10. ANCROIL Pitch for new petrol label identity in Angola/Illusive Design Studio

Dedicated to promote mobility, humanitarianism and national development, this new petrol label in Angola challenged Illusive to create a new brand identity that reflected its essence and could create differentiation from the competition. Inspired on the brand values, we suggested the central idea "Nature’s engine, Prosperity and Humanitarianism" to materialize this new label in the Angolan market. A proactive, sustainable brand that would, literally, “move Angola forward”.

11. SLOGGI Pitch for Brand Presence/Activation at Festival Rock’in Rio, Lisboa/Bug Advertising/2008

“Are you wearing your Sloggi ..or are you just pleased to see me?” was the question that inspired this brand activation proposal at the Rock'in Rio Festival, 2008. The aim was to create a presence that caught the attention of a younger audience of the festival (it's a “family festival”), generated word-of-mouth and consolidated the territory of the brand. Subscribing to new social manifestations - the flash mobs, the viral movements such as Free Hugs, we suggested an event that impacted a "vast minority" and would reach the ears of lots of people with the slogan "yours sloggis are to be seen”.


12. PARQUE DOS PINHEIROS Pitch for Real Estate Development/DNA Y&R Brands/2009  

Strategy and Brand Communication for new real estate development located on the South Bank of Lisbon, led by Alves Ribeiro (currently marketed as “Quinta do Pinhão”). This project was aimed at an audience that wanted to live in communion with nature, but without neglecting the amenities of contemporary life: accessibility and infrastructure support, recreation, shops and social gatherings. We proposed the central idea/ concept "Urbe Natura" (literally Nature City) that conveyed the message “live in nature with all the comforts of contemporary life”. After the central idea, we developed the brand identity, as well as the communication strategy/campaign.


13. EUROFIN HOSPITALITY Brand & Communication Strategy/Webrand/2013 Brand strategy and communication for luxury & sustainable real estate development in the metropolitan area of Oporto, on the south bank of the river Douro. A project by Eurofin Hospitality. Under NDA.

Portfolio patriciamadeira strategist  
Portfolio patriciamadeira strategist  

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