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Accessing Electronic Books


ACCESSING ELECTRONIC BOOKS – AT WORK To access our electronic books go to the library services pages on the intranet

On the following page select Electronic Books. And it will bring up the page shown right. As you can see you can search using the search field or click on links arranged by subject and publisher. Alternatively you can browse by letter or use your browser’s Ctrl+F find feature.

Below is a small example of the ebook list. Book titles are hyperlinked, (ie, clicking on it will take you to the ebook), it also includes the author(s) or editor(s) as well as the provider. Pennine Acute library service uses two electronic providers, Wiley Interscience and MyILibrary. These two providers have different ways of accessing their ebooks, which will be covered below (see pages 4-7).

2 To access the books you will need an ATHENS account

ACCESSING ELECTRONIC BOOKS – AT HOME You can access ebooks at home via the internet at

Scroll down the homepage and click on the Careers option.

Then click on Library Services followed by Electronic Books section in the left hand menu.

You should see a search box and a subject list. You use the search box to search for keywords, or the subject list to browse the titles. These book titles will appear as blue hyperlinks, followed by the book’s publishing information. Ebooks are provided by either Wiley Interscience or MyILibrary. Once you have identified the book you want, click on its title. Instructions for accessing books from each on these providers will be shown below (pages 4-7) 3 To access the books you will need an ATHENS account



If you are not already logged into Athens, clicking on a MyILibrary link will take you to an Athens Authentication Point where you will have to enter your Athens username and password.

You will then be taken to the book; the panel on the left hand side contains the book’s contents and can be used for quick navigation. To navigate MyILibrary use the Arrow buttons found on the banner menu above the book.

You can also click on Bibliographic Details and Citation for useful information on how to cite the book in different reference styles.

4 To access the books you will need an ATHENS account

To save or print from MyILibrary, select one of the icons at the top right of the page: either

to print, or

to download as a PDF file.

A box will appear in the middle of the screen asking you to choose what you want to save/print; this can be either the page you are on or a range of pages. Then select Confirm Download or Confirm Print, and then Close in the following box. This should then bring you to your printer menu or to a prompt asking you where you like to save your page(s)

NB: MyILibrary will only allow you download/print 10 pages at a time. However you can repeat this process several times

More advanced features allow you to export references to a reference management programme. Click on either Refworks or Endnote, and follow the prompts that appear.

5 To access the books you will need an ATHENS account


Clicking on a Wiley Interscience link will take you to the book’s homepage. Click on the link to INSTITUTIONAL LOGIN.

At the next screen select Go to Athens

When you enter your Athens username and password you will be taken to the contents page of the book you’ve selected.

6 To access the books you will need an ATHENS account

Wiley offers PDFs of book chapters. To open a chapter click on the PDF immediately below its name.

Once you’ve opened a chapter you can read it online, or print it off using the icons at the top of the page.


7 To access the books you will need an ATHENS account

Education Centre Library Fairfield General Hospital Tel 0161 778 2422 Postgraduate Education Centre North Manchester General Hospital Tel 0161 720 2718

Education Centre Library Rochdale Infirmary Tel 01706 517058 Education Centre Library Royal Oldham Hospital Tel 0161 627 8463

8 To access the books you will need an ATHENS account

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E-Books Guide  

Easy to use guide on how to access the electronic books.

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