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Before You Begin Open Internet Explorer or your web browsing software and go to the following address: If you see the box shown here click the Run button. You should then see the green box shown below. Click the X in the top right hand corner to close it.

You should then be presented with the screen shown here. If any of the software in the Your PC column is red then you may either need that software installing or just updating. If you are using a Trust computer then you need to ring the IT Helpdesk on ext: 45678 to have the software either installed or updated on your computer before logging into the NLMS. If you are using a PC outside of the Trust, click the i button (shown here) next to the software that needs either updating or installing. This will take you to link to follow in order to rectify any software issues. Once any issues have been resolved please close this webpage and see the logging in guide in order to access the e-learning.

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Before you begin