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Walking on land in a dream.

Crista Cammaroto, Director of Galleries, College of Arts + Architecture, UNC Charlotte (USA)

A man walks into the fresh air, the grass beneath his feet crunches, leaves quiver and the moment is captured. The true artist is a collector of experiences but also a translator, manipulator, and transformer. The photographic image is the initial place of departure in Andreas Bechtler’s dreamscapes. The stimulus is pastoral nature. The artist hovers in the privacy of a perceptive moment, and the volley begins between the call of nature and the creative response. And so there is the photographic image and what the artist decides to do with it. The landscape is manipulated, and pigment fills the texture of the real world. The quivering leaves become a flag of sanguine pink, and the muddy earth is now royal blue, creating what looks like folds of lapis lazuli. Nature is a locus for many of Andreas’s creative works, and it moves from the background of his figurine works to the foreground in his landscapes. Andreas has always been a master of setting, but not in the traditional sense. His artistry is in his ability to respond to setting with the addition of color, movement, or selective focus as tools to build a psychological dreamscape. By moving the camera with an open shutter, Andreas creates smears of vibrant color that leap across the picture plane. There are always the phantasmagorical and the actual together. The viewer walks into the world of a dream but with visceral reminders of the real world scratching through. It is the comfort of something familiar that allows the viewer to, in a sense, have a seat, while the rush of imaginative manipulations parade through. Creative free-play is also significant to each image, as is a narrative insinuation of the subconscious. Thumbnail sized figurines are placed in eroticized “found” environments, creating overt and subtle sexual innuendo. In a world where excessive striving often impedes our goal, play becomes the place of enlightenment, an aesthetic yet symbolic triumph of Andreas Bechtler’s work in this series but one that has continued throughout his entire creative career.

Easy Rider 2010 16” x 12” Matte Print On Cotton Rag

Wish I Could Fly 2008 36” x 48” Matte Canvas

Hardship 2011 16 1/8” x 21 1/2” Matte Cotton Rag

Through The Looking Glass 2011 40” x 50” Matte Canvas

Foamy Story 2003 32 1/4” x 25” Matte Canvas

The Red Flag 2003 25” x 32” Matte Canvas

Stranded 2003 24” x 32” Matte Canvas

Extra Clean 2010 15 1/8” x 21 1/2” Matte Paper

In der Klemme 2010 30” x 40” Matte Canvas

Buddha In Distress 2002 53” x 40” Metallic Canvas

Waiting For Spring 2002 53” x 40” Matte Canvas

Restrained 2010 16 1/4” x 21 1/2”” Matte Paper

Hieronymus 2011 12” x 16” Matte Paper

The Hunt 2011 53” x 40” Matte Canvas

Yellow Winterdream

Purple Loneliness

Pink Wishes




16 1/2” x 72”

18” x 72”

16 1/2” x 72”

Matte Paper

Matte Paper

Matte Paper

Beach Dream I

Beach Dream II

Beach Dream III




3 7/8” X 68 1/2”

3 7/8” x 68 1/2”

10” x 68 1/2”

Metallic Canvas

Metallic Canvas

Metallic Canvas

Green Breeze 2007 40” x 30” Metallic Canvas

Pink Breeze 2002 40” x 30” Metallic Canvas

Orange Breeze 2004 40” x 30” Metallic Canvas

Green Takeoff

Pink Takeoff



11 7/8” x 82 5/8”

16” x 82 5/8”

Metallic Canvas

Metallic Canvas

Cornered (Self-Portrait) 2008 26 3/4” x 19 7/8” Matte Paper

Andreas Bechtler 2011 Photo by David Yellen, New York (USA)




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1998 1999

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All photographs by Andreas Bechtler except headshot of Andreas by David Yellen New York, (USA)

David Iannarelli, Sandra Brittain, Andreas Bechtler Charlotte, (USA)

Crista Cammaroto Charlotte, (USA)

Charlotte Printing Company Charlotte, (USA)

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