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Issue No. 405

Pat LaBu ick

Trying to be real, instead of right, in bringing the good news of Jesus to women.


A Root Awakening, an experiential journey for women The Book, A Root Awakening Extreme Makeover For Your

Jesus, and got free. Pat encourages women to come as

Heart, is an experiential walk to healing Women's most

they are and realize they're loved right now and can get

difficult life issues, Addictions, Insecurity, Inferiority,

past and be free of old controlling issues in their lives.

Promiscuity, Abortions, Anger, Abuse, Depression and

No judging, or a magic list of what to do. Just

many others. By being transparent and open about her

encouragement and truth in building a relationship with

own life dominating issues and how she met the Healer,

the One that can heal and set you free almost instantly.

Pat not only knows the truth of innersoul healing, she has experienced what

ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD Pat has experienced most of what the world has to offer that is purported to quench the thirst of the soul that we all understand. She has experienced fame, fortune, success and sensual pleasures to the ultimate. She did so with the beauty and brilliance of God’s personal endowments. All this was to no avail in bringing satisfaction. Until one night she met her Saviour,

Jesus Christ.

she has written about in this outstanding Spirit-anointed book. From very early on in our lives, we have been programmed to ignore our heart and concentrate on living totally in the external world..

Who is Pat? What’s the book, A Root Awakening About? Originally from London, England, ex-

done, or what may have been done to

Playboy Bunny, model and actress on

you, or where you have been. God is

the Benny Hill show, Pat met Jesus

greater than any of this. Don’t let your

over 20 years ago. She candidly tells of

past history steal away your destiny. God

her struggles with her childhood

loves you no matter what mess you

sexual abuse and neglect, substance

may have made of your life... That’s

abuse, eating disorders, depression

why He sent Jesus. He won’t exclude

and anxiety. She understands what it

you... He loves you and nothing you

means to be broken...but shares her

can do can stop Him loving you. No

healing stories effortlessly. She is a

failure... No unsavory past-life, poor

gifted communicator and weaves the

church attendance, no doubt, no

Bible memorably into modern life

hidden insecurities, no weaknesses...

application. A Root Awakening is a

get that - NOTHING!

book to show how to reach your

“With God - everything is

potential in Christ. It’s about recovery and discovery. An experiential

possible.” Matthew 19:26

modern-context application of Christ’s deep love for each of you. This is based on my own personal story of healing from addictions, promiscuity, abortions, abuse, pornography and neglect. From unmet needs and a heart shattered in brokenness to finding the Ultimate Healer - Jesus Christ. Live the abundant dance of Life, with a capital L that Jesus has planned for you. Nothing is too big or small for Him. When you learn to meet Him in these dark, secret places, or learn what the issues may be, then deal with the cause...not the effect. You can overcome your matter what you have

NO IF’S ANDS OR BUT’S BELIEVE IT If He can love me, He can love all of you. Let Him in. He is available to everyone, every shape, every skin pigment, painted girls, bad girls, good girls, sad girls, young girls, old girls, scared girls, suicide girls .

He loves you all...

What Women are saying about A Root Awakening... Need a vibrant, cutting edge speaker for your Church,

“A Root Awakening is the kind of book

Women’s Group, or TV Program. Pat speaks from an

that allows you to go deep inside

experiential point of view, covering real issues for real people with real problems, through encouragement and hope in Jesus Christ. Pat has studied the Bible well and

things in your life that are buried

has a deep understanding of God’s grace and love and

beneath. Those things that are holding

how He can transform everything despite circumstances

you back from freedom.”

past sin or life-dominating issues. He has healed her life

LINDA Uxbridge

in so many ways, and she loves to share her stories and does so with ease and eloquence.

“Love, Love, Love your book! The More

“When living a victoriously whole and

I Read And Do the Work. It’s Amazing!

healthy life becomes a deep yearning

You Are Amazing! You’re A Light Unto

desire. A Root Awakening takes you on

The World!” MARY ANNE Toronto

an adventurous and gentle journey of discovery and empowerment. When a wounded heart is ready for restoration, the healing process hurts so good.” KAT Ventura “Pat weaves the Bible memorably into Modern Life application.” CHRIS Buffalo


The printed copy is 210 pages in a beautiful soft cover, easy to read, 6”x 9” format. Priced at $15.95 Get the digital version for your e-Reader (iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo) Priced at $9.95 All VERSIONS AVAILABLE AT

w w w. P a t L a B u i c k . c o m

yourself, and bring to the surface those

MOST OF US DAMAGED IN EARLY LIFE OR SUFFERING FROM LIFE-DOMINATING PROBLEMS see our life through a broken lens. Shame and guilt have a way of cracking lenses and warping everything you see, feel and hear. It’s like looking in a distorted mirror. The core problem is a wounded identity. Healing takes the form of dying to your old self and taking on a new identity - the real you, resuscitated by Christ.

Don’t Let Your Past Steal Away Your Destiny... If your soul is thirsty or if you have a broken heart, you will find this book to be filled with what Paul prayed for in Ephesians - that Christ would dwell in the hearts of all believers - so they might be filled with all the fullness of God’s love. Open your hearts to the Saviour - He longs to heal every broken heart and fill it with the fullness of His love.


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