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A Patio Heater Allows You To Enjoy Your Garden Longer Outdoor living is all the rage and for good reason. There is nothing healthier than spending time outside, being active and away from the television. However, we are not all blessed with perpetual nice weather and many of us look for ways to enjoy our gardens for longer, retreating inside for hibernation as late as possible. One of the ways to achieve this is by using a patio heater. By using a patio heater, we can be cozy outside for longer. Besides that, they look absolutely amazing, creating an almost magical feeling to our gardens and the outside world. Whether you want to enjoy your garden by yourself, or perhaps throw a late summer party, it is all possible with a patio heater. Best of all, the latest models allow you to control how much heath they give out, so you will always be perfectly comfortable. The heat circle is as much as 18 feet, which is quite a sizable area. They create a lovely, cozy, warm atmosphere, perfect for those late nights outside.

There are, however, a few things to think about. First of all, you must keep safety in mind. This means a good patio heater has a tilt sensor, which is designed to cut off the flame of the heater as soon as it falls over or has other issues, thereby eliminating the risk of a fire occurring. When you visit, you will notice the tremendous array of sizes and models of patio heaters that exist. Most people, however, opt for an upright heater, which often comes with a table around the housing of the heater. This is, again, perfect for outdoor life, as it allows you to socialize under the heater and even hold your drinks and an ashtray on the table. The heaters come in different outputs, generally ranging from 12kw to 15kw. The larger kw models are usually installed in restaurants and pubs, where people have to go outside to smoke. Their design also varies, with some models coming in a beautiful colored powdered coat and other, generally more expensive models, being made out of stainless steel, which really creates a stylish and contemporary look. Some people opt for a table top heater, because they are much smaller and cheaper. However, their heat output is also significantly reduced. You may also want to purchase a range of accessories. If you intend to leave your heater outside when you are not using it, you should at the very least purchase a cover. It is also often possible to buy wheels, allowing you to move the heater around your patio or garden. For extra stability, you could opt to purchase ballast tanks, which make it much safer to use. Very often, a heater works on a gas bottle, and a good heater will come with a regulator installed that is easy to attach. Generally, the gas that is

used in these heaters is either butane or propane. There are also numerous heaters that run off electricity. It is important to understand exactly what sort of heater you have purchased and what the precautions are you need to take with these. Maintenance on patio heaters is very low, particularly if you use a cover when the heater is not in use. There are a number of safety considerations you have to make. First of all, any patio heater you purchase when you go to this site should be placed in a sheltered position. This way, you will have less chance of the heater being blown over in strong winds and the ambient heat output will be greatly increased. Secondly, you must protect your heater with a cover if you want it to last more than a season. If your heater works on a gas bottle, make sure the gas bottle is always in your heater, as this will give it more weight, reducing the likelihood of it falling over. The ballast tank, if it has one, should be filled with sand. You could also use water, but make sure you mix in the right amount of anti-freeze so it doesn't crack in the winter. Never allow children to use the heater, particularly not to swing or climb on.

A Patio Heater Allows You To Enjoy Your Garden Longer  

Outdoor living is all the rage and for good reason.