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Film Slate 2012

About Patient Zero Productions Patient Zero Productions are a young dynamic Film and television production company. Formed in 2010 by Producer and director team John K Webster and Simon Cummins, the company has produced T.V. shows for Living, Discovery Channel Current and SKY. Patient zero productions have also produced music videos, TV adverts and documentaries. Their latest documentary ‘Resonance’, looking into the harmful effects of man made electro magnetic fields and the long term use of mobile phones, it has been selected for festivals all over the world and already has 4 major distributors interested. At the moment, Patient Zero Productions is producing 2/3rds of all the content for a new sky channel called ‘Loaded TV’ SKY 200. The station is an offshoot of the popular lads mag ‘Loaded’. The company directors have now put all their concentration into making though provoking documentaries and feature films, as this was always the destiny for the company. Patient Zero Productions Elstree Film Studios Shenley Road Borehamwood WD6 1JG 0208 324 2322

Jake Fortune 3D Street Dance In a parallel universe of hyper-reality, where war is a thing of the past and all efforts are put into creativity and technology, sits the dance capital of the world ‘PINEAPPLE VALLEY’. JAKE FORTUNE is an extraordinary dancer with a talent only surpassed by his compassion and humanity. Jake opens a dance studio in remembrance of his deceased mother, teaching the under-privileged, giving them an opportunity to express their talents. Unfortunately, RYAN STRIKE, the son of a billionaire technology expert VIKTOR STRIKE, is hell-bent on making himself the brightest star in the dance galaxy and is focused on his own fame and grandeur as he intends to take over the world of street dance by fair means or foul. Ryan decides that Strike Industries should control all of the dance schools and dancers in the Valley, and defends his actions by asserting that it is for the good of the Valley to insure they stay on top. Secretly utilizing his father’s money, power and influence, Ryan bribes the government to enact a new law, consolidating all dance related businesses under his control, under the banner of STRIKE INDUSTRIES. Forcing the street dancers to work for him, he deprives them of their freedom of expression and their businesses. Jake is amongst them, losing 'GOOD FORTUNE' Studios. With his disciples, Jake flees to the underground in an act of defiance, resisting Ryan’s maniacal grab for power and glory. Jake and his crew train secretly in the shadows, rehearsing and developing their style away from the dogmatic control of Ryan. Little do they know that government forces are watching - waiting for the right moment to pounce. Finally the day arrives and they descend on Jake, imprisoning him under the terms of the corrupt new law. Locked away in the darkness, Jake feels all hope is lost and that Ryan has won. Returning from a long business trip, Viktor Strike is furious when he finds out what Ryan has been doing with his company and to the Valley in his absence. Ryan tries to convince his father that it’s good for business and his crew will be known as ‘TEAM STRIKE’ promoting the company world-wide. Viktor is not convinced. Viktor pays for Jakes’ bail and arranges a meeting at Strike towers between Jake, Ryan and himself. Viktor is poised to launch a spectacular exhibition of his latest simulation technology and sees the aggravated situation between the two dancers as the perfect opportunity to garner the most exposure for his business whilst repairing his families’ reputation. Viktor proposes a live televised dance contest; a face-off between Ryan, Jake and their crews in his own Strike Towers. Each floor in the tower will be fitted with the latest Strike technologies; Ryan and his finest students will be pitted head to head against Jake and his crew. Broadcast to a global audience, the viewing public will decide who is truly the best and the winner will become ‘TEAM STRIKE’ with global fame the next stop. Budget: £5 Million – Distribution attached (Anchor Bay) 90% of cast signed. Comparisons: Street Dance 3D, Street Dance 2, Street Dance All-stars.


Genre: Supernatural Action Thriller

Uriel, Action; an ex-cop discovers that he is the incarnation of the Arc Angel Uriel Who must fight London’s Crime world to reconcile his angelical past. SYNOPSIS Due to a heroin addiction, brought on by the death of his girlfriend and being shot whilst on duty, Diplomatic Protection Group Officer MARK CUNNINGHAM is discharged from the Police Force. Unable to continue, Mark takes an overdose. He wakes up in a dis-used hospital and is informed by a woman, who claims to be a messenger from God, that he is the incarnation of the Arc Angel Uriel and must fight evil the rest of his natural life. Waking up in hospital, Mark believes the encounter to be a dream. That night, images of a local criminal flash into his head, accompanied by a constant tone and the knowledge that the only way to stop them is to kill the criminal. Reluctant but now starting to believe that he is Uriel, Mark starts an onslaught on London’s worst criminals. After a conversation with his new friend ICKEN and inconsistencies with his new work, Mark begins to question the very foundations of religion and consequently the nature of his new way of life. This leads him on a quest to discover who really is pulling his strings. Budget: £1.5 Million Comparisons Bourne Series, Gamer, Max Payne


Genre: Action / Science Fiction Logline: Trapped in a post-apocalypse town, Unwilling participants fight to the death against an unknown enemy with no chance of escape.

SYNOPSIS Royal Marine, Sergeant MARK HARPER, returns home from his second tour in Afghanistan and visits his ex wife and kids. After an emotional day Mark hooks up with his friends and they hit the town to celebrate his return. Partying in a nightclub, Mark meets a beautiful woman and ends up back at her place where they spend an amazing night together. Mark lies in her bed and is content with his lot. He falls asleep smiling. Mark awakens on the floor of an empty and degraded room, the muffled sounds of battle can be heard outside. Dressed in half military and half civilian clothing, a confused Mark looks around the room and notices an M16 on the floor next to him. The sounds of battle become clearer and louder and Mark rises to his feet and walks over to the window. Looking out from the upstairs bedroom of a terraced house, Mark witnesses a furious battle in the streets below. A round slams through the window throwing Mark to the floor. Whilst on the floor a siren sounds outside and the fire fight stops. Once again Mark looks out of the window but this time everyone is gone and the dust settles to the ground. Mark picks up the M16 and proceeds to walk out of the house and onto the street. Dazed and confused Mark tries to take in what has just happened as he walks down the street, and then from out of nowhere he is grabbed and pulled into a building. After a short struggle Mark is pinned to the floor by AMANDA, “Mark! What the fuck are you doing?� Shocked by the fact that Amanda knows him, Mark demands an explanation as to what is happening. Amanda tells him that they are all ex military that there are 15 of them, with Amanda being the leader, they are trapped in this town and they cannot escape. They have no idea how long they have been there and they regularly come under attack from

an unknown force. One of the buildings has a green light above it (QM building) and when it illuminates they can go inside to get basic rations and ammunition but that’s as much as they know. If someone gets shot they put them in the QM building and they return patched up a few days later. Mark becomes hell bent on escape and convinces the others to help him. Still coming under regular attack, they put their plan into effect and escape into the main compound. They fight their way through the compound into large buildings that seem to always have the lights on. Having lost nearly half their team and the rest suffering from gunshot wounds, they venture inside the building. In there, they have to negotiate maze like corridors and stumble across rooms filled with medical equipment and strange objects they have never seen before. Eventually everyone but Mark and Amanda get killed or left behind as they venture deeper into the building. They stop meeting resistance and Mark and Amanda make their way down a long corridor with a large control room at the end. The control room is full of monitors and futuristic computer consoles and as they enter they are both scanned. Displayed on the screen in front of them is diagnostics of both their bodies and the words “Battle construct Droids” written beneath. The computer speaks and informs them that they are Cyborgs constructed from dead soldiers. Created to run realistic war games against humanoid drones, the only way to properly test them, would be against human combatants. They ask the computer “Who is running the facility?” and the computer informs them that there has been no human interaction for ten years and the whole place has been running automatically for all that time. Mark and Amanda trash the control room, commandeer a Humvee and head out into the great unknown.

Budget: £2 Million Comparisons: Black Hawk Down, Universal Solider, Terminator Salvation

The London Tombs SYNOPSIS The London Tombs is the UK’s number 1 scare attraction. But when 3 visitors are killed after a floor collapses, with one of the bodies still undiscovered, they are forced to temporarily close their doors. Meanwhile, JIMMY and his best friend PETER, are arranging a party for a visiting group of friends they met on a recent holiday in Europe. The group consists of four girls and one man Ryan, an American medical student. When the group arrives they get straight into party mode and party into the early hours. Waking late the next day they decide to watch a horror movie and discuss the recent events at the London Tombs. After some more drinks they decide to go for the ultimate scare and break into the Tombs. Arriving at the London Tombs, they break in through a fire exit. Using the lights on their mobile phones as torches they venture into the attraction scaring each other along the way. They stop in a mock up chapel built into a catacomb and drink alcohol, smoke weed and tell scary stories. Jimmy sneaks out and takes one of the girls with him and they travel deeper into the Tombs. They stop and make out. Jimmy notices something moving in the background and calls out. The thing then gets closer and lunges at them. Eyes blackened and blood seeping from every orifice an enraged man tries to bite Jimmy. Jimmy fights him off and they both run back to the group. Frantically, they explain what has happened and suggest, “They get out now!!” In the dark they lose their way and unwittingly move further into the Tombs coming under multiple attacks from what seem like deranged, cannibalistic tramps. Some of the group fall into the hole left by the floor collapse and the others climb down to help. Down there though, it is a totally different situation, they come under constant attack with only Jimmy, Ryan and one of the girls making it back into the Tombs alive. Fighting their way back up to the fire exit, the girl is killed. Blooded and badly injured, Jimmy and Ryan smash through the exit and as their eyes fight to adjust to the light. In front of them is a line of armed police and behind them a loud rumbling and groaning. Jimmy and Ryan turn to each other. Budget: £150k Comparisons: Resident evil series, House of Wax, Friday the 13th, 28 days later



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