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Gmail - Series 1 -Research on Satpanth

Real Patidar <>

Real Patidar <> Bcc:,

Tue, Apr 10, 2010 at 12:23 AM

Some people could not read the email, probably because it was in Gujarati and may be gujarati font is not installed on their PCs. For the benefit of such persons, I am sending the email in English. If you were able to read my original mail in Gujarati, please ignore this mail. Regret any inconvenience caused to you. ȤkK^hSj \h5 ah5Iah \hN° WjIp ȩkas. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello, For past few days, I was surrounded by a question in my mind and that question was about the satpanth darma. Since my childhood, I had not much on Satpanth and hence was more to know more about it. I had heard divergent views on Satpanth. Same said; Satpanth and Sanatan dharm are same; Things have changed a lot as the time has passed; Satpanth is a dharm based on Veds; On the other side; Satpanth is a muslim dharm; Satpanthis look and pretend to be like Hindus, but are Muslims from deep within; etc.. etc.. Hearing such divergent views, my mystery deepened and I decided to study the dharm in depth. In order to study the dharm in depth, I decided that I would study the main objective and is style of functioning. I will put more emphasis on things on which I can get concrete evidence. My this thought guided me to study the religion of Khoja muslims (Ismaili Muslims), because Imam Shah (founder of Satpanth) was a Khoja Muslim. Hence the opinion of Khoja Muslim community of the Satpanth community is vital link in understanding the Satpanth dharm. Khoja Muslims have a huge library containing well researched historical evidences and manuscripts of Satpanth religion, written by Imam Shah. When I started doing a in-depth study I was astonished with the findings which led me to do more in-depth study. The findings of my research had potential to answer the similar questions arising in the minds of many people. Hence I decided that I will share my findings with the people from our community. In this endeavor I will send series of emails containing and explaining my findings. In the series of sharing my findings, this is my first email to our people. The answers to questions like; 1. What is the mission of founder of Satpanth dharm? 2. How to reach the pinnacle of Satpanth dharm? 3. When is the Gurumantra given to be recited at midnight?

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27-Apr-2010 12:54 PM

Gmail - Series 1 -Research on Satpanth

10. Is Satpanth a Muslim dharm? 11. ... 12. ... can be found in the library documents of the Khoja Muslims. One such document can be found in the following links or This is my sincere request to all our community members to bring the aforesaid document to the notice of as many members as possible. In case you are not getting my emails on the subject, but are interested, then kindly send in your request at Regards, A Real Patidar -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In case you are interested in knowing more on the subject kindly send a request email to


\h^h ƥeh_h ìhiSKWs, TsPh ˆUads Tj \h^h \W\h5 ?D dah_ ENDŽ ^Ĝs eSs. 7Wp ? dah_ eSs dƗX5T V\½ Wh Zh^\h5. WhW XR Tj \Ҫ 8 iac] X^ D: dh5[ƤȻk5 W eȱk5 ?N_p 8 iac] ĤRahWj aȴk ;ƗɅkDSh eSj. \Wp 7WpD KƊ]h Tj 7_F 7_F ahSs dh5[`ah\h5 8aSj eSj. Ds: De°ȱ k5 D°... dƗX5T 7Wp dWhSW Ss ?DK e°. eap Xe°_h Ȑɂk5 WTj, eap Ss GȰk5 Zȴk5 ZU_h: FȻk5 Jp . dƗX5T V\½ apUs Wp \Wp Jp . Zjĥ Zhȩk, dƗX5T V\½ ȺkŠƨ_\ V\½ Jp . dƗX5Tj Zhe^ Tj ˆe„ȳk Ȑas U° Ehas D^bp XR ӔU^ Tj ȺkŠƨ_\ Jp . aFp^°... aFp^°... 8aj ZVj ahSs d5[h`ŽWp Ɇk5 ȺkKaR\h5 XPŽ F]s. ?N_p \Ҫ WïŽ DȻk¿ D° Ɇk5 8\h5 әPhR Tj SXhd D^Žb. \Ҫ WïŽ DȻk¿ D° \h^h 8 iac] Wh 7Ɵ]hd \hN° ZWpƗ]h5 ɅkVj 8 V\½ Wh Ⱥ l` e°ȱ k 7Wp Dh]½ ̆Rh_j ;X^ ƚ]hW 8Xjb 7Wp Ȑ IjKs\h5 Osd ȶk^hah es] ?aj IjKs ;X^ aVh^° [h^ 8Xjb. \h^s 8 iaIh^ \Wp EsĤ ȺkŠƨ_\ V\½ Wp Study D^ah\hN° \Kȸk^ D^° Jp . EsĤ ȺkŠƨ_\ V\½ ?N_h \hN° D° dƗX5T V\½Wh ƨThXD ?D EsĤ ȺkŠƨ_\ eSh ? Ss da± ĤRs Js. ?N_p dƗX5T V\½Wh Zh^\h5 Ƀk5 De°ahȵk5 Jp EsĤ ȺkŠƨ_\ V\½ ȵk5 ? ZɆk KĮ^Ž Jp . EsĤ ȺkŠƨ_\ V\½ Wj Library ȣkZ iabh` Jp 7Wp SpWj ӔU^ dƗX5T V\½Wh Ⱥ l` eƨS _p‡ES ȶkƨSDs ibah] ? V\½ X^ GRhK әPhR Tj 7Ɵ]hd D^° _h Research Document 7Wp Literature Jp . \Ҫ K]h^° 8 V\½ Wp әPhRSh Tj SXhd D^ahȵk5 Ihɀk DȻk¿ Ss Ɇk5 ZɆkK 7I5[h\h5 8aj F]s 7Wp \Ҫ aȴk әPhR Tj 8 iac]

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27-Apr-2010 12:54 PM

Gmail - Series 1 -Research on Satpanth

<X^ 7Ɵ]hd D^ahȵ k5 Ihɀk DȻk¿. \h^h 8 7Ɵ]hdWh Y`, \h^h Ȑah GRh ƥ]ŠƈSWh \W\h5 8aSh dah_sWs KahZ ZWj bD°, ?N_h \hN° \Ҫ WïŽ DȻk¿ D° Ɇk5 \h^s 7Ɵ]hdWh Xˆ^Rh\sWp 8XWj ìhiS Wh _sDs dh\p ȺkDŽb. 8Wh \hN° \h^Ž Xhdp Tj S\p Vj^° Vj^° 7WpD email \`bp. 8 id_id_h\h5 \h^s 8 Xe°_s email Jp . WjIp Wh Ⱥ l`ȹ lS dah_s... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

dƗX5T V\½ Wh ƨThXD ȵ k5 Ƀ k5 Mission eȱ... 5k dƗX5T V\½ \h5 NsI ɅkVj XsͰƛIahȵk5 D° aj ^ŽSp? \V ^hSWh KXah \hN° Ȥkȿk \5́ ðh^° 8Xah\h5 8ap Jp ? 8 Ƀk5 Ⱥ kƣdj\ V\½ Jp ? ... ....

Wh KahZ ĮXp EsĤ ȺkŠƨ_\ Wh UƨShapKs\h5Tj ?D Xhȵk5 8 email dhTp KsP°ɀ k5 Jp . 7Tah /patidar/ \h^Ž S\s dɆk5 ìhiSKWs Wp iaW5Sj Jp D° 8 email S\s aȴk Wp aȴk 7ƛ] ìhiSKWs Wh ƚ]hW \h5 _habs. S\Wp 8ah email W \`Ss es] XR S\p 8ah email regular \`p ?\ IheSh es Ss S\p X^ d5XD½ D^Ž bDs Js. _j. ?D E^s XhNŽUh^ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------S\p 8 iac] X^ \hˆeSj Ks]Sj es] Ss \Wp X^ S\h^Ž iaW5Sj \sD_haj bDds.

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27-Apr-2010 12:54 PM

Series 1 - Covering Email Contents  

covering email contents - Satpanthis way of converting hindu to Muslim

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