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Analysis of Momin Chetamani

Series 16

Section 1 Foundation of Satpanth (1 to 76): Message 1: Citation: 12, 15, 27, 28, 29, 30, 34, 35, 53, 64, 67 relate to Dasond

Message: At any cost pay Dasond Message 2: Citation: 1)

Introduction to the Imam of the time-God manifest, resides in Iran and He is the One who Satgur(Pir) Introduced you (Momin) to Him. Refrain: Beware O Momins! This is what the true Guru tells you.


That the descendant of Ali and Mohammed is He (present Imam)and if you do not recognize Him you will go to Hell.

Message: The ginan (Momin Chetamani) starts with a warning. First believe what “Satgur” (means Satguru [સતગુરુ] or Pir) tells you and then if you do not believe then a straight threat that you will go to

Hell. A normal person (means mainly ignorant, poor, unsuspecting, illiterate people of those times) could directly fall in this trap.

Message 3: Citation: 7.

10. 18 28.


34. 58.

The Noor in the Imam of the Time is the same that was the cause of creation and really is from the very Noor you have been given the Satpanth, nay, even the Quran originated from that Noor. The spiritual side of your existence is found in the Satpanth (and you can find it) if you pray during the night with real faith and verily that is the only salvation for your soul The Gods such as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshvar are all one in this Satpanth and are manifest in Ali's progeny and is present with us in this world. Without Dasond there is no salvation so heed Me Momins, for I am being emphatic. This Joog is the last stage where you can achieve salvation; then why not make an extra effort to achieve it. Those Momins who will be dubious about paying Dasond will have no material, physical or familial peace. These are the Momins who have not walked the path of Satpanth and I am beseeching them. This Kaljoog is a difficult time, so beware, give Dasond to the right Guru and that is one way of achieving salvation. Momins, be satisfied with the food you get; do not hunger for more. The one who has created this earth is Ali, Who will give you your Roji (i.e. sustenance).

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Series 16 -Attachment 1 -Analysis of Momin Chetamani -English  

Analysis of Momin Chetamani in English language

Series 16 -Attachment 1 -Analysis of Momin Chetamani -English  

Analysis of Momin Chetamani in English language