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Analysis of Momin Chetamani

Series 16

Section 9 -Pir Hasan Kabirdin (Kabruddin) (438 to 630): He is son of Pir Sadruddin and father of Pir Imam Shah. Message 1: Citation: 439. 447. 450. 451. 466. 470. 476.

He humbled himself like a wife and recognized his Lord. He never had any other thought in his mind and meditated on His Name to achieve Him. In the present era that Guru has come as Nabi Muhammed (Brahma) and do recognize him as the True Guru. Pir Hasan Kabirdin and Pir Sadardin are from his lineage. Accept Ali as Allah for Pir has served Him in many eras. In the present he serves Shri Islam Shah and resides in Kehek. The Imam called Satgur with love and looked after him. The Satguru who is Brahma's Avtar, is Pir Hasan Kabirdin who resided in Uch. I have accepted you as my Lord forever, yet I am very sinful, so I have come to your feet and only you can forgive my sins Pir replied: You are my Lord and I am your slave. I am full of sins and you are the One who can forgive them. O Lord, You accepted me at Your feet and have counted me amongst Your slaves.

Message: It is tried to brain wash the people that all of them are full of sins and hence should serve the Imam like a wife serves her Husband. Message 2: Citation: 520. 522.

523. 524. 571

578. 583. 584. 590. 604. 620.

Those who will sacrifice in Satpanth, will find that for each sacrifice they will be rewarded 1 1/4 million times. When these souls reach Heaven (Amrapuri) they will find that their houses will be made of golden bricks studded with diamonds and the beams will be made of sweet-smelling wood and the mud will be composed of Kasturi (precious perfume). Fifty angels will quench these people's thirst and one of them will marry him/her and they'll beget 500 sons, all of whom will be true Farman-Bardari Momins. 500 slaves will serve that Momin and will be at his command and indeed that soul will be soaring high. Infinite souls have been blessed because of you, of which 48 Karor will come to My door, led by you; Indeed you are a good man. When the (final) Great Day arrives, Pir and Prophet will be the leaders and I will be there in Arabic (human) Avtar and judgement will (..... check). So serve that Lord without a doubt for the One I have seen has really created the whole universe. Tell them about the infinite souls for which you are responsible, and the 48 Karor who are close to Ali. So those people who will follow the right path will be saved by Ali. Momins, follow the Satpanth for your salvation for the ten Avtars are over and there won't be an eleventh. My Lord resides (secretly) in the West continent - Iraq - He is the Living Imam and Ali Himself. Those who will earn an honest living and will pay Dasond will be amongst the souls (saved by Pir Hasan Kabirdin). Do not look at what Ali does, but obey what He says, for as the times will change, Ali's actions may be beyond your comprehension.

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Series 16 -Attachment 1 -Analysis of Momin Chetamani -English  

Analysis of Momin Chetamani in English language

Series 16 -Attachment 1 -Analysis of Momin Chetamani -English  

Analysis of Momin Chetamani in English language