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Pathways to Home

April 2012

While there are many struggling in our community and in this economy, Pathways (PTH) is providing programs and services that are working to stabilize, strengthen and empower families.Your partnership with us makes this possible! We hope you enjoy reading the first e-newsletter, On the Path and the impact your support is having in the lives of children and families every day.

April 2012 Issue 1


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spotlight: volunteer Kenny Roe has been an asset to Pathways to Home (PTH) since its inception; however, giving to his community is nothing new. As a volunteer FireFighter in Long Island, New York, at the age of 18, Kenny found it natural to serve his community and has not stopped since. Spurred on by an awareness of the blessings in his own life and the need in the lives of others, Kenny blesses PTH and the families it serves with his dedication and enthusiasm. First introduced to Pathways to Home through St. Stephen’s Catholic Community, Kenny began by simply doing what needed to be done. Alissa Kraman, PTH Program Director, noted, “when presented with a challenge, Kenny acts quickly to Find a resolution.” As president of Custom Wall Designs, LLC, Kenny has not only contributed his own personal resources to Pathways to Home, but also with the support of his family, friends and clients, he has encouraged others to become aware of the challenges facing homeless families in Seminole County. He Finds himself not only inspired by the families he meets and the impact PTH has had on their lives, but also our community’s generosity when the immense need that exists is understood. The profound importance of organizations like PTH was underscored one day as he was helping store furniture inventory for PTH with the help of a local moving company that had donated their services. While loading items into the Boys Town building in Sanford, the young man employed with the moving company pointed out a room there that had been his bedroom for a time as a child. The man commented that the help he received there allowed him to have a great job, a great family and a fulFilling life. Witnessing this full-circle moment reinforced Kenny’s conviction that every child deserves a safe bed and a warm blanket. As a community servant since his youth, Kenny has been very familiar with many charitable organizations, but remains astounded at how quickly Pathways to Home has grown and how much the organization has accomplished in a relatively short time. To anyone interested in volunteering, Kenny advises, “ don’t be afraid to start somewhere.” He adds that with even a minimal amount of time, anyone can help and just build on it from there to Find where one’s skills and time are most valuable. Article by Megan Aldridge

We are always looking for in-kind contributions to “wish list.” Please contact leond@pathwaystohome

Gift Cards Welcome baskets for families moving in homes Office supplies Packages of toilet paper, paper towels, light bu

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wish list

through the eyes of children What can we learn from kids’ wishes? Be prepared to be surprised by the child’s world. For, among the anticipated wishes for toys and treats, there are also wishes of amazing humanity and grandness:

When asked, “If you could have three wishes, what would they be?” “my first wish would be probably to have a million dollars to take care of my family members.”

-Molly, age 11

“To have a grandfather”

-Derrick, age 9

“a pair of black jordan’s slides.”

-Dimitri, age 6

“to be successful”

“i would love to rescue animals”

-Timothy, age 18


-Nayom, age 6

“I wish to be a choreographer. I want to go to a great college and major in dance, especially Hip Hop.”

-Timothy, age 18

-John, age 13

“to be part monkey”

-Derrick, age 9

-Nayom, age 6

“i want a pet dog”

-Timothy, age 18

“I would like to be a lawyer when I get out of college.”


-Nayom, age 6

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-Molly, age 11 April 2012 Page 3


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partnership‘n caring Stable. Safe. Productive. Meaningful. t of us take for granted A few basic attributes of the American life mos children and families a life perhaps, but to thousands of Central Florida’s with these qualities is a dream yet to be realized. -profit organization serving Here enters Intervention Services, Inc. (ISI) a non families in Central Florida the needs of at-risk and dependent children and nd its partnerships with since 1994. In four counties, ISI endeavors to expa value of quality services community businesses to achieve the greatest dence and self-reliance that foster personal and economic indepen among the children it serves. ages 18-23 who have As partners with Pathways to Home, children ed towards personal aged out of the formal foster care system are guid toring and personal autonomy and self-sufficiency through men development counseling. now have the tools and Lives that once seemed hopeless and fearful m. potential to bring to fruition the American drea Article by Megan Aldridge

upcoming events

Mark Your Calendars for these Upcoming Events:

The Pathway Home Breakfast If you want to learn more about us, please join us for The Pathway Home Breakfast. This free breakfast will enlighten you and inspire you. Help make a difference in a child’s life, help make a difference in your community, join Pathways (PTH) so you too can make a difference. For more information please call 407.585.3087.


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t n e mom

Pathway to Home presents... Dance, Dream, & Inspire Save the Date for an exciting night of fun for a great cause on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012 at the Sanford Civic Center. Six Stars (TBA) will be paired with professional dancers from local dance studios. More information to come soon!

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While there are many struggling in our community and in this economy, Pathways (PTH) is providing programs and services that are working to...

On the Path: Pathways to Home September Newsletter  

While there are many struggling in our community and in this economy, Pathways (PTH) is providing programs and services that are working to...