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ISSUE 09 FALL 2017




Jennifer's Story Finding Confidence & Certainty in the Person I am Today

Meet Karen She has spent the last 16 years helping Londoners overcome barriers

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THE FALL IN PHOTOS! From Graduations to Community Events - there has been lots going on at Pathways over the past few months!

Embracing Change. This is one of Pathways long held values. With this edition of The Hired News we are making a slight change of focus. Going forward the Hired News will be sent only to Pathways and Ontario Works staff and will tell the stories of clients, their caseworkers, and Pathways' staff who have interacted as part of these stories. It is an opportunity for us to celebrate the partnership between us at Pathways and you at the City and the changes that occur in individuals’ lives from that partnership. We start this new approach with the story of Jenn, a client who recently completed our Essential Employment Services intake and workshops and then went on to our Administrative and Clerical training. Through this process Jenn obtained employment, but as you will read in her story, she gained far more than that. Along with our client Jenn you will read of one your own colleagues, Karen Sheaves. Karen’s interview is the first of what we hope are many introductions of OW caseworkers in our newsletter, and we thank her for sharing with us. The Hired News has always been a celebration of the collaboration and partnerships that make client successes possible, and we hope you find this and future editions a continuation of that tradition.

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GRADUATES Completed Skills Training so far this Fall!

Thanks for reading, and for sharing! Jerry Cover Photo: Jennifer  with her sons! Hired News | Issue  9 |  page 1

SEPTEMBER HIRES $13.39 Average Wage




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Clients Referred to Pathways Completed an EAP

Karen talks about what brought her to this work & celebrating each step a client takes! Can you tell us about how you came to be in the caseworker role ? The field of social work was always a profession that I was interested in, but becoming an Ontario Works caseworker was not my initial goal. A cross country move due to my spouse’s employment 16 years ago began my career with the City of London. What do you enjoy most about the caseworker role? What might be the biggest frustrations? The thing that I enjoy the most is the challenge of helping people deal, no matter the circumstance, with their personal barriers. Every day brings new obstacles to overcome. The most frustrating part is having the time that I would like to have to be more beneficial to help someone overcome their barriers.  What have you appreciated most about partnering with agencies like Pathways in providing services to your clients?  I think that the thing I appreciate the most in partnering with community agencies is that we all have the same goal in mind and work together to help an individual meet their ultimate goals. Collaboration is key in order for success to be achieved.

KAREN'S CLIENTS & PATHWAYS: 132 Clients Completed Employment Action Plans 192 Workshops Completed 52 Jobs Found 14 Clients Completed Skills Programs

Do you have a favourite inspirational saying, or a client story that continues to motivate you? I do not have a specific story that motivates me to continue to help individuals achieve their goals. Every individual has a story and every step is a success. No matter how big or how small it may be, any movement forward is something to celebrate. As each step occurs, it motivates me to continue to help the individuals that I deal with every day to become self-sufficient.

Thank you Karen, for helping each client more forward one step at a time!


FINDING CONFIDENCE & CERTAINTY IN THE PERSON I AM TODAY Jennifer found hope, security and confidence after what felt like endless uncertainty. Today she can provide for her family & has more time for fun with her boys!

Life before Pathways was always uncertain. I was uncertain of every aspect of my life, from being able to buy groceries to what the heck am I going to do for Christmas. But most importantly I was uncertain of  where my life was headed. I went through long periods of anxiety and depression. I had no motivation because I was always worried about everything. Being a single mom with two boys always kept me on my toes. And having so much uncertainty in my life became a weight that felt impossible to carry.  I first found out about Pathways through my Ontario works caseworker, Jen Poirier.

When I met with Jen she was more than welcoming. She really made me feel comfortable and she was hilarious! Her sense of humour immediately made me feel comfortable! For me, who had been a stay at home mom for what felt like forever, the workshops were soooo eye opening and informative. I felt welcome and found all the facilitators amazing and helpful with anything I asked. Never once did I feel judged!  I learned so much during the courses and workshops.  Everyone at Pathways inspired me to be the person I thought I had lost.

I am now motivated every day to wake up, get out of bed and strive for greatness. So a huge thank you to them for showing me how to bring out the talents I didn't know I had!

"... I'm a happier mom - and best of all is that the uncertainty I felt is no longer a part of my life."



Today my life is so busy! Busy in the best way possible. I feel great when I wake up, and great when I get home. I'm a happier mom - and best of all is that the uncertainty I felt is no longer a part of my life.

My current job role is working reception in the service department of Finch Hyundai. I have been working with them ever since I finished doing my Co-Op! This opportunity means absolutely everything to me and my family. I have more time to be happy and do things with my kids, I have the freedom and ability to take a trip home to see my family in Alberta, and I can always buy groceries – we never run low. For me the biggest change of all is that I am no longer living in uncertainty. Now my life is on a road to success – for sure!

My advice for someone considering Pathways: I absolutely love Pathways and the entire staff. They went above and beyond to help me get where I am today. As long as you are open and willing to do what it takes to achieve your goals, they will do everything they can to help get you there.  I'd tell them to prepare to have their lives changed because that's what Pathways does.

"Stay positive, work hard and make it happen. " This quote kept me motivated during the most challenging times.

My Favourite Quote: The quote I've fallen in love with recently is : One day it just clicks! You realize what's important and what isn't You learn to care less about what people think of you and more about what you think of yourself. You realize how far you've come and you remember when you thought things were such a mess you'd never recover. And then you smile. You smile because you are truly proud of yourself and the person you've fought to become!

Upcoming Courses & Workshops Employment Preparation Workshops Getting Ready Getting the Interview Getting the Job

Skills Training Courses Light Industrial Training (LIT) - January 8 Administrative and Clerical Training (ACT)  - January 8 Construction Technology Training  (CTT) - January 15 Property Maintenance Training (PMT)  - January 15

These dates may change. Please connect with us to get the latest information!

Hired News: Issue 9 (Fall 2017)  

In this issue: Jennifer shares how she found confidence and certainty in the person she has become. Karen has spent the last 16 years helpin...

Hired News: Issue 9 (Fall 2017)  

In this issue: Jennifer shares how she found confidence and certainty in the person she has become. Karen has spent the last 16 years helpin...