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Celebrating 30 Years


"At any age you can dream big and go after what you wish. You just have to put in the commitment and work to get there."


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Thirty years ago a small group of Londoners formed an organization dedicated to assisting individuals with barriers to employment, learn new skills and connect to the workforce. Three decades later, the mission of Pathways Skill Development remains unchanged.  We connect people to jobs and jobs to people.  From the very inception, there was a fundamental belief in the worth and potential of every person. Each has the possibility of building a new tomorrow.  Hope is not allowing your



What's happened in the last 25 years?

yesterday to define your tomorrow. Over the years, thousands have passed through our doors, gaining the opportunity to build a new future. Hundreds of employers have found valued employees who help them build quality companies and serve the local economy. Our social enterprises have created work and charted new pathways to self-sufficiency for many. The staff of Pathways have changed over our history.  We try to live our mission with each one.  Many have found a deep sense of purpose in their work. They have grown in their skills and built futures for themselves.  Some have gone on

29, 210 CELEBRATING Clients Served 25 Years Of Tracking Impact

4,233 Employers

to further education or different employment. Each one seeking to discover their calling in life and pursue their dreams. But each one has deeply contributed to the mission. These are changing times, yet Pathways stands ready to invest deeply in our community and to focus on our mission to connect people to jobs

5,272 Clients Received Employment


2,442 Skills Training Courses Completed

27,729 Workshops Completed

and jobs to people in the years ahead.   - Paul Hubert, Executive Director

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(From left to right) Sandi, a Pathways Employment Placement Specialist with Misty. Read Misty's story on page 3

Celebrating 30 Years 1989 PATHWAYS OPENS ITS DOORS Pathways was founded under the name Niigwin Skill Development with the mission of "helping individuals overcome multiple barriers to meaningful employment" The same mission we work towards today! The organization initially focused on providing skills training in property maintenance.

25 YEARS OF IMPACT IN LONDON'S CORE For more than 25 years Pathways was located in the downtown core offering employment services and community resources. Thousands of Londoners visited Pathways at 388 Dundas and 210 Dundas. As the organization and our services expanded, we needed more space!

SKILLS TRAINING THE SKILLS TO GET A JOB, KEEP A JOB, & THE ATTITUDE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE Property Maintenance Training is the course that started it all! In 2005 Pathways introduced a 9 week Logistics & Manufacturing program quickly followed by Construction Technology in 2006 and Administrative and Clerical Training in 2013.

COMMUNITY PROJECTS INNOVATIVE & IMPACTFUL RED ANTIQUITIES BUILDING: This beautiful historical building located in SoHo was at risk of demolition. The project gave our CTT students the opportunity to practice their construction skills and saved an historic London landmark! Language That Works and More Than Just a Job in north east London helped newcomers develop ESL skills while volunteering.

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE In 2008 the global financial markets crashed and it became harder for our graduates to find their first job! Clean Works (established 2009) hires graduates of the PMT program and gives them the opportunity to gain recent work experience. Build Works was a full-service commercial and residential building company which worked on many local projects for businesses and property owners. The London Community Woodshop opened its doors in July 2017. More than 15 businesses have launched out of the Woodshop and more than 250 Londoners have been members of the shop!

205 HORTON STREET MERGING CAMPUSES - A NEW ERA! July 2016 the Employment Campus relocated from 210 Dundas Street to 205 Horton Street, bringing both sides of our services together under one roof.




DREAM BIG Misty's Story

You Can Dream Big At Any Age For many years my life was given to my family… upkeeping the house and on helping my two teenage boys. I always had extra time and was trying to fill it somehow. I felt I needed more in my life but I wasn't sure what. I attended a Wednesday morning ladies group regularly and one day a speaker came in to explain the different courses Pathways offered. I instantly became interested. I signed up for the next available Administration and Clerical Training (ACT) class. I remember attending a few workshops before the course started. I found them to be good preparation before the course began. In those workshops I found useful information that helped me in landing the job I have today. We did essential things like interview preparation, resume writing, developing a business card (which I've never had before). I found the leaders (Jenna & Leslie) very helpful in helping me to rediscover where I fit in the job world after almost 20 years of not working. They were highly motivating and did not sugar-coat anything.  One of the things I learned from the workshops that I still use today is the positive sandwich.  It's the little things like that in the workshop that I think are fundamental to getting the job you want. ACT was a tough course but it helped build the character I needed to do my job today.The most challenging thing was putting everything else in my life to the side. School was first, and so were my dreams of becoming an administrative assistant. My family had major adjustments to make with me not being available 100% of the time for them. I found making a schedule and sticking to it was most useful to me at that time.   I am now working part time as an Administrative Assistant and Scheduling Coordinator at The Village of Glendale Crossing. It gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.  I feel my boys are proud of me for continuing my education at my age and successfully graduating and getting a job in the field I went to school for. It shows them that at any age you can dream big and go after what you wish. You just have to put in the commitment and work to get there.

"You deserve to make something of yourself; don't let anyone or anything pull you off track. You can do it. "

My Advice: For anyone going through the course or planning on taking it I would say, "You deserve to make something of yourself; don't let anyone or anything pull you off track. You can do it. I did what at one time I thought was impossible. Continue to dream big."

ON BEING THE NEW KID I have to admit, Pathways is the Weirdest Place I've Ever Worked! October brings the close to my first year at Pathways as a facilitator in the ACT (Administrative Clerical Training) program. I have to admit, Pathways is the weirdest place I have ever worked. Not weird in the sense that nothing goes well. Quite the opposite. An organization is as strong as its weakest person. There are no weak links in this staff. These are people who were chosen carefully and cautiously for their roles, with skill sets and experience that are great and varied. There is considerably more to being a Pathways team member than just showing up and fulfilling your job description. You might be thinking “that’s not weird, that’s to be expected.” Certainly, in a perfect world that’s true. This is not the weird part. The weird part is that everyone genuinely likes each other. Because of this, we tend to lend more of ourselves to each other to benefit our clients. We purposely spend time together outside of office hours. It goes against every professional office rule I have ever had and it’s been worth it. A positive corporate culture payoff means support for each other and just as importantly, for the people we serve. My role was described to me as “50% facilitator and 50% social worker.” No two classes have the same dynamic. Each student is unique, each with their own reason for choosing a career in administration. They all have their own barriers to overcome and part of my role is to eliminate what could stand in the way of their success. Sometimes it’s connecting to resources in the community. Often, it’s spending extra time listening and providing a safe and non-judgemental space that is most beneficial. Showing students how to work in the field of administration is my job. Helping them understand that they deserve a rewarding and meaningful administrative career is my reason for being here. It hasn’t been that long since I first put my key in the door of Pathways. I always keep it fresh in my mind. Not only for myself, in remembering that a new opportunity is something to be grateful for, but so that I can reach my students where they are at, not where I think they might be. I remember the butterflies in my stomach. I was nervous to say the wrong thing, laugh at the wrong time. I knew I’d never remember names.

I wrote down every password and detail, hoping that my hastily scratched notes would make sense the next day. Where was the bathroom again? What the heck do all of these acronyms mean? What’s a Monday huddle? I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in. This was a high stakes move for me. I left a comfortable job for a career change. This staff had worked together for years. The working relationships were established and solid. Was there a place for me?   I recall this often because with every new ACT class, there will be 16 students who will be experiencing the same thoughts. Being the “new kid” is tough.   I speak genuinely about how to work through their concerns. Our Job Skills Team gives them the tools and reinforcements to overcome issues that seem so large in the moment. The ACT program can teach them how to manipulate a spreadsheet, but also how to find their place and be a valued, respected team member. Standing before students who have the courage to step out of their comfort zones to positively change their life is a privilege. The trust and persistence required from both sides, is high. When students rise to the challenge, it’s especially rewarding to share their success with colleagues who have had their backs since day one. That’s Pathways.  Success isn’t only for graduation day. It’s a lifelong investment in the people we graduate.

By Sheryl Rooth

"Pathways taught me to step out of my comfort zone and take a risk. If I failed, try again and just do it. Pathways has also helped me achieve my goals and not give up on myself and stay focused on what I want to do and the steps to get me there. Thank you!"

"Thank you very much for giving me hope and helping me put myself together."

"I’m glad there is support like this for people who are struggling in their lives."

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By Yasser I have an engineering degree from the Afghanistan National Military Academy. After coming to Canada, I was looking to start working as a construction worker. I was not familiar with Canadian construction technology so I was nervous to apply for a

What does life look like Today? Today my life is a lot easier. I work for London Paving and Concrete Company.  I started working with LPC about 5 months ago, and now I am

construction job.

operating different machines. The Paver is my

After about a year of internet research, I found out

the project and how to grade the ground. It means a

that Pathways provides hands on training in different sectors, including construction. I decided to start with

favorite. I also learned how to estimate materials for lot to me. Now I can confidently work on projects from start to finish. I am very happy there!

the Construction Technology Training program. CTT gave me more hands on experience and a whole new idea about construction in Canada. John was my program facilitator and he worked hard to make sure we felt comfortable with all the construction tools and materials. I graduated from CTT on April 23, 2019. During the training program I started confidently applying to different companies. I got an interview before graduation, and I actually ended up with offers from two different companies, which was exciting.

Thank you! Thank you to Bob and Becky my Employment


Placement Specialists. They supported me every step of the way. Special thanks to Becky who checks in every month to see how my job is going and cares about my progress.

Upcoming Courses & Workshops Skills Training Courses Property Maintenance Training (PMT) - January 13 Logistics & Manufacturing Training (LMT)  - January 27 Construction Technology Training  (CTT) - January 13 Administrative & Clerical Training (ACT)  - February 3 & March 23

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Hired News: Fall 2019  

In this issue of Hired News we celebrate Pathways' 30th Anniversary. Misty and Yasser share their stories, and team member Sheryl Rooth digs...

Hired News: Fall 2019  

In this issue of Hired News we celebrate Pathways' 30th Anniversary. Misty and Yasser share their stories, and team member Sheryl Rooth digs...