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Your Path: A new program






Sheryl Rooth Joins the Team as a Skills Facilitator!

Sheryl joins us after more than 25 years working in administrative and leadership roles, most recently at the Salvation Army Centre of Hope.

“Working in not-for-profit, broadcasting and the public sector has given me the hands-on experiences that I can use as learning tools for my students, to explore the real-life scenarios and outcomes in the workplace. Getting students from the first day of class to long-term employment is our ultimate goal at Pathways. However, in-between those markers are remarkable milestones that each student makes as their confidence grows, their skills improve and they realize just how much they can offer to a workplace. “

NEW BEGINNING AND NEW PATHS. As we approach 2019 we anticipate new beginnings with many people.   We appreciate the uniqueness of every individual.  Eman’s story, of a single newcomer mom resonates deeply.  Her desire to create a new future for her daughter is the cry of every mother’s heart.   It took a cluster of learning opportunities for the seed to take root. A training course, a supportive facilitator, personal determination, courses at Fanshawe, an initial job and then a career job all contributed to new beginning.  While it is but one story. It is one that depicts the variety of Paths taken to meaningful employment.  In January we are launching a new program called Your Path that will assist individuals who cannot participate in typical preemployment workshops. We are committed to ensuring that all have the opportunity to finding their new beginning.

Paul Hubert Executive Director, Pathways Skill Development and Placement Centre

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Pathways will now offer more Administrative and Clerical Training sessions each year.

FIRST YEAR CELEBRATION! On October 11 the London Community Woodshop celebrated it's first year!

The Impact of One Year:


LONDONERS Learned new Woodworking Skills


BUSINESSES Launched out of the Shop


MEMBERS Joined in year 1



299 741

Hires In the past 12 months

EAPs Creating a plan for a client's next steps

What happened in the last year? 


Skills Graduates


Workshop Completions

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Pathways Skill Development is excited to introduce Your Path. The Your Path program offers customized, flexible training provided in a one to one or small group setting. Clients work in partnership with their Employment Counsellor to create an individualized path that works for them. We offer the flexibility to attend small, one hour workshops which are offered at different times throughout the day. This approach is designed for those who need a more flexible approach to fundamental employment services. This may be due to multiple barriers that prevent them from attending a full day workshop, including social anxiety, part-time employment, mental health issues, medical appointments, temporary child care issues, or language and literacy issues. This addition to our integrated, wrap-around services ensures that we can meet the needs of every participant regardless of their circumstances.

Photo Credit: Ray Drake


THE CONFIDENCE I NEEDED TO REACH MY GOALS "I am very thankful for how my life has changed for the better." EMAN Project Manager Control Analyst, London Life GRADUATE OF:  Administrative and Clerical Training (ACT)


        y daughter and I came from Egypt in June 2014. As a single mom I was struggling to get our life in order and settle in London. It took us about 3-4 months to get settled, and during that time I was able to secure a job at a call centre.

weren't getting back to me. I was applying to several jobs each day hoping that I would hear from at least one, as I needed to find a place where I could get "Canadian Experience". Eventually I went on Ontario Works.

Working at the call centre did not turn out to be a good experience. After all the stress of leaving Egypt and resettling in London, I struggled with some health issues and had to quit. Later I tried to connect with several employment agencies to seek help securing employment, but I wasn't successful. I was very frustrated that employers 

I met with my caseworker Mary and explained my frustrations... that even though I was able to get an interview with one employer, they needed employees with a minimum typing speed of 45 wpm, and I failed the typing test.  So I asked Mary if she could recommend a good typing course that I could take to improve my typing speed. She recommended the ACT  

class at Pathways because I would also receive assistance from a Job Developer.   As my life was very chaotic at that time, the course helped me put together a healthy routine. The facilitators and all of the other Pathways staff were always very encouraging and inspiring. I always felt like I was part of a family there and not just a "student".   I really needed to be surrounded with a positive atmosphere during that period of my life. Looking back on it, I didn’t realize how important that was.


After completion of the course I had the confidence to take the next step towards my goals. I took the Project Management Certificate at Fanshawe College, and then secured a job at Pathways as an Administrative Assistant. That was the launching pad I needed.


What does life look like today? I am very thankful for how my life has changed for the better. Today I work  at London Life as a Project Manager Control Analyst. I was able to move out of my parents' house and live on my own with my daughter. I have a stable job with a stable income that supports me in achieving the goals I had always envisioned for my life. I have a large network of people and a community of support. 

My job has created some sort of stability and safety for me and my daughter. She was very happy when I was able to find a job that had stable hours and income as she used to get so anxious when I worked late at night.

My Advice: My advice to someone in the same situation would be "Don't give up, it does get easier as long as you keep trying". Also, I recommend volunteering and getting involved in the community as that is a key element for networking and learning/gaining new skills.




Years working in Employment Services


Time working at Pathways

Steph Shrum is the Employment Services Team Lead On October 1st Steph Shrum joined the Pathways team as our new Employment Services Team Lead. She oversees the Fundamental Employment Services and Employment Placement Teams.

What drew you to this work & what do you love about it? I had a fantastic Employment Counsellor when I was first looking for work after university, who assisted me with getting a role within her organization and I immediately saw what a difference having a support person during your job search can make. I’ve been in this field for 11 years now and continue to be motivated by the amazing success stories and the incredible people who work diligently to help guide job seekers to achieve that success. Where were you working before rejoining the Pathways team? After being an Employment Counsellor/Facilitator at Pathways, I became an HBA Career Advisor at the Ivey Business School, guiding undergraduate students through the recruiting process and teaching in the Career Management classes. I spent the last few years assisting employers in Middlesex County as the Business Advisor for Community Employment Choices.  How does it feel to be back at Pathways? I’m so excited to be back at Pathways as this was my first real ‘work family’.  I have made some great relationships here and am so lucky that I get to come in and work with people who care so much about what they do and the people with whom they work. Photo Above: Steph (at left) with Board Member, Nancy Warren

Fun Fact: Steph is also a cardio-kickboxing instructor  who loves to make salsa & hot sauce in her spare time!  

Paid to Staff


Photo Credit: Ray Drake

Photos (Clockwise from Top Left): CTT students demolishing the house built by the last class;  Corrina talks to guests about Pathways' Skills Programs; LIT class goes through an obstacle course during forklift training;  Lucy listening during Workshop #3; CTT instructor Neil Suter  talks with Nick Leye in the workshop  during the Grand Opening; Lift truck traffic  during LIT training 


Photos: Top Row (Left to Right): John, Construction Technology Training (CTT) Facilitator, installs an exemplar of truss and wall framing. This tool will be used as an illustration of what's being discussed in class ; CTT students learn about the mitre saw in the shop; Pathways staff participate in the annual Pumpkin Carving Contest. Middle Row (Left to Right): Logistics & Manufacturing (LMT) students practice their forklift skills; Administrative & Clerical Training  (ACT) students share a laugh at graduation; Property Maintenance Training (PMT) students learn how to use a floor polisher. Bottom Row (Left to Right): An LMT student receives their certificate at graduation; Sheryl Rooth teaches in the new ACT classroom; Sandi Firman ( Employment Development Specialist) poses for a photo with an ACT graduate

Photo Credit: Ray Drake

Upcoming Courses & Workshops Employment Preparation Workshops Getting Ready Getting the Interview Getting the Job

Skills Training Courses Administrative & Clerical Training (ACT) - January 14 Logistics & Manufacturing Training (LMT  - January 14 Property Maintenance Training (PMT)  - January 21 Construction Technology Training  (CTT) - February 19 These dates may change. Please connect with us to get the latest information!

519-667-7795 205 Horton Street East, London

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Hired News: Winter 2018  

In this Issue of Hired News learn about our new Your Path program. Eman shares her story of moving to Canada and finally finding the launchi...

Hired News: Winter 2018  

In this Issue of Hired News learn about our new Your Path program. Eman shares her story of moving to Canada and finally finding the launchi...