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WYNTER'S STORY "Becoming Model


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EMPLOYMENT SERVICES MISSION STATEMENT I love stories, as we all do. Years ago, when I first began working with the Employment Team at Pathways, we went offsite for a day. I asked them to

We will see beyond appearances to the worth of the individual, and so help them to recognize their own worth, freeing them to take action toward the achievement of their goals.

tell me the stories that made them love what they do. As they told their stories a pattern began to emerge. They spoke of individuals whose circumstances, issues and life situations had caused


them to become discouraged, to give up on themselves, or to despair of


things ever changing. They spoke of people who had stopped believing in themselves. Then they talked about what they saw in these people: the

On October 13th we welcomed many of you at our new location for the Grand Opening of our new building. Attendees had the opportunity to explore our programs, facility, services and much more.

intelligence, the kindness, the resilience, the desire to be strong again. Finally, they spoke of the results. With their eyes both

Thank you for celebrating this milestone with us!

brightening and tearing up at the same time they talked about strengthened confidence, of obstacles overcome, of employment gained and of hope renewed. On that day we developed the mission statement that stands behind every interaction.



What happened in the last month? Let's take a closer look...

In this newsletter we share stories that celebrate the value and worth of each individual who comes through our doors. We celebrate their achievements as they overcome obstacles and Build New Futures. Our

24 Clients

22 Employers

23 Months

$13.62 Hourly

Were hired by local employers

Hired skilled candidates

workshops are not just about building a resume and skills; they are about rebuilding confidence, hope and selfrespect. - Jerry Colwell Director of Client Services

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Photo Credit: Ray Drake

Photos (Clockwise from Top Left): CTT students demolishing the house built by the last class; Corrina talks to guests about Pathways' Skills Programs; LIT class goes through an obstacle course during forklift training; Lucy listening during Workshop #3; CTT instructor Neil Suter talks with Nick Leye in the workshop during the Grand Opening; Lift truck traffic during LIT training

Photo Credit: Ray Drake


BEING A ROLE MODEL FOR MY DAUGHTER I want what my daughter sees in me to be a working , fulfilled , happy mother , so that one day she will also be a happy , working , fulfilled woman " "

By Wynter

WYNTER CURRENT GOAL To secure fulltime employment and be a role model for her daughter Millie


efore coming to Pathways, I would wake up in the morning and ask myself “What am I doing with my life”? And aside from being a full-time mom, I had no idea what was out there for me. I kept questioning and questioning, “How can I get from where I am to where I want to be”? Although being a full-time mom is a very fulfilling and honorable thing to do, I felt the urge to become someone my daughter could look up to one day. Many of my battles with myself were thoughts of “I have no experience or no one wants to hire someone who has not worked in 4 years plus” and “How can I get the skills I need to get the job I want”? I was looking for meaningful work and had no way of getting it. I was searching for an opportunity to get the training I wanted.

I found out about Pathways at a younger age, and like many people, I learned of Pathways through my caseworker at Ontario works. She recommended that I go to a few workshops to see how I could gain a better chance at employment. I did not, however, follow through with those plans, much to my regret. Years later, while struggling to figure out where to take the next steps in my life to achieve my goals of meaningful and fulfilling employment I remembered Pathways! I thought of the great programs they offer here, and immediately set out to sign up for workshops and ultimately register for the Administrative and Clerical Training (ACT).

The first workshop I attended was helpful in many ways, it helped me to understand that there is more than one side to getting ready for employment. Some examples include: how to keep your selfesteem up, getting and staying motivated, picturing success, how to deal with conflict and coping with the stresses of finding and keeping work.

Understanding that I am not the only one who has possibly let life interfere with their goals has motivated me.” "



My "aha" moment:

During the workshops, I had a couple of “aha” moments. I remember one employment counsellor Jenna saying that “If you need experience, get experience, volunteer”. While those were not her exact words, that was the idea of it and I thought “aha”, just what I need for my lacking in experience resume! More information that got me thinking was the availability of jobs out there that I could not possibly know existed if I did not network. I was not sure what networking meant to a full extent until I attended Pathways workshops.

"Now I have the resources to focus on getting the training I need to become the person I know she will be proud of."

Now I know I'm not alone

I first heard from Pathways' Job Developers Bob, Laurie and Sandi in a workshop where they introduced themselves. I automatically knew that when I completed my workshops and my program that these three people would help me fulfill my employment goals. Here I was, with no experience, no relevant skills, hardly a direction I could point my finger in, and I had three people backing me up…. advocating for me. I cannot begin to explain the amount of confidence I had after learning this. This changed my entire outlook. I was not alone after finishing Pathways workshops or programs. I had people now!

Your support means so much

The support at Pathways is helping me to become the type of role model I want to be for my daughter. I want her to grow up with a working, respected and valued mother. I want her to see that with hard work and support from the right people that the possibilities are endless. My daughter is my pride and joy, like all mothers will say, and I want her to feel proud of what I have done to make our lives better.

I do not want to bounce back and forth between meaningless jobs, or struggle to make ends meet. I want to give her stability. Coming to Pathways has changed our lives. Now I have the resources to focus on getting the training I need to become the person I know she will be proud of. I want what my daughter sees in me to be a working, fulfilled, happy mother, so that one day she will also be a happy, working, fulfilled woman.

My Takeaway The best advice I have for anyone in a similar position as myself is to take those first small steps. If you are sitting at home wondering what to do next, come to Pathways.

Make a decision to start making a plan. Life is hard and complicated sometimes, so make things easier on yourself and seek help and support from places like Pathways. Wynter had so much more to say Check out her full story on our website!


Getting Closer to my Dream... I moved back to London 2 years ago after living out West for over 16 years, and found that there were several things standing in my way to employment. Moving back I had no network or contacts to help in my job search. I went back to school and completed my Ontario Secondary School Diploma, but I still lacked the experience that employers wanted. I soon felt frustrated and demoralized. I realized that I needed extra help in building a good resume. I wanted to try something different in the employment field, and I soon found it at Pathways. A friend of mine had mentioned that I should try a program that is being offered from a place called Pathways. Today I am glad I took my friend’s advice. Walking through their doors I made a promise to myself that I should try something new and step outside of my comfort zone.

Groupwork in Workshop #3 I met with an employment counselor and registered for the workshops. During the workshops I learned a lot about how to network properly and how to build-up good contacts in my quest for full time employment. The instructors were helpful in conveying the information that we needed to understand during our journey to employment. The workshops at Pathways were informative, highlighting what employers are looking for in employees. They also offered more information on how to network and create good contacts. The staff at Pathways really do care in helping you look for work. It is also nice to know that they will keep in contact with you after you have found employment. For me that makes a huge difference.

"Day by Day in every way, I am getting better and better” is a quote I read every morning before leaving my apartment. I would advise everyone or anyone who shares the same struggles as me to find a quote they like and say if to yourself every day to help build up your self-confidence.



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Christina is an Employment Counsellor at Pathways. Below she talks about what got her started, what keeps her motivated, and much more!

What led you to work as an Employment Counsellor? I completed a Bachelor of Arts at Western University and during this time I did a lot of volunteering to explore my interests and figure out what I wanted to do next. I learned that working with people to set and achieve personal goals was something I really enjoyed and wanted to do in the future. So after my undergrad, I completed the Career Development Practitioner program at Conestoga College to gain a more in-depth knowledge of employment counselling and career marketing. After my graduation from Conestoga, I worked for Employment Ontario at Fanshawe College and then I started at Pathways. I’ve been at Pathways 3.5 years now.

Christina ( second from right ) assists a workshop participant

FAVOURITE INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” I love this quote because it reminds me not to worry so much about things we can’t control. Focus on what you have the power to do. Believe that you can find a way to overcome your past and deal with any future challenges that arise.

What motivates you? I’m motivated by seeing clients take something positive from their time here. Sometimes when clients start the workshops, they appear skeptical, unsure, or withdrawn. As the workshop progresses, I like seeing people begin to open up. They start to share their story, make friendships with other people in the group, and show interest in some of the topics. It is very fulfilling when people finish the workshops and state how much it has helped them with confidence, motivation, and getting back into a routine. Seeing that positive impact keeps me motivated! Is there a story that has stayed with you over the past 3 years? I met a young man who had some experience driving forklift, but hadn’t worked in the past 2 years. He had been going through some difficult times in his personal life and ended up with a criminal record. In our first appointment, he told me he wanted to move forward from the past 2 years of his life and seemed so eager to get back to work. I remember him saying he was close with his mom and wanted to do something she could be proud of. We talked about lots of ideas and options. He went on to complete the workshops and update his Forklift licence. After this, he found work as a full time forklift operator, and came back in again to thank us for helping him. His story stuck with me because even though he was facing obstacles in his life, he didn’t just look at the negative. He used his family as motivation and took every opportunity that was available to him.


SKILLS TRAINING AT PATHWAYS 4 PROGRAMS Light Industrial Training: 8 weeks Participants learn the essential skills and gain the certifications needed to succeed in the warehouse and manufacturing industry. Administrative and Clerical Training: Graduates receive the certifications essential to attaining employment and working safely in the warehouse and : 1 week


UPCOMING COURSES & WORKSHOPS WORKSHOPS AT PATHWAYS Pathways' workshops are designed to equip individuals to move on to employment placement ready to conduct an effective and successful job search. This includes a solid resume, cover letter skills, and an understanding of how to use networking to access the hidden job market. The goal is to move from intake to job development in only 3 weeks!

WORKSHOP #1: GETTING READY WORKSHOP Introduction to what Pathways can offer Barriers and the resources to overcome Improved decision-making Managing time and managing stress Accessing the hidden job market



Transferable skills Setting Smart Goals – and reaching them! 20 second summary – your ‘elevator pitch’ How to keep your motivation level high Hands-on training opportunities



Interview techniques that work Who to include on your reference list – and who not to include Personality profiles to help you understand your work style and the work style others’ Questions to ask at an interview and questions to avoid What to do before your interview begins

Hired News (Issue 2): November 2016