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Pathways, Inc. Gives Back By Dr. Edward J. Lukomski President & CEO Several weeks ago, I attended our annual Volunteers in Progress Dinner which is held at the Big Flats American Legion Hall. This dinner honors nearly 200 individuals who are enrolled in various Pathways, Inc. programs and who volunteer their time to over 30 community organizations. These organizations, in turn, depend on our volunteers to perform a variety of tasks while at the same time providing them with valuable opportunities to learn new skills. Pathways, Inc. prides itself on giving back to communities throughout Steuben and Chemung counties. The Agency’s list of community service activities numbers more than one hundred. For example, our individuals and staff contribute yearly to organizing food drives for our local food pantries, holding bake sales to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network, cleaning tables at the Tanglewood Nature Center, and volunteering during the Wineglass Marathon. Each year Pathways, Inc. is a supporting sponsor for a variety of events which range from the Rene Jones Memorial Buddy Walk at Eldridge Park and the Corning Meals on Wheels Golf Tournament, to the Annual Disability, Dream and Do (D3) event organized by the Dave Clark Foundation, among many others. Although providing services for individuals with special needs is our primary focus, we also feel that being a part of and contributing to the communities that we live in is essential. Pathways, Inc. is proud to be an agency that puts our hands to work and contributes to the community by assisting other organizations with their mission, which then lends itself to the vibrancy of the areas that we work and play in every day. Pathways, Inc. also believes in utilizing local vendors whenever possible for the majority of our purchases. Our money stays in our community and supports many local shops and restaurants. Whether it’s prescriptions for our individuals; groceries for our residential programs; office supplies for our staff; insurance for our vehicles; or food from local restaurants—we purchase locally. Pathways, Inc. believes in giving back, which has provided us with the ability to build strong relationships over the years through investing in our community.

Individuals and Families Served

In the Community

Honoring Our Volunteers The Volunteers in Progress (VIP) Dinner is hosted each year to recognize the program participants of the Developmental Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Nursing Home Transition and Diversion programs that volunteer their time in the community. This year Pathways, Inc. celebrated the 23rd Annual Dinner that recognized 199 volunteers and 32 volunteer sites in Chemung, Steuben, and Schuyler counties. Our VIP’s contribute over 1500 volunteer hours annually. The VIP Dinner is a night of recognition, good food, and entertainment. Over 300 volunteers, family, friends, and staff come together for this much awaited annual event held at the Big Flats American Legion.

2017 Volunteer Sites Our Mission Pathways, Inc. provides children, adults, and families with specialized programs and services in developmental disabilities, mental health, family support, traumatic brain injury, and child care. We hold ourselves accountable for meeting the expressed needs of those we support and for offering them meaningful opportunities to develop their own capabilities.


Addison Food Pantry, Addison Youth Center, Big Flats Library, CareFirst, Caton United Methodist Church, Chemung County SPCA, Corning Fire Department, Dormann Library, Erwin Child & Family Center, Elmira Animal Shelter, Elmwood Baptist Church, Finger Lakes SPCA, Food Bank of the Southern Tier, Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, Horseheads Animal Shelter, Horseheads Free Library, Meals on Wheels-Chemung and Steuben counties, North Chemung United Methodist Church, Odessa Town Hall, Painted Post Volunteer Fire Department, Pennsylvania Avenue United Methodist Church, Pro-Action, The Rockwell Museum, RSVP Senior Lunch, Salvation Army (Christmas Kettle, Food Pantry, Thrift Store), Senior Center Corning, Southeast Steuben County Library, Southside Alliance Church, St. Peter and Paul’s Church, Tanglewood Nature Center, and West Elmira Library

Holiday Caring Donor Acknowledgements

Pathways, Inc. Boy Scouts Venturing Crew In November 2014 twenty-one individuals that reside in our Office of People With Development Disabilities (OPWDD) residential group homes met for the first time as a Venturing Crew, and have gathered together each month since. Many of the crew members wished to wear Scout uniforms just as their fellow Boy Scouts and Venturers do, however, these uniforms are quite expensive. It was important to Dr. Edward Lukomski, Pathways, Inc. President and CEO, that the Pathways, Inc. Venturing Crew members have shirts. He collaborated with Chris Theurich, Five Rivers Council Scout Executive, who helped secure generous donations from multiple local groups. Through this generosity, each crew member received a shirt and was also able to have council and crew number patches. Pathways, Inc. staff Chris Olander, Heather Price, and Michael Riker helped place the patches on each shirt. Our crew is so grateful for the advocacy of all those involved and for the financial donations received from Pathways, Inc., Corning Rotary, Corning Lions Club, and Painted Post Kiwanis. Their support helped fulfill the dreams of the individuals in the Boy Scouts Venturing Crew #2033.

Reflections on 35 Years of Service By Dana Hamann, Education Coordinator It scarcely seems possible that I have worked for Pathways Inc. for 35 years. At the recognition dinner, I was surprised by that thought because it is truly a milestone personally and professionally. Many memories flashed through my mind that evening, and I wasn’t prepared, at that moment to put my thoughts into words. At a time when it is hard to imagine what the future will be, it is important to remember what makes us collectively and individually successful. Throughout my tenure, at Pathways the emphasis has always been on relationships. The relationships with the people we serve, the relationships with each other and, the relationships in the community. I have been fortunate to work with colleagues who are true visionaries, who see change as an opportunity and who are committed to taking action to transform the future. I started working here, while I was a student at Corning Community College. The people I work with have celebrated my engagement, my marriage, the birth of my daughter and the loss of family and friends. I have had the ability to continue my education and grow as a professional. There have been conversations that have inspired me, and memories that have made me laugh. It is through our connectedness with others that we grow and thrive throughout life.

Pathways, Inc. would like to express sincere thanks to the following individuals and businesses for their generous donations to our 2017 Holiday Caring Program. Lists of needs and wishes of individuals and families served by Pathways, Inc. are collected, and then shared with those that choose to “adopt” them for Christmas morning. This year more than 80 families had their needs and wishes fulfilled through the generosity of those listed below: • Pathways, Inc. Departments, Staff, and Families • Corning’s Gaffer District Staff • Ms. Mayada Abdelrahman, Corning, Inc. • Ms. Denise Ackley • Ms. Kelly Bartle, Arc of Chemung • Ms. Kari Criss, DSS • Ms. Carol Cunningham, Corning, Inc. • Ms. Patty Dates • Ms. Nicole Dickson • The Doscotch Family • Ms. Teresa Fethers • Mr. Mark Gee, Tioga Ranch • Ms. Tricia Gerhart • Ms. Margie Gilbert, Corning, Inc. • Ms. Sue Hamilton • Mr. Todd Hill • Ms. Carla Hotter, Corning, Inc. • Mr. & Mrs. Chris Johns, Techline Communications • Ms. Kathy McClure, Corning, Inc. • Ms. Tami Orcutt, Corning, Inc. • Ms. Cindy Pugh-Williams • Ms. Kelli Ramsdell • Ms. Jill Risley, Steuben DSS • Ms. Christa Stelmack • Ms. Kristen Stewart and Mr. Darwin Brewer • Ms. Betty Lou Taynton • Ms. Penny Weaver, Family & Friends

Thank you for your support!


Children and Family Services These services provide in-home, community, and foster care services and care coordination to youth with serious emotional disturbances, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and chronic medical conditions.

Annual Holiday Party Understanding and Accessing Care for “Complex Trauma” By Cynthia Gee, LMHC, Director of Children and Family Services Complex trauma can be defined as repeated or chronic exposure to stressful events over an extended period of time. In the past, many people associated the word trauma with a single traumatic event leading to a diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. However, research over the past few decades has highlighted the physical, mental, and sociological impacts of chronic stress on individuals, such as poverty, bullying, community violence, neglect, and abuse (CDC, 2016). New York State is the first state in the country to receive approval for Complex Trauma to be a qualifying eligibility condition for children’s care coordination, provided by a Care Manager in the Health Home Care Management Program. The term Health Home refers to a centralized process and designated agency for coordinating an individual’s care, not an actual home or residence. Previously, children could only receive care management and care coordination with a mental health or chronic medical diagnosis. Affirming this eligibility condition allows Care Managers to meet the needs of these children before they reach the point of a chronic medical or mental health diagnosis. Early intervention and connection to services are key in managing the impact of complex trauma in children. Youth that meet criteria for Complex Trauma Eligibility receive core Care Management services with a purpose to mitigate the effects of trauma and increase resiliency. If you believe a child from ages, 0 to 21 has experienced complex trauma and would benefit from care management services, direct referrals to Pathways, Inc. Children’s Health Home Care Management are accepted for any youth receiving Medicaid in New York State. Parents, guardians, teachers, and community providers can directly refer youth, with youth and parental consent, for care management services by contacting Angie Longwell, Manager of Care Coordination at (607) 937-4520. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2016). Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Retrieved from


The Therapeutic Foster Care Program held their annual Holiday Party in December 2017 to celebrate the holiday season. During the party families and their children were able to enjoy craft activities and food that were themed from the movie Elf. Adults and children participated in an elf hat decorating contest, decorated cookies, and feasted on spaghetti with all of Elf’s favorite toppings (M&Ms, marshmallows, and maple syrup). Everyone got to have their photo taken with Santa Claus. Five Resource Parent adoptions were acknowledged and celebrated during this year’s party. Pictured above is Aubrey who was adopted into her forever home in May 2017.

Expansion of Children and Family Services in Rochester, New York A Recent Graduate The Bridges to Health Program provides intensive community-based services to foster youth with serious emotional disturbances, developmental disabilities and medical fragility and their families. The ultimate goal of Bridges to Health is to increase the youth’s successes, health and safety in the community, achieving permanency, and avoiding out of home placement. When a youth demonstrates substantial progress, he/she graduates from the program. Our most recent graduate, Katrina, has been the exact definition of substantial progress. In the two years that Katrina was enrolled in the Bridges to Health Program, she was able to attain all of her goals and showed significant progress by developing effective coping skills in all settings. She improved her attendance and grades in school and has earned high honors for the 2016–2017 and 2017–2018 school years. Katrina will receive her high school diploma with high honors! During this time, Katrina also sought out employment and held two part-time jobs. She has demonstrated her ability to work hard while strongly advocating for others. Additionally, Katrina worked with the Pathways, Inc. President of Youth Council and developed a presentation on healthy relationships. She is focused on her future goals and has been accepted to Corning Community College in the fall for Nursing. The Bridges to Health team is so incredibly proud of Katrina and the future she has in front of her!

The Children and Family Services Department has continued to grow throughout the past few months due to our highly dedicated staff and supervisors serving the Greater Rochester Area. Our Rochester team, which was established three years ago is now serving over eighty youth and families through care management and home and communitybased services. Our Therapeutic Foster Care Program has expanded to serve youth from Genesee, Onondaga, and Chenango counties through placements with Resource Parents in the Rochester region. Due to the dedication and quality services our staff has provided, our expansion of services was parallel with an expansion of staff and office space. Our new Rochester office is located in the Professional Park at Allens Creek, which boasts of newly renovated office spaces and a walking trail along Allens Creek.

A Loving Family By Samantha Eklund, Youth Services Supervisor Jameson came into our Bridges to Health Program soon before being adopted at the age of four. He had only recently begun to walk unassisted as he struggled with low muscle tone and global developmental delays. Jameson’s delays were impacting his ability to communicate and form social relationships with peers. Through all of these barriers, he always had a smile on his face. Jameson enjoyed spending time with the Waiver Service Providers that provided skill-building habilitation services, which taught him how to interact and participate in community activities. Jameson began to learn to bowl and swim. Over the last year and a half, he has made significant developmental gains with the dedication and loving support of his family and collaboration with the Bridges to Health teams. Jameson is now communicating with verbal words, sign language, and even an assistive technological device. He has joined a T-ball team and loves bowling, biking, playing with blocks, and spending time with his mom and two sisters.


Educational Services These programs offer daytime care from birth through school age, after school care at Corning-Painted Post elementary schools and educational programming for children with special needs.

A New Kid at Preschool It’s not every day that this kind of “kid” gets to go to school! Molly visited the children in our Preschool classrooms and loved every minute of it. She spent time getting to know each of her new classmates, and even got to spend time in the ball pit!

Kids’ Adventure Club Bake Sale Benefits Children’s Miracle Network Radio-a-thon Children in the Kids’ Adventure Club Program have been fundraising for the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) since 2006, and have raised a grand total of $10,080.41! As with previous years, staff helped the children at all program sites make baked goods like cupcakes, brownies, and Rice Krispy treats. They raised nearly $600 this year by selling their baked goods to parents, family members, and school personnel. This year, three children attended the CMN Radio-a-thon at WINK 106 to present a check for the funds raised from the bake sale.


Science Fair Projects The Kids’ Adventure Club Program had two groups of children who participated in the Corning-Painted Post School District Science Fair held on March 10, 2018. The Blue group (Kindergarten) explored the chemistry behind the role of salt in the freezing process. Children made ice cream in a bag using rock salt and ice. They observed and discussed how matter turns from a solid to a liquid (the melting ice) and from liquid to a solid (the freezing milk). The Green group (Kindergarten through First Grade) experimented with creating bubbles with an acid-base reaction. The children combined baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and vinegar in a plastic bag to observe how the combination of the two ingredients create bubbles that will eventually explode the bag. Both groups did an amazing job presenting their projects!

Upcoming Fundraiser Touch-A-Truck, Presented by T&R Towing Hodgman Park, Painted Post, NY August 11, 10:00 am-3:00 pm (Rain Date: August 25) ($5 per person, or $20 per family) Bring your family to Hodgman Park and plan to spend the afternoon getting close enough to touch and experience many different vehicles such as big construction trucks, fire trucks, and maybe even a Monster truck. With food trucks, fun activities, and room to run, this event is sure to be a big hit with your kids. All proceeds will benefit the educational programming for the children that we serve.

Erwin Child & Family Center Irish Dancers

GST BOCES Holiday Visit

By Elizabeth Stone, Teacher Aide and Susan Gitsis, Lead Teacher

Seniors in the GST BOCES Cosmetology and Heavy Equipment classes visited our Preschool students on December 20, and brought with them some holiday cheer. For the past two years, they have donated toys to each one of our students and delivered them in festive Christmas wrapping paper. The Preschool Program is so grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of these students and their teachers!

Erwin Child & Family Center (ECFC) had the opportunity to have the Carle School of Irish Dancing from Endicott, NY perform at the facility on March 16, 2018. The Carle School has been teaching traditional Irish Dance within the Binghamton Community for over 20 years. The children at the Center got to enjoy multiple song and dance performances and even a “Unicorn” dance that children and staff were able to join in with the dancers on stage and learn. The performers ranged in ages 10–20 years old and wore traditional dresses and long curly wigs. Some of the dancers wore loud tap shoes while others wore quiet ballet shoes for a different effect. The Carle School of Irish Dance not only teaches traditional Irish step dancing but also teaches teamwork, poise, self-control, and how to win and lose gracefully. The children and staff at ECFC were enthralled at the opportunity to watch and participate with the girls of the Carle School of Irish Dance.

Erwin Child & Family Center Pavilion

Thank You to Our Mardi Gras Gala Sponsors Due to severe winter weather, this year’s Mardi Gras Gala was canceled, but please plan to join us next year! • • • • • • • • • •

Chemung Canal Trust Company WENY-TV Sound Communications Corning Inc. Corporate Technologies The Hilliard Corporation Corning Enterprises Express Mart Convenience Stores Graphic Solutions Three Rivers Development Wegmans

The Erwin Child & Family Center regularly received generous donations from local businessman and friend, Mr. Conrad Stemski. We were deeply saddened to learn of his passing on May 11. Mr. Stemski had been a passionate and steadfast supporter of the Center for years. His most recent donation was designated for building a pavilion that will be used throughout the year for activities, mealtimes, and special events. A formal dedication ceremony honoring his wife, Lucy A. Stemski is scheduled for late spring.


Community-Based Services These services offer an individualized planning approach while keeping the person’s health and safety in the forefront. Eligibility and type of assistance vary by service.

Surviving a Stroke Family Support Services Family Support Services (FSS), funded through Office of People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), offers a variety of supports for families of individuals with a developmental disability who live at home with a family member. Common developmental disabilities are mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy or other neurological impairments. Many individuals who are developmentally disabled require some form of care and/ or assistance throughout their lifetime. When the individual lives at home with his/her family, the family may need support and assistance in caring for their loved one. Pathways’ FSS is comprised of several programs such as; Family Reimbursement, Ride with Pride Fund, Rest-pitality, in-home respite, as well as waiver and non-waiver recreation programs for children, youth, and adults.

Meet the Team FSS is directed by Deb Campbell. She has been with the program for twentysix years and feels blessed to be able to provide much-needed services to the families/ individuals enrolled in the program and to have a job she truly enjoys. Rowena Huff, Family Support Assistant, has been with the agency for twentyeight years, and primarily assists with the Family Reimbursement and Respite programs. Rowena’s favorite part of her job is providing respite. She enjoys being greeted by the smiling face of an individual that is looking forward to spending respite time with her, as well as the thankful parent who trusts her with their child. Gayle Blandford, Activity Coordinator, has been with FSS since 2014. She has many years’ experience in human services and provides recreational activities for children and youth. Gayle says, “My job is a pleasure; it’s very gratifying to bring joy into their lives and watch them grow socially. It brings joy to me as well.” Heather Gridley, Activity Coordinator, has been with Pathways for five years and with FSS since last June. She coordinates the adult recreation groups and is very creative with the activities she schedules. Heather is always looking for new experiences to offer the adults as well as scheduling their favorite activities.


At the age of just 23 years, Jo suffered her first stroke and recovered quite well. Running was a huge part of her life before the stroke. She focused on nutrition and exercise and eventually began running again. Just eight years later while visiting a friend in the hospital, she suffered a second massive brain stem stroke that lead to a very long road to recovery. While in the hospital, even though her body was failing to react, her mind was intact which left her with no way to let her loved ones know that she was “still in there,” frightened, and in an incredible amount of pain. Jo is working on writing a book that shares what life was like during the time that she was in the hospital and the rehabilitation that followed. She lives at home with her husband and four dogs. Seven years later, Jo only receives Service Coordination from Pathways, Inc., and is on the Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver. At one time she received aide services but has become so independent that she no longer needs any help with everyday tasks. Through sheer will and perseverance, she not only survived but continues to grow stronger with every passing day!

Residential Services These residential program options offer a variety of 24-hour supervised home settings for children with severe emotional and behavioral difficulties and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

An Old Friend Welcomed at Davis Road 30 Years of Dedicated Service

By Michael Riker, Residence Manager

By Leslie McManus, Residential Coordinator

Craig is the newest resident of the Davis Road Intermediate Care Facility. However, it is not unfamiliar to him. Craig had lived at Davis Road in the past and jumped on the opportunity to come back to the residence. Since his moving in early February, he has reacquainted himself with many old faces as well as making some new friends.

Pathways, Inc. is fortunate to have many long-term, dedicated employees. On March 7, 2018, we celebrated Robert “Bob” Ames for thirty years of service. Bob is an LPN at Forest Drive Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), a group home for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Bob has worked at Forest Drive ICF since 1988 and has been the one constant at this home, almost since its inception. He has cared for and nurtured many of the twelve individuals that live there since they were small children. He has watched them grow up, and they have had the benefit of Bob’s care and dedication for most all of their lives. Bob is unique in the fact that he has always worked within one program at the Agency. Among his co-workers, he is known to be a positive, sincere, caring person, and carries an endless smile and boundless energy. Bob embodies compassion and dedication and truly cares about each individual he serves and each staff he works alongside.

Craig is interested in several different activities. He enjoys playing Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon as well as just being an overall helping hand around the home. He is also participating in the Corning Day Program and continues to offer his help during their volunteering services.

Recently, the residential supervisory team members were talking about increasing positivity in the workplace. We determined that if we can make one person feel each day the way that Bob makes his co-workers feel every day, we will have created an environment that anyone would like to work in. We’d like to thank Bob for all that he does every day. We are very lucky to have him at Pathways, Inc.

A New Volunteer at Forest Drive Shelly participates in our Community Habilitation services and currently resides in one of our Pathways, Inc. residences. She is known for her bright smile and enthusiasm. She finds great joy in helping others as well as socializing and keeping active in her community. Shelly has helped bring a little spring to the Forest Drive Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), another Pathways, Inc. residence, by brightening up the room through helping others make fun and colorful items to add to their bulletin board. She plans to visit often, go on walks outside, and offer her assistance with arts and crafts projects, sensory activities, and reading and writing to others. Everyone at Forest Drive ICF looks forward to Shelly’s visits!


Home and Habilitation Services These programs provide various day programming and employment options for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and behavioral health services for adults with mental illness and/or alcohol and substance abuse.

All the World’s a Stage Pizza-making at Broad Street By Becky, Glenn, Joan, Kevin, Sandra, Seth, Tomasz, and Robert Area 3 in the Broad Street Day Program took a week to learn about pizza-making. We watched videos, looked up recipes online and did crafts. Although we all may like different toppings on our pizza, pizza-making remains the same. Joan wrote the shopping list, Sandra went shopping, and we as a group made pizzas on January 19. We all had a great time making pizzas. Kevin liked putting the red sauce on his pizza, and Becky said she liked all of the toppings and eating the pizza. Joan, Glenn, and Robert all said they liked all the cheese on their pizza. Sandra said she liked the pepperoni and Tomasz liked peppers on his pizza. Seth liked picking out all the toppings for his pizza. Next, we would like to learn more about making pizza dough.


The new Broad Street facility and its “Café-torium” has opened up so many possibilities for the Day Program staff and individuals. All individuals in the Corning Day Program and the Broad Street Day Program that wished to be a part of this year’s play production practiced their lines and scenes for months, for a one-day-only performance of the Wizard of Oz on December 14. In April, Broad Street hosted its first Pathways, Inc. Idol Contest. Twentysix contestants graced the stage with their musical performances, some of them complete with choreographed dance routines. Everyone did an amazing job! Many individuals from other programs, including Structured Day Program, friends, and families enjoyed watching the performances. Both shows had a full house!

Adult Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services Program (Adult BH HCBS) Pathways, Inc. began operating an Adult BH HCBS Program in February 2017. This program provides recovery and wellness services for people with mental health and/or substance use disorders. People 21 and older can get these services in their homes or communities if they are enrolled in a Medicaid Manager Care Health and Recovery Plan (HARP). People enrolled in a Special Needs Plan (SNP) may also be eligible. BH HCBS provides support that helps a person achieve the things they want such as a better social life, employment, or education. Since we began operating the program in 2017, we have worked with 22 individuals to assist them in achieving their goals while providing the following services: Empowerment - Peer Supports, Habilitation, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Supportive Employment, Ongoing Supported Employment, and Family Support and Training.

The Perfect Fit Laura participates in our Community Habilitation services. She was eager to work and expressed interest in our Supported Employment Program (SEMP), which provides supports to individuals with developmental disabilities to assist them in obtaining and maintaining paid competitive jobs. Before getting approval to participate in SEMP, Laura began to seek employment on her own. She secured a job at a senior home and had the job a few short days before discovering it just wasn’t the right fit. Once she was approved, she began the Employment Training Program (ETP) and started working with a job coach. She had an opportunity to go to a regional job fair and interact with employers from around the area, and additionally worked on the discovery process. Laura completed a worksite assessment at a local business, Pookies Little Britches, where she sorted and hung clothing. Laura expressed to her job coach that she loved it. In the short time she was there she was able to sort and hang an entire rack of clothing and place it out on the floor. Also, Laura organized the juniors section, after she noticed that there were clothes out of place. Laura enjoyed her experience, thinking the environment and work pace was a good fit. She expressed that she liked her co-workers, finding them friendly and helpful. The owner Val has offered her an opportunity through ETP to work at Pookies each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This new job seems to be the perfect fit!

Tax-Deductible Gifts and Contributions Pathways, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. If you would like to give a tax-deductible gift to Pathways, Inc. please mail your gift to: Pathways, Inc., Stephanie Miller 33 Denison Parkway West, Corning, New York 14830 Memorial tributes are acknowledged with a letter sent according to your wishes and your name will be printed in our community newsletter as a donor unless you indicate otherwise with your gift. Your personal information is strictly confidential and will be used exclusively for Pathways, Inc. purposes, and will not be shared with other organizations. Your contact information will be added to our database to receive our community newsletter and fundraiser invitations unless you indicate otherwise with your gift. Thank you for your support! It is greatly appreciated.


2018 Annual Fundraiser

Bonner Paddock Saturday, April 14, 2018

Pathways, Inc. staff, sponsors and community members arrived at the Corning Museum of Glass to hear New York Times best-selling author and inspirational speaker, Bonner Paddock share his life’s story. An inspiration for children and adults around the word, Bonner is living proof that one person can make a difference. He is the first person with cerebral palsy to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro unassisted and years later completed the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. As the founder of the OM Foundation, he is committed to providing therapies for children with disabilities. He left those that attended feeling inspired to be kind, stay positive, and to believe in themselves. New this year, was a silent auction benefiting educational programming for the children that we serve.

Thank you to all that attended our Annual Fundraiser, and to those that generously support the Agency year after year. We hope that you will join us next year!

SAVE THE DATE Saturday, June 1, 2019


Special Thanks to Our Event Sponsors PREMIER SPONSOR

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Staff News Employee Recognition


Milestone Anniversaries The following employees celebrate milestone employment anniversaries in the first half of 2018: FIVE YEARS

Named Employee of the Fourth Quarter in 2017

James F. Agan, Jr., Ph.D. Chief Operating Officer, Program Operations – 29 years

Savannah Monroe Program Manager, Therapeutic Foster Care

Richard Arnold Cynthia Bermudez Charolette Dykes Sasha Giardina Erin Olmsted Teressa Sasserson Richard Schockner Kathleen Speciale Kristie VanGorden Carrie Vargeson TEN YEARS

Teresa A. Farrell Activities Coordinator, Broad Street Day Habilitation - 29 years Named Employee of the Year for 2017

Robert Crissinger II Tina Emery Brandon Gniewecki Shannon Kent Cheryl Myers Janet Tunning-Beebe Kelly VanDuser FIFTEEN YEARS Angela Berger Sonya Lee Dr. Edward J. Lukomski

Brenda Smerdon Team Supervisor, Corning Day Habilitation

TWENTY YEARS Robin Hough Steven J. Riff Maintenance Level I, Maintenance – 2 years

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS Christine Deitrick Joseph Crown THIRTY YEARS


Named Employee of the First Quarter in 2018

Robert Ames Penny Robinson

Christie Glick Health Home Care Manager, Children’s Health Home Care Management

Congratulations, everyone!

Deirdre D. Righter Director of Community-Based Services, Program Operations – 31 years

The Honor Is Mine

Donor Acknowledgements

By James F. Agan Jr., Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer

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It is with heartfelt gratitude and a great sense of humility, pride, and achievement that the time has come for me to bid farewell to everyone I have worked with so closely over the years, I have decided to retire in July. Over the past thirty years, I have had the privilege of making my career here at Pathways, Inc. It has been a fantastic journey to grow both professionally and personally throughout the years. Upon completing my tour of duty in the United States Navy, I returned to the area and became part of our organization in its early days. At the time it was known by the name of Greenhouse and provided “patterning services” to brain injured individuals. During my first couple of years, we transitioned our services from patterning to providing residential services and day programming to individuals with developmental disabilities. In 1979, the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities began closing their developmental centers that were institutional settings for people with varying developmental needs. This was an exciting time in the Human Services Field. With the deinstitutionalization of services, we were able to invite people to live in a community residence and become valuable members of our neighborhoods. During this time, I attended and graduated from Corning Community College with an Associate Degree; Elmira College with a Bachelor’s Degree and graduated from Alfred University as a School Psychologist. During my tenure at Pathways, I completed my Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from Kennedy – Western University. After working several years in the Elmira City School District, I returned to our agency now known as Pathways, Inc. At the time of my return in 1989, Pathways offered five different types of services/programs and employed approximately 60 people. Today I am proud to state that we provide close to 50 different programs/services, operate in 15 different counties and employ approximately 700 people. I have been fortunate to experience many opportunities to create, develop and implement an array of meaningful services throughout our communities. Our successes over the years resulted from our willingness to work collaboratively with families and various state, local, and community agencies. Our niche was to look at unmet needs of individuals, children, youth, and families and determine a non-traditional approach for treatment options. We are known as an agency with a “can do” attitude and provide services to the most vulnerable populations in our communities. We provide homes for individuals with Prader-Willi Syndrome and/or those who fall on the Autism Spectrum, supports for families who have a child or loved one who experiences severe behavioral or emotional challenges and a therapeutic foster care experience for children who are medically fragile and/or have experienced intense trauma in their life. Our philosophy is to offer a non-judgmental hands-on, individualized approach that treats all who receive our services as if they are our family. Our highly talented and dedicated staff is the backbone of our successes. Our direct care professionals, program managers, and directors come to work every day with a true compassion and dedication for those that we serve. I admire them for their commitment, kind-heartedness and positive attitude and thank them for the energy that they bring each day. I feel honored and privileged to have worked side by side with so many great colleagues over the years and wish the very best to all for continued success. I leave knowing that our agency is in good hands by acknowledging the talent of the management teams leading the way to ensure that our quality services to others continue. In closing, my wish to all of you: May you always have successes to make you proud, challenges to keep you strong, luck to make you smile at life, and to give enough kind-acts to keep you truly happy!

Thank you for your support!


Dr. Edward J. Lukomski President & Chief Executive Officer

Christa Stelmack Chairperson Department Manager Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

Lynn M. Goodwin Executive Vice President Program Operations Stephanie A. Miller, M.Ed. Executive Vice President Public Relations & Development

Gerald Agan Treasurer Pathways, Inc., Retired

Denise Ackley Director President, Corning Area Chamber of Commerce

John D. Vine Director Corning-Painted Post School District, Retired

Kelli Ramsdell Director City of Elmira, Retired

Ross Perry Director Corning-Painted Post School District, Retired

Edward Linsler Director Administrator, Elcor Health Services

Marc Hample Director President, Wholesale Equipment Resource, LLC

John Simonds Executive Vice President Human Resources

Christopher Olander Executive Vice President Quality Assurance

Joseph M. Cevette, M.P.S. Executive Vice President Program Operations

Cindy A. Pugh-Williams Secretary Household Assistant/Tutor

Coleen Fabrizi Director Executive Director Corning’s Gaffer District

Penny Robinson, M.S. Chief Financial Officer

Robert Locker, Ph.D. Vice-Chairperson Scientist/Manager Corning Incorporated

James F. Agan, Jr., Ph.D. Chief Operating Officer



33 Denison Parkway West Corning, New York 14830





Pathways, Inc. Spring/Summer 2018 Newsletter  

A collection of Agency information, stories, and articles.

Pathways, Inc. Spring/Summer 2018 Newsletter  

A collection of Agency information, stories, and articles.