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Being charitable is a mindset where a person gives without asking in return

December 29, 2008 - Many charity boxes have been distributed recently throughout our departments whereby donations have been ceded. Three members of Path Solutions, Amanda Arnita, Roy Saad and Emma Shaffu were there to help meet the basic needs of the Sisters of Charity. This organization, which is located in Fanar, is linked to the Indian humanitarian association founded by Mother Theresa.

It supports almost 45 Lebanese people varying from the elderly to children with mental disabilities. “Meeting and conversing with them was an emotional experience for all of us”, commented Emma. On behalf of the Sisters of Charity and the HC Department, thank you to all! We hope you will be blessed the same way you helped many needy peoples in reshaping their lives.

Secret Santa at Path Solutions

It’s Picnic Time Again for Path Solutions

November 17, 2008 - Excitement was in the air… This much-loved tradition took place on Friday November 14, at Khiran resort in Kuwait. One of the biggest social events to be held every year, the picnic brings together around 200 members of Path Solutions including the Executive Management team and family members who return each year to join in the fun. On the menu this year was great food, games and various entertainment for everyone to insure that all tastes are satisfied. Valuable prices were distributed at the end of the day to all winners. “The annual picnic is not only a social event, but is a valuable boost to Path Solutions’ team members. The members should be congratulated for all the hard work they have done during the year and that goes into a big occasion like this”, said Mohammed Kateeb, Path Solutions’ Chairman.

towards his colleagues expressed through a quick note, a card or a present, serious at times and funny at others. But what was unusual is that everybody was anxious to know who was behind his numerous gifts…

December 24, 2008 - The Secret Santa game has become a tradition at Path Solutions. This year and two weeks before Christmas, our staff members randomly chose other coworkers to whom they anonymously gave a gift. Organized and managed by the Corporate Communications team, this annual Secret Santa event with anonymous exchange of holiday gifts among the employees (or at least among those who chose to participate in the game) has created a real Christmas spirit where everybody showed care and gratitude

Those gifts were piling day after day under the tree at the entrance which almost blocked the way. And on the day before Christmas it was the time to open them. The crowd headed to the tree to discover their Guardian Angel. Happy faces, hugs and kisses and a feeling of Christmas joy filled the room...

Path Solutions’ EVP Organization Development, Jacob Zachariah conveyed his thanks and appreciation to the various committee members for their efforts to make the picnic a great success. He also expressed his special thanks and gratitude to the major sponsors of the event such as Smile Computers, Al Yasra Fashion, Al Othman Travels, Al Argan, Zain & Le Meridien Kuwait.

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