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seeking the path

But for Repetition of A to be Perpendicular to A, A must be a direction: it must be double ( _____ ), a Repetition, identified as A. Repetition, thus, comes first; A follows. The Repetition of A is perpendicular to Repetition A. The condition for perpendicularity is therefore the dual precedence of A and of Repetition. Starting with both A and Repetition we start with a perpendicular. Starting with A we have A: starting with Repetition we have Å. AA → A ÅÅ → —— ↓ ↓ —— A Identity (A) and Repetition (Å) are absolutely different. In other words duality is given. The subject cannot be deduced from the object, nor vice versa.

199 Does one precede two? No: duality is what is given; therefore two precedes one. But only one thing, namely duality, is given; therefore one precedes two. What, then, is given—one or two? 200 Since, in practice, we cannot start with repetition, but only with a repeated thing (A) we allow A to precede always, but remain uncertain whether it is identity or repetition. The object is always an ex-subject. 201 ‘… every politically wise government knows—and this the lovers only discover afterwards—that man is reduced to insignificance by marriage …’—S. Kierkegaard, Attack, p. 215 202 The Repetition of A is perpendicular to A. In our experience A and its Repetition are given: the perpendicular is given. A and its Repetition consists of A in the first place and A in the second place. We need one, A, in the first place; and a second place, not; and one, A, in the second place, both A and not, Å. 203 C’est vieux jeu ça, la vie.33 204 Thus, for A and its Repetition Å we need three items, or things, one, not, and both. Since the perpendicular is given, we have one and both given dually—there is the first (one) and the second (both) in such a way that the less of the first the more of the second, exactly, so that 33.  [It’s an old game, this life.]


Early Writings (Seeking the Path - Ñāṇavīra Thera)  

Part B includes two early essays (Nibbana and Anatta and Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth) as well as notes from a Commonplace Book and Margina...

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