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193 I do this because there is nothing else to be done. 194 À moi c’est tellement égal.32 195

Pa†hav⁄ : Essence (and Existence) Pa†haviyå : Essesnce (less Existence)—Essence precedes Pa†havito : Existence (less Essence)—Existence precedes Pa†haviµ me : Existence (and Essence)

196 A and the relation between A and Å is perpendicular to A. Dissimilar things are not related: that is to say, they are similar things related by ‘not’—i.e. related (for relation and the negative are identical). Two dissimilar things intersect—they are not together [An intersection (not-A) regarded as a relation (Not-not-Not, where not-Not = A) brings forth a fresh not.] They are not separated by not. Å, therefore, is perpendicular to A. In Å, or not-A, not is not related to A, since they are different: not and A intersect. Not and A are dissimilar: they are therefore similar things related (by not). How? (Either A-not-A or) Not-not-Not. Not-not-Not = Not A and not A. A ⋅ A = AB (AÅ) ¯) ¯ (AÅ AB ⋅ AB = AB ¯) AB ⋅ AB = AB (AÅ B is perpendicular to A when it is not-A, Å; but B is not the relation between not and A, since there is no relation between them. Not and A together are not, they are the negative: thus B is the negative. It is not, however, the not of not-A, the not that A is not, but the not that Not is not—the not of not-Not. AB, therefore, is perpendicular to A, if AB is understood as the intersection of A and B, of A and not. But B is not-A: it is therefore similar to not-A; that is to say, related by a negative. Thus, as we had ¯ . This means A-not-A and Å-not-Å or B-not-B, now we have B¯-not-B ¯ ¯ to say that B or Å is the negative. AB, therefore, is perpendicular to A. ¯ ⊥ A. (AA = Å, because if A and A intersect we 197 AA ⊥ A; AÅ ⊥ A; AÅ have the original not or relation of two similar things.) 198 The Repetition of A is perpendicular to A. A comes first; Repetitions follows. 32.  [As for me, it is the same.]


Early Writings (Seeking the Path - Ñāṇavīra Thera)  

Part B includes two early essays (Nibbana and Anatta and Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth) as well as notes from a Commonplace Book and Margina...

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