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99 (i) There must be a way out: for bhavata~hå is choice (of bhava): and to choose implies alternatives—thus, ‘An earliest point of bhavata~hå, monks, is not evident… And yet it is evident “with this as condition, bhavata~hå”.’ (A. X,vii,2) (ii) This alternative to bhava12 is necessarily not describable in terms of bhava (and therefore not describable at all—cf. D. ii,32). 100 De la boite de Pandore où gronillaient les maux de l’humanité, les grecs jirent sortir l’espoir après tous les autres, comme le plus terrible de tous.’—A. Camus, L’été à Alger13 101 Il faut gagner sa mort. (We must earn our death.) 102 Dependent arising is not in time—it is time. 103 All gerundives are impermanent. All gerundives are suffering. All gerunds are not-self. 104 It is altogether impossible for anyone who takes life seriously to understand the Buddha’s Teaching. 105 You are wasting your time!—Well, why not? What else is it for? 106 ‘… l’attitude spirituelle la plus répandue dans notre siècle éclaire celle qui s’appuie sur le principe que tout est raison et qui vise à donner une explication au monde.’14—Camus, p. 62 107 The existence of laws (in the scientific sense) is a characteristic (of the structure) of consciousness. Thus to speak of the law of dependent arising is only to beg the question; it is to suppose that dependent arising

12.  I do not mean vibhava, which is a kind of bhava—consciousness of nothing, a chimera. 13.  [‘From Pandora’s box, where all the ills of humanity swarmed, Greeks drew out hope after all the others, as the most dreadful of all.’ From: Summer in Algiers {Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays, Vintage Books, New York, 1955, p. 113}] 14.  [… the most widespread spiritual attitude in our century shed light on that which depends on the principle that reason is all and which aims to give an explanation to the world.]


Early Writings (Seeking the Path - Ñāṇavīra Thera)  

Part B includes two early essays (Nibbana and Anatta and Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth) as well as notes from a Commonplace Book and Margina...

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