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seeking the path

p. 62/12-37

noted: Adhivacana—designation, appearance. Pa†igha— resistance, inertia, behaviour. In any experience both are present (i.e. cognized). Whatever appears behaves, and whatever behaves appears (however absently). But how a thing behaves is independent of its appearance, and vice versa. A thing is designated in terms of vedanå, saññå, etc., which make up the nåmakåya. It behaves as pa†hav⁄, åpo, etc., which make up the r¨pakåya. p. 63/3-5 [api nu kho nåmar¨paµ måtu kucchismiµ samucchissathâti?’]: (i) I-[am-]lying-in-the-mother’s-womb. p. 63/8-9 [api nu kho nåmar¨paµ itthattåya abhinibbattissathâti?’]: (ii) I-[am-]being-born-into-the-world. p. 63/12-14 [api nu kho nåmar¨pam vuddhiµ vir¨¬hiµ vepullaµ åpajjissathâti?’]: (iii) I-[am-]a-young-man-about-town. (Cf. NoD, SN, nåma.) p. 63/18-23 [“Nåmar¨papaccayå viññå~aµ … dukkhasamudaya sambhavo paññåyethâti?’]: The argument here (as above—the third paragraph of SN, nåma, the passage “Nåmar¨pa at D⁄gha ii,2 … totality of nåmar¨pa at any time.”) is not cause-and-effect but dhammanvayatå, or the temporal invariability of the Nature of Things: ‘As now, so it was, so it will be’. p. 68/22-24 : The construction is as above—Tad abhiññå vimuttaµ bhikkhuµ [yo evaµ vadeyya], Na jånåti, na passati, iti ’ssa di††h⁄ti tad akallaµ. p. 120/n.4 [Daharå pi ca ye vu∂∂hå … evaµ maccåna j⁄vitaµ.] Cf. Sn. 577-8. p. 188/12-189/8 : I.e. things upon which King Mahåsudassana in various ways depended. With their cessation there was cessation of King M. He was determined by them—only in relation to them could he think of himself as ‘King M.’ at all. More formally those saπkhårå were nåmar¨pa, the condition for phassa upon which sakkåyadi††hi depends. p. 292/1-10 : for ajjhatta and bahiddhå here see p. 216. p. 306/10-15 [manosamphassajaµ]: The Cetosamphassajanti of K, perhaps a better reading? M. iii,250 omits cetasikam dukkhaµ. p. 33/33 p. 109/19-20


D⁄gha Nikåya Vol. 3 : Adhicca-samupanno : dasa pi samva††aviva††åni. ‘Amutrasiµ evaµ nåmo

Early Writings (Seeking the Path - Ñāṇavīra Thera)  

Part B includes two early essays (Nibbana and Anatta and Sketch for a Proof of Rebirth) as well as notes from a Commonplace Book and Margina...

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